Hugh Macdonnell's Fundraising Page (2015)

Riding for those who no longer can.

Dear friends:

The Ice Bucket Challenge was such a phenomenal success last year that just about everyone now knows the devastating effects of ALS.  So do I really need to get on a bike again for the fourth year and pedal 270 miles from Boston to New York? Will it really make a difference?

It will.  Here is why:  after all these years of fundraising, there's still no cure or effective treatment for ALS, a cruel fatal disease that causes total paralysis.    The motivating principle of the Trek is that we will keep riding until researchers discover some kind of cure or treatment.   The vast majority of the funds raised in the Ice Bucket Challenge have gone to care for the 30,000 people living in the U.S. with ALS and not to research for a cure. 
So ride we will!


ALS-TDI, which sponsors the annual Trek, is the largest non-profit research institution in the U.S. devoted entirely to ALS research.   They are a private lab.  They depend on the nearly $1 million raised by the Trek every year – almost 10% of their annual budget -- to help fund numerous promising research projects. Thanks to all of you, CrushALS alone raised over $125,000 last year, the biggest fundraiser team of the Trek. 

For this summer’s Trek, from June 26-28, we’re coming back even stronger. I’m really proud to report that our little team has grown to 19 this summer from across the U.S. including Seattle, Vancouver, Atlanta, Chicago, Ohio, New York and New Jersey.  For the third year, my daughter Betsy is part of the road crew!

Please consider supporting our efforts by donating online at HughMacdonnell. If you prefer to write a check, please make it out to Tri State Trek and mail it to  Hugh Macdonnell, c/o Clarion Partners, 230 Park Avenue, NY, NY, 10169.

I’d like to thank all of you for your past donations and especially your moral support through the years. You don’t have to give every year, and you don’t have to give much. For those who do, please know you are making a difference.

Never Give Up!





  • Dave Hardman $1,000.00

  • The Quinn Family $1,000.00

  • Steve Furnary $1,000.00

  • Guy & Lisa Metcalfe $500.00

  • David Hodes and Jolie Schwab $500.00

  • The Macdonnell Family $500.00

    Go Hugh/Dad!

  • James Hendricks $500.00

  • The Killian Family $500.00

  • The Weld Family $500.00

  • The Confer Family $500.00

  • Dean Rostovsky $350.00

  • Doug Bowen $300.00

  • Eric Tam $300.00

  • The Jennings Family $250.00

    Go Hugh!

  • Kristin Gannon $250.00

  • Anonymous $250.00

  • Chris ODell $250.00

  • The Szilagyi Family $250.00

    Good luck and have a great ride!

  • Seth Weintrob $250.00

  • Timothy Hughes $250.00

  • The Norris Family $250.00

  • Sheilah, Matt and Julia Burnham $250.00

    In loving memory of Betty Anne Chapman

  • Plesman Family $225.00

  • The Johnson-Kell Family $150.00

    Well done Hugh! Keep up the fabulous work!

  • Michael & Anne Hyun $150.00

    Go Hugh & Betsy!

  • Guy McLean $100.00

  • John Morris $100.00

  • Philipp Westermann $100.00

    Get in shape! Good luck! Great cause!

  • Alden Provost $100.00

  • Keavey Moisan Family $100.00

    Ride like the wind!!!!

  • Susan FitzGibbon $50.00

    Good luck, Hugh!

  • Gwynne Murphy Hidden

  • Karamjit s Kalsi Hidden

  • The Tully Family Hidden

  • The Tagen Family Hidden

  • The Granoff family Hidden

    Great job Hugh!

  • Lauren Hochfelder Silverman Hidden

  • The Curnows Hidden

    Thanks for riding for Grandy!

  • Carol Chang Hidden

  • Claiborne Johnston Hidden

  • Gardiner Family Hidden