Andrew Martin's fundraising page (2015)

Putting my mid-life crisis to good use

<h1>Andrew Martin's fundraising page (2015)</h1>


The last year has been amazing for ALS research, thanks primarily to the wild success of the Ice Bucket Challenge. There was another, less publiclized, effort to help find a cure for ALS, a 270-mile bike ride from Boston to Greenwich, Conn. Last June, I joined Crush ALS/Team Bannon, and we raised more than $100,000 for the ALS Therapy Development Institute in Boston. We all finished the ride too, which was mostly a blast  with perioidic intervals of extreme pain and fatigue. 

But of course, it's not all good news for ALS. There still is no cure, so Crush ALS/Team Bannon is back again, ready to attack the hills of New England and beat last year's fundraising effort. I am pleased to announce that our team has some new members, including my old pal John McCarthy, who I met in 7th grade in Worthington, Ohio. John is a man of refined tastes, and in recent years, his idea of working out has been hiring a caddy instead of renting a golf cart. No more. John has bought a road bike and is pounding the trails north of Chicago. And honestly, my wife Ellen and I could not be more touched and thankful that he is making this effort. I am also happy to report that teenage dynamos Flynn and Emmett Martin have joined the ALS-TDI Trek Crew, putting their expertise at making peanut butter sandwiches to good use for riders along the way.  

I have a very personal connection to ALS. Ellen's mother, Mary Rooney, died of the disease in 2000, and now her brother, John Rooney, is battling ALS. John is a great husband and father, a fine journalist, and quite a funny guy (even if he cheers for the wrong Chicago baseball team). He is now in a wheelchair and facing new challenges each day. As awful as the physical toll of the disease is, John remains a rock of optimism and faith.

So what else is there to do but pull on the lycra and ride? We will be in Boston at the end of June, and I ask for whatever you can spare to help up beat this awful disease. Donate to me. Donate to John. Whatever you can give is appreciated. Thanks for reading. Here we go...









  • Bloomberg Match $5,000.00

  • The Sargent Family $500.00

    Go Cuz go!!!

  • Heller $300.00

  • Robert Becker $300.00

  • The Twymans $270.00

    Andy - you will rock this! We'll be cheering you on from CA.

  • Opie Heller $250.00

  • Jennifer & Dan Linzer $250.00

  • Addie Brooks $250.00

  • Joan & Rick Francolini $250.00

    You have our support as always! Go get 'em...

  • Scott and Jeanne Sargent $250.00

    Good luck, safe ride

  • Kraft Foods Matching Gift Program $250.00

  • Flynn McRoberts and Monica Davey $200.00

    Ride like Gary P was on your tail, brother!

  • The Boyles $150.00

  • The Travises $100.00

    May your ride be all downhill, Andy!

  • Jane Prendergast $100.00

    Good luck Andy!

  • Bank of America Matching Gifts $100.00

  • Kimberly McKinney $100.00

  • Mahesh Krishna $100.00

  • Cash family $100.00

  • Then Benson Family $100.00

    Sorry we're late! Hope the ride went well.

  • Geddes & Chianello $100.00

  • Bill and Katherine Adair $100.00

  • Elizabeth Halloran $100.00

  • Chuck and Kate Kenniff $100.00

  • Nancy Gustin $100.00

  • The Mason Family $100.00

    Way to go Andy!

  • John & Cathy Martin $100.00

    So proud of you & John!! Good luck.....

  • Julia & JB Rodgers $100.00

    Good Luck Andy! I'll be in Stamford, CT, at the end of June with Clay for a squash tournament if you are in that area then.

  • Andy Gottesman $100.00

  • Jeff Zeleny $100.00

  • Thomas Davidson $100.00

  • James Kirk $100.00

  • The Millers $100.00

    Thank you Andy.

  • Theresa Cunningham $100.00

  • Liz Halloran&Alan Levin $100.00

  • Trevor and Marcy Jensen $100.00

  • Robert Blau $75.00

  • Richard Sargent $50.00

  • Sena Messer $50.00

  • Sammy Calhoun $50.00

    Good luck Andy!

  • Robin & Mike Schwanekamp $50.00

  • Andrew Foster $50.00

  • Joyce $50.00

  • Taylor Gustin $50.00

    You go Andy!!! I'm so proud of you and the Martin family! Holding good thoughts for your brother-in-law and Ellen and her family, as well. You've got this!!

  • The Bernard Family $50.00

    Good luck, Andy!! Tara (SB)

  • Anonymous $50.00

    good luck!

  • Rummana Hussain $50.00

    Don't fall off your bike, Andy! Ha. Seriously, good luck! You're doing great work!

  • The Tinkhams Hidden

    We are so proud of you and John. We will try to get our bottoms in shape to join you next year :). Liz and John

  • Sam Grobart & Hilary Redmon Hidden

  • Jon Marcus Hidden

  • Shayna, Geoff, Marianne Hidden

    Ride on Mr. Martin!