Steve Latimer's Ride For ALS' Fundraising Page (2014)

270 miles-Boston to NY

<h1>Steve Latimer's Ride For ALS' Fundraising Page (2014)</h1>

Last year, I rode in the Tri-State Trek, the Ride to End ALS, as a favor to a partner of mine and as a personal challenge.  I thankfully had not been directly impacted by ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s disease) and knew relatively little about the disease.

Those of you that supported me last year know that the ride deeply impacted me.  We rode in brutal heat, covering 270 miles over three days.  I witnessed family members and friends of those currently battling or having previously succumbed to the disease, push themselves because of their commitment to finding a cure.  I listened to very personal stories, shared at the community dinner on the final night of the ride, of how ALS had changed these lives forever.  And I realized, even before experiencing the lift of riding down GreenwIch Avenue as supporters lined the sidewalks ringing cowbells, and the satisfaction of completing the ride, that I wanted to know more, help more, and for sure, ride again.

  • 450,000 people live with ALS globally, 30,000 of whom are in the U.S.
  • Any disease impacting less than 200,000 in the U.S. is considered a rare disease, effecting the level of funding for research into a cure.
  • Almost 6,000 people per year are diagnosed with ALS in the U.S.  That means that the average life span for someone diagnosed is around 5 years.   The lack of long term survivors also impacts fundraising for research.

The ride this year takes place June 27-29, 2014.  I am asking that you support me as we make our way through the winding hills of Massachusetts and Connecticut.  Please log on to my fundraising page at to contribute.

Please be generous.  I am very appreciative of your support.





  • Richard Mendelson $1,000.00

  • The Silk Family Foundation $1,000.00

  • Rick Kirk $1,000.00

  • Robert G Higgins $1,000.00

  • Christopher Hoffmann $1,000.00

  • Jonathan Mechanic $500.00

  • Urban Renaissance Group $500.00

    Ride on! Great cause and effort.

  • Bruce Morrison $500.00

    good luck with the ride

  • Don and Melissa Manning $500.00

    We are with you Steve. Have a great ride.

  • Clyde Holland $500.00

  • Deluca Family $500.00

    Do well my friend.

  • Eric Zimmermann $500.00

  • pat and paula donahue $500.00

  • Jeff Weber $500.00

  • Stephen Van Dusen $500.00

  • Bill Palmer $500.00

  • Matt Griffin $500.00

  • Stacey Magee $500.00

    Great dedication Steve, and great cause. Good luck.

  • Catterton Partners $350.00

    Steve...Hope all went well today

  • Ganong Family $300.00

    Hope it feels like a no chain ride. All the best Steve.

  • James Hendricks $250.00

  • James Ritman $250.00

  • Charles Burdell $250.00

  • Julie & Dan Little $250.00

  • Dean Rostovsky $250.00

  • Mark Busto and Maureen Lee $250.00

  • Anonymous $250.00

  • Talon Private Capital $250.00

  • Adam Bowser $250.00

  • Doug Hanafin $250.00

  • Tom Abbott $250.00

    Good Luck. Have a great ride.

  • Bob and Andrea Watson $250.00

    thanks for making the effort, great cause...

  • Legacy Partners $250.00

    Now ride your buns off!!

  • Pamela McKoin $250.00

  • David Augustavo $200.00

  • Ramage Insurance Agency $200.00

  • Jeff Usow $150.00

    Great cause, inspired ride.

  • Steve and Anna Brunette $150.00

    Great cause, Steve - Good luck and have fun!

  • Roths $150.00

  • Manuel Garibay $150.00

    Buena suerte, Steve!

  • Susan Taymor Sagy $150.00

    Congratulations Steve and team. Awesome!

  • Matt Brown $100.00

  • the Harned family $100.00

    Steve, great effort for a great cause!

  • Thomas Craig $100.00

    Good luck. I hope you raise a lot of money!

  • Diane Olmstead $100.00

    Go get-em Steve!!! Awesome that you do this.

  • The Gowans Family $50.00

  • The Killians Hidden

    Good luck, Steve!

  • Victor Frandsen Hidden

    Awesome Ride Enjoy!

  • The Piper Family Hidden

  • Joanne Vitale Hidden