Jay Connolly's Tri State Trek Fundraising Page (2014)

TEAM FRATE TRAN - 270 Miles in 3 Days to #StrikeOutALS

<h1>Jay Connolly's Tri State Trek Fundraising Page (2014)</h1>

Hi Friends.  I will be celebrating my 30th birthday this year in full SPANDEX!  That's right, June 27th I will be leaving Newton MA and biking to Greenwich CT to raise money to find a cure for ALS in support of my close friend Pete Frates´╗┐.  Pete and I met at Boston College where he was a Division I baseball player and former Captain of the BC team.  Pete and I hit it off immediately with our similar personalities, North Shore ties, and love for the ocean – we created a friendship that we both hoped would last a lifetime.  ALS has gotten in the way and I have watched this terrible disease slowly take its toll on Pete’s body and life.  Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), or Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a neurodegenerative disorder that paralyzes the body but leaves the mind intact.  Patients, on average, live between two to five years.  There is no cure; an ALS diagnosis is a death sentence.

The Tri-State Trek is run by the world’s leading ALS research facility, the ALS Therapy Development Institute.  They operate the largest ALS research center in the world in a state-of-the-art lab in Cambridge, MA.  Their mission is simple – to discover viable treatment for ALS as quickly as possible.  I have committed to raise at least $1,800 and train my body to ride 270 miles in three days.  I am asking for an early birthday present to help me reach my goal – any amount helps – and your support is much appreciated.  




  • Good luck lrom your friends at Leonard, Mulherin & Greene! $500.00

    There is another donation if you can get your father to join you!

  • Walter Suydam $500.00

  • Prime Motor Group and the Rosenberg Family $500.00

    Well done, BJ.

  • Kevin Foundation $500.00

  • Tom Dionne $270.00

    Good work Jay...keep hope alive!

  • Rose-Marie van Otterloo $250.00

    Good Luck Jay !

  • Elizabeth de Montrichard $250.00

    Good Luck Jay!!

  • Maureen Carriker $250.00

    What a great friend you are - God Bless both you and Pete.

  • Danvers Indoor Sports $250.00

  • The Trustey Family $250.00

  • Tim Lawlor $250.00

    Pete's best friend!

  • Ulf Heide $250.00

  • Stephen Lockwood $250.00

  • George Stephenson $250.00

  • Ben Adner and Team Inkcups $250.00

    Nice Job Jay. Gogettem!

  • Suze and Lars $250.00

    Go for it Jay!

  • Twig Burke $250.00

    The only way to have a friend...is to be one! Nice example of friendship Jaybird

  • Easterly Capital $200.00

  • Arthur Santry $200.00

  • T.J. and Shelia Fitzgerald $200.00

  • Paul Richardson $200.00

  • Kelly & Ernie $200.00

    Go get 'em!

  • Tim & Gisele Benson $175.00

    Good luck Jay! Everyone should have a friend like you! Strike out ALS!

  • The Spicers $150.00

    Go get em Jay

  • Kyle Concannon $150.00

    Great stuff Jay, good luck!

  • Caroline Dabney $150.00

    You are amazing!! Good luck!!

  • Fr. Bill Schmidt $150.00

  • Stephen Wales $150.00

  • Spencer $150.00

    Wear a good helmet!

  • Appleby & Wyman Insurance $100.00

  • Joan Lovejoy $100.00

  • Maureen Chesley $100.00

  • Thomas Williams $100.00

  • Pete and Court $100.00

    Nudy, ride fast and don't forget to lube your thighs!

  • Henry $100.00

    Go get em Jay!

  • Fr. Bill Schmidt $100.00

    "A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter: whoever finds one has found a treasure. A faithful friend is beyond price: no amount can balance their worth." -

  • The Griffith family $100.00

    Good luck, Jay! What an awesome cause!

  • Daan & Kristin Goedkoop $100.00

  • Michael Ward $100.00

  • Pinny and Darley Randall $100.00

    Happy Birthday!

  • Glenn Carlson $100.00

  • Ralph Ardiff $100.00

  • Dana A Mahoney $100.00

    Good Luck Jay!!

  • David Connolly $100.00

  • Scott & Mary Coles $100.00

  • Big & Little Bobby Sides $75.00

  • Harry Samolchuk $75.00

  • The Bohlin Family $50.00

  • Brian Martell $50.00

  • Jamie W $50.00

    Good Luck brother

  • Steve & Amy Atherton $50.00

  • Lisa W. Parker $50.00

    Peddle hard Jay. What a true tribute to Pete. Good luck. Your friendship and devotion are inspiring.

  • The Tatelman Family $50.00

    Good luck Jay! All the best

  • Hobie $50.00

    Good luck Jay

  • M Geraty $50.00

    Nothing better than a good friend Jay!

  • Matt Seeman $50.00

  • Amanda B Houghton $50.00

    Best of luck Jay!

  • Alden $50.00

  • Sarah & John Brownell $50.00

    Here's to finding a cure!

  • The DiTomaso Family $50.00

    Good luck with your ride!!

  • Suzanne Merrill $50.00

    Still praying for a cure.

  • Linda Zollo $50.00

  • Russel G Cushman $50.00

  • The Settler Llc $50.00

  • Bank of America Matching Gifts $50.00

  • Frank Arabia $50.00

  • Greg Benson $40.00

    Make sure you're riding with the seat on!!

  • Patty Mastrodomenico $40.00

    Good luck on your ride Jay!

  • Joe Broderick $33.33

    Good luck Jay!

  • Beanie Eissner $25.00

    Nudy! You're such a great friend. Pedal hard and have a very happy birthday!

  • Beth Lowell $25.00

    Good luck! Such a great cause!

  • Bennett Knowlton $25.00

    Good luck Jay!

  • Liz Powers $25.00

    Go Jay!!!! Good luck!

  • Katie Burch $25.00

    Happy Birthday, Jay! Enjoy the ride...

  • John F. Finnegan III $25.00

  • Meredith Miller $25.00

  • Christian McGowan $25.00

    Good luck Jay! Take it one step at a time, not that you have a ton of other options.

  • Emily&John Grunow Hidden

    Can't wait to see you at the finish line!!

  • Andrew Schneider Hidden

  • Tim and Jamie Holden Hidden

  • The Burrows Hidden

    Jay, ride like the wind! You are a true friend and we are proud to support you in your effort. We love you!

  • Meghan, Dan, Brendan and Jack Cotter Hidden

    GOOD LUCK JAY!!! You will be great - quite an accomplishment!

  • Brice Kincaid Hidden

    Good Luck Jay.