Christina's Page's Fundraising Page (2014)

The Trek to Beat ALS - Riding For Those Who No Longer Can

<h1>Christina's Page's Fundraising Page (2014)</h1>

The time has come... finally! This is my 4th year biking the trek against ALS and I couldn't be more excited!

This summer I am riding 270 in memory of my dad, Fran Muccio, who was diagnosed with ALS in 1999 followed by a 10 year fight but also in support of a close friend of mine, Steve Saling. Both have made me who I am today and reminded me that no matter what hand you are dealt, you still find a way to live. 

This year however, is different. Of course the trek has been physically hard, a 4-year rookie who never trains and refuses to use clip-in shoes. After the trek last year, I told my Team America Captain that I will be challenging my fundraising efforts instead. I am challenging myself to raise $10,000 for ALSTDI to help find a cure. 

Neither my dad nor Steve can bike 270 miles to fight against ALS, therefore I am.




  • Pub on Pearl Happy Hour $858.00

  • Michael Kirven $500.00

    Your Mondo Family supports you!

  • Gerard Ciccio $500.00

  • S Strock and CO Inc $500.00

  • New Orleans Fans...... $500.00

    Best of luck!!!

  • The Boston Militia $500.00

    Good luck!

  • Ace Charitable Foundation $500.00

  • Anonymous $350.00

    Your dedication is inspirational and heartwarming. Keep it up!

  • Kat Folger $250.00

    You go Mooch!! Love you xoxo

  • MJ Ambrose Enterprises Inc $250.00

  • C.I.L. Inc $200.00

    Christina, good luck, thank you for making a difference!

  • Mike & Karen LeDonne $200.00

  • Matt & Dani Quinlan $200.00

  • The Waters Family $200.00

  • Jan and Chris White $150.00

    Very proud of you!!

  • The Hughes Family $150.00


  • Julia Ridge $150.00

    You go Miss Christina! Ride like the wind, as you usually do! So proud!

  • michael and Wendy cole $150.00

    Congratulations Christina We are all proud of you and your dedication to changing the face of ALS

  • Amanda Steinke $150.00

    You're amazing Mooch! Best of luck on your ride!!

  • Juliana $100.00

    So incredibly proud of you! You are such an inspiration to me and everyone around you. Love you! Xoxo

  • Kim Rasmussen $100.00

    Love you Moochie! So proud of you!!!

  • Gwynn Crowther $100.00

    We are with you all the way... Donna and Gwynn

  • Steve Lyle $100.00

  • Lora Kaslow $100.00

    It's great people like you that make a difference!! Thank you Christina!

  • Kathryn Lorenzen $100.00

    KICK THAT ALS ASS BABY CAKES!!!!!! So proud of you Moochie, love you to the moon and back!! xxoo

  • Kathleen Burke and Lois McDowell (Dylan's aunts) $100.00

    Good luck! Itis wonderful that you are honoring yiur father in this way!

  • The Massey family $100.00

    Congrats Mucc!! We are soooo proud of you!! Miss you too!!!!

  • Joe, Maryann & Ryan $100.00

    Good luck Christina

  • The D'AMBROSIO Family $100.00

    Great job Christina! We love you .. You never cease to amaze me- so proud of you Christina and more than happy to support you in such an amazing cause. Love you so much! - Deana

  • The Shapiro Family $100.00

  • The Harrington Family $100.00

    Best of luck Christina! Pedal away for a cure!

  • James and Susan Logan $100.00

  • The Shaheen's $100.00

    Good Luck Christina!

  • Foster Sullivan Insurance Group $100.00

    Good luck ! What a great casue.

  • Kristen Hoffman $100.00

    Go Christina!

  • The Coneeny Family $100.00

    Best of luck Christina!

  • Zach Shapiro $100.00

    Continually impress me with your efforts both biking and bringing attention to the cause.

  • Sasha $100.00

    You're amazing Mooch!

  • Matt Hope $100.00

  • Lindsay Appel $100.00

  • Christina DeSimone $100.00

    Good luck, Mooch!

  • The Burkes $100.00

    Have a great ride - we love you!

  • Eric Davidson $100.00

    This is such a great cause and I am happy I can donate! Good luck on the ride!

  • Kaley Skoglund $100.00

    Get it Mooch!! So proud of you!

  • Jessica Hart $50.00

  • Paul Beisser $50.00

    good luck!

  • Nina Beinart Kunkes $50.00

    Go Christina! xo

  • Keep on being amazing! Love you, E $50.00

    PROUD OF YOU! Tackling you this year. xo

  • Ali "the new girl" Reeder $50.00

    So proud of you Christina! You're my hero :) also.. After training in Colorado altitude this is going to be a breeze!! FPM <3

  • Lauren Hughes $50.00

  • Love, Gina $50.00

  • Merissa Zymet $50.00

    Good luck mooch!

  • Christen $50.00


  • Anonymous $50.00

  • Keith Brown $50.00

    Rock it out!

  • Laura $50.00

    You never cease to amaze me! Get 'em Mooch.

  • Daniel Beinart $50.00

  • Jordy $50.00

    FM<3 good job mooch!

  • The Testa family $50.00

    Good luck Christina! Keep up the good work!

  • Paul MacDonald $50.00

  • Meghan Frate $50.00

    Good luck Mooch!

  • The Palmers $50.00

    Proud of you Mooch! Go crush the ride!

  • Kelly Haas $50.00

  • Erica Leber $50.00

    Keep trucking away towards your goal! Can't wait to ride along side you and kick this disease in the butt!!

  • Scapa's family $50.00

    Good luck Christina. You are amazing!

  • Emily Barker $50.00


  • Erinn Ridge $50.00

    Your drive, passion and hard work is an inspiration! You truly are an amazing person and you will make a difference. Never give up!

  • Kristin Bretscher $50.00

  • Margaret Turrentine $50.00

  • Maureen Pacheco $50.00

  • Kelsey Crowther $50.00

    Cheering for you Mooch!

  • Leighton Kohlmann $30.00

    Good Luck Mooch! You got this!

  • Jay Batey $25.00

  • Jennifer Zymet $25.00

    Love you Mooch!

  • Marilyn $25.00

  • Katherine Condrey $25.00

  • Karen Damphousse $25.00

    You are amazing!

  • Joyce Flanagan $25.00

    GO CHRISTINA!! Best of luck! Joyce

  • Lydia Dallett $25.00

    You go girl!

  • Mike Ciccio $25.00

  • Taylor Funk Hidden

    So proud of you Mooch. Love the Funk's

  • Katie Shields Hidden

    Here we go MOOOOOCHH!!! So proud of you!!!

  • Mia Wallin Hidden

    Love you Moochie! SO proud of you!!

  • Jaime Hidden

    I love you and can't wait to ride by your side on the Treak this year!

  • Gabrielle Skovira Hidden

  • Jordan White Hidden


  • Ilana Cohen Hidden

    Love you Mooch!!! You go girl.

  • Aly Lamb Hidden

    Hip Hip... to MOOCH! Love ya!

  • The Fabiani's Hidden

    Just do it!

  • Coach Danielle Lynch and Family Hidden

    We love you and are so proud of you!

  • The Hajdukiewicz Family Hidden

    So proud of all you have done for such a great cause!

  • Sam Starkey Hidden

    So inspired by all of your activism. In memory of your dad, and in honor of Pete Frates and all others affected by ALS.

  • Coach Donner Hidden

    Doing the challenge today in your honor Mooch! Your Bucknell Track& Field family is proud of you and all the work you do for this cause.

  • Jackie Simmermacher Hidden

    Best of Luck!!

  • The Suchoff Family Hidden

    No time like cow bell time! Best of luck! xo

  • Jan Peters Hidden

    Cheering you on Christina! Love,Jan& Lee

  • Nadine Levin Hidden

    Good Luck!!!

  • Kayley Pettoruto Hidden

  • Mike Pratt Hidden

  • Clark Davis Hidden

  • Rachael Blondy Hidden

  • Collin Berry Hidden

    Best of luck Mucc!