Andrew Martin's fundraising page (2014)

Putting my mid-life crisis to good use

<h1>Andrew Martin's fundraising page (2014)</h1>

I am very fortunate to have a friend in town named Lisa Bannon. We both grew up in Ohio, attended Miami University, work in journalism (Lisa at the Wall Street Journal, me at Bloomberg) and have three kids. We also unfortunately have a loved one who died from Lou Gehrig's Disease--my wife's mother Mary, and Lisa's brother Chuckie. For the last five years, Lisa has gone to extraordinary lengths to do something about it, organizing a team to ride from Boston to Greenwich, Connecticut, 270 miles, to raise money for the disease, which is also known as ALS, or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

I have continued to watch my waist line expand. No more. This year, I am joining Lisa's team for the Jun. 27-29 ride,, and I am asking that you contribute to our efforts to find a cure for this awful disease. As many of you know, Ellen's older brother, John, was diagnosed with ALS earlier this year, which was obviously crushing news. John has been extraordinarily brave in fighting the disease, maintaining his dry wit and refusing to let ALS define him. He wrote about it here (

For Ellen and myself, we are trying to figure out ways to help John and his family and to ramp up our efforts to find a cure.

When Ellen's mom died in 2000, ALS looked like a hopeless cause. But now there are all kinds of reasons for hope in part because of the work being down by ALS-TDI, the Boston-based research lab which sponsors the Trek. Now, a diagnosis isn’t necessarily a death sentence. A breakthrough may be just around the corner. 

Last year, Team Bannon raised the most of any team in the trek, a whopping $84,000. This year, we are hoping to break $100,000. (Pictured is part of the team, myself, Lisa and Hugh Macdonnell, before our first ride of the season).

You don't have to donate much, and of course you don't have to donate at all. But if you do, please know that you are making  a difference. For one thing, my employer, Bloomberg, is matching whatever I can raise, up to $5,000. If you’d like to donate online, go to If you’d like to write a check, send it to: Crush ALS/Team Bannon, 5 Inness Place,  Glen Ridge, NJ 07028.

Time to squeeze into my bike shorts. The ride is on!






  • Bloomberg Lp $5,000.00

  • Bloomberg Lp $2,500.00

  • Andrew and Ellen Martin $500.00

    Thanks everyone for your support!

  • The Kassermans $500.00

    Johnny Flynn Rooney is a STUD!

  • Becker/Heller $500.00

    Great idea for an important cause. Happy riding and love to all.

  • The Twymans $270.00

    You've got this, Andy! Thinking of you and all of Ellen's family.

  • Joan and Rick Francolini $250.00

    Proud of you Andy. Go get 'em!

  • Kraft Foods Matching Gift Program $250.00

  • Jennifer & Dan Linzer $250.00

  • Addie Brooks $250.00

  • The Drake Family $200.00

    Way to go Andy! We're so proud of you!!

  • Louise Story $200.00

    glad all your training on Citi Bikes is paying off

  • Opie $200.00

    Way to go Andy. As much as I would like to make fun of your tight shorts, I am doing a bike race for cancer here in Ohio and my tight short look might be worse.

  • Alan Levin $200.00

  • The Miller Family $150.00

    The Millers will be with you in spirit on the ride Andy, and I will have your choice of adult beverage waiting for you when you return. We are thinking about and praying for the Martin and Rooney fam

  • Margo Garrison & Geoffrey Darby $150.00

    Go Team Bannon! You give us great reasons for hope.

  • The Rich Boyle Family $150.00

    No record attempts on the ride. You have passed that stage of your life.

  • The Potters Family $150.00

    Titus would be proud!

  • From the Meier-Pollock family $100.00

    Andy-Seeing you in bike shorts is worth every penny. Ride on, Wayne

  • Sena Messer $100.00

    In honor of John's fight and your amazing effort to ride towards a cure. Good luck, Andy!

  • The Travises $100.00

    We will be thinking of you and your extended family.

  • David Maher $100.00

  • Dean E Murphy $100.00

  • Bank of America Matching Gifts $100.00

  • Bank of America Matching Gifts $100.00

  • The Rodgers $100.00

    Good luck with the ride and I sure hope they find a cure soon!

  • Katie and Max Mausner $100.00

    Congratulations, Uncle Andy! All the best and way to go. We appreciate what you've done!

  • Beth and Matt Gellene $100.00

    Congratulations on a successful ride! Our thoughts and prayers are with Ellen's brother and the rest of the clan.

  • Diane and Pat Flynn $100.00

    Thank you Andrew for your courage to lead the effort to help John and all that are afflicted with ALS.

  • Trevor Jensen $100.00

  • The Vecchione Family $100.00

  • Dave & Molly Kelly $100.00

    Way to go Andy! Stay safe. :)

  • Shawn, Helen, Will & Jimmy $100.00

  • Jeff Zeleny $100.00

  • Bill and Katherine Adair $100.00

  • Chuck Clark $100.00

    Great cause. And I'm hoping to purge the image of you in Spandex forever. Seriously, thanks for being the kind of guy who steps up!

  • The Pitcher family $100.00

    Good luck Andy!! Great Cause!

  • John & Cathy Martin $100.00


  • The McCarthy Family $100.00

  • David Rummel $100.00

    Andy--Good luck with the ride.

  • Rummana Hussain $100.00

    Good luck Andy!

  • Sheryl & Brian Cash $100.00

  • Tom and Terry Newmark $100.00

    Good luck, Andy. Our thoughts are with you and family....

  • Jeffrey Galvin $100.00

  • The Kinkhabwala Family $100.00

    Good luck Andy!

  • Sue Ellen and Bob Isacksen $60.00

    Good luck Andrew and team -- and best thoughts to Ellen's brother.

  • Anne Kraft Glover $50.00

    Way to go, Andy! Praying for God's strength and endurance for you and other riders during training and ride. Godspeed.

  • The Fosters $50.00

  • Kelley family $50.00

    ALS really sucks. I am so sorry about your brother in law. Ride hard!!

  • The Cassidys $50.00

    Good luck, Andy. Best to all the Rooneys and Martins.

  • James Pluta $50.00

    Good luck Andy!

  • Kevin Smith $50.00

    I worked with John in the Daley Center Press Room, back in the day, and before that I worked with Ellen at another publication. I'm very much pulling for the Rooneys and the Martins on this...

  • Kishbaugh-Maish Family $50.00

  • Liz & Alan $50.00

    Go, Andy - good man for a good cause.

  • Larry Lebowitz & Amy Driscoll $50.00

    Go, Andy, Go! Inspirational act for a great cause.

  • The Bernards $50.00

  • Richard Sargent $50.00

  • The Mason Family $50.00

    Best of luck on your journey!

  • Laura Bogaards $50.00

    Good luck - you are riding for a great cause!

  • Tim Madigan $50.00

    So sorry about your brother-in-law. Horrible disease. God speed.

  • Bob Knotts $25.00

    Go get 'em, Andy!! Nice work!

  • Nancy Gustin $25.00

    Go Andy!!!!!!!

  • Joshua Epstein $25.00

  • The Davidson-Corbetts $25.00

  • Ron Lieber and Jodi Kantor $25.00

  • Taylor Gustin $25.00

    Amazing Andy, best of luck!!!

  • Jim and Leigh Moss $25.00

    Great job Andy - it's the padding that makes you butt look big ;)

  • Cynthia Barnes $20.00

    Wish it could be more..but every little bit counts--I'm starting a new art business. Good luck to your efforts! It does make a difference!

  • Leon and Ruth Schemmel $20.00

  • The Tinkham Family Hidden

    Thoughts and prayers are with you Andy from the Tinks. Wish we could be there to ride with you.

  • The Kirk Family Hidden

    Good luck, brother. Careful of those shorts.

  • The Geddes Family Hidden

  • The Charny family Hidden

  • The John Rooney Family Hidden

    Your dedication, sacrifice and perseverance are inspiring.

  • Jon Marcus Hidden