Lisa Bannon's Fundraising Page (2013)

Riding For Chuckie

<h1>Lisa Bannon's Fundraising Page (2013)</h1>

Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure that Team Bannon is expanding this year to include a total of eight people who are riding from Boston to New York in the Tri-State Trek. In recognition of this expansion, we are broadening our team name to Crush ALS/Team Bannon. You can check out our team site at:

The 270-mile, three-day event benefits ALS-TDI, a Boston-based non-profit that is leading research into finding a treatment and cure for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

They are getting close!As you remember from last year, ALS TDI, the Boston-based research lab which sponsors the Trek, had discovered two compounds to be promising treatment candidates for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. ALS TDI recently launched its first human clinical trial, and this very month, the trial is enrolling patients in four centers across the country.By the time we start riding the Trek, ALS patients will be testing this potential treatment – a significant accomplishment in the fight against this mysterious disease, which currently has no treatment or cure

Crush ALS/Team Bannon began in 2009 after I lost my brother, Chuck, to ALS after a three-year battle. My brother Breen and I vowed to continue riding until we raise enough money to find a cure or treatment. Last year,Hugh Macdonnell, whose mother-in-law is afflicted with ALS, joined our team for the first time.This year we are expanding further as the word spreads about this challenging ride that has done so much to raise awareness and funding for ALS research.

Thank you all for your ongoing support of my efforts on behalf of ALS-TDI. I truly believe we are making a difference in the battle to end this cruel disease.





  • The New York Community Trust $5,000.00

  • George Steinmetz and Lisa Bannon $1,000.00

    We are getting closer to finding a cure for ALS! Let's keep going... Here's to you, Chuckie.

  • Linda Sterling $500.00

    Lisa, you are an inspiration! Thinking of your brother and hoping they find the cure for ALS soon. And praying for good weather this year!

  • ElaineA Bannon $500.00

    For Chuck.

  • William Streiber $500.00

  • Patricia Dickson $270.00

    Will be thinking of you this weekend. Good luck! Trish

  • Kathryn J Kranhold $250.00

    Go Lisa and team. Drink lots of liquids.

  • Charles J. and Joan Bannon $250.00

    In memory of Chuckie. With love, Dad and Joan

  • Richard Mayo $250.00

  • Elizabeth Dory $200.00

    From all of us --- xo Liz, Steve, Lane and Elliot

  • Lisa Addario $200.00

    Go team Bannon! Love, Joey & Lisa

  • Alessandra Galloni $200.00

    Go Lisa! Go Nell!

  • Heidi Rosenfelder $150.00

    Go Lisa! All our love and best, Heidi & David

  • Abby Schultz $100.00

    Go Lisa! Five years, what a fantastic accomplishment! Abby & Ken

  • Katharina Sweet $100.00

    Good luck Team Crush ALS!

  • Julia Breckenridge $100.00

    With love and admiration, Julie, Jim, Adam & Anna

  • Dorothy Waldt $100.00

  • Mary Hanan $100.00

    Bravo!-- The Hanans

  • John Lippman $100.00

  • Rawlings Leslie $100.00

    Nell and Lisa! You are the coolest "hitgirls"! Slezak Family

  • Kimberly McKinney $100.00

    We are so proud of you and inspired by your commitment and hard work! Kim, Mark, Perry and Owen

  • Robert Ross $100.00

    Wishing Lisa, Nell and the rest of the team cool tailwinds.

  • James Barnes $100.00

    Find you center, keep your balance, pace yourself. Confidence will lead you on! James, Hebe, Ian and Jackson

  • Bruce Orwall $100.00

  • Mary Manning $100.00

    We love you Lisa! Mary, Eric, Emma & Sara Mangol

  • Merissa C Marr $100.00

    You guys are amazing -- I can barely cycle around the block. Go, go go!

  • Laurie Howley $100.00

    Lisa and Breen, Our parents were friends. My mom had ALS and died last year. Good luck and have fun riding! Laurie Hanahan Howley

  • Deborah Forman $100.00

    Thinking of you Lisa & Nell! Much love, Deb & Antonio

  • Tami Furman $100.00

    I can't wait till they find a cure!! I'm really proud to sponser you on this grueling ride!

  • David Sanford $100.00

    Go, Lisa

  • Kathleen Moran $100.00

    Dear Lisa, The Crush Team continues to inspire us. Good luck. Kathy and David

  • Nadya Kohl $100.00

    Crush it Team Bannon!

  • M Virginia Wood $100.00

    Go Team Bannon! We'll be ringing our cow bells for you in Beantown. xoxo Gin

  • Gretchen Calhoun $100.00

    Lisa and Nell: You GO girls!

  • Elizabeth Bannon $100.00

    .......and the beat goes on........ with loving heart, Mom

  • Laurie Hays $100.00

  • Nicole Holzapfel $75.00

    Way to go, Lisa, team and crew! The Rich Family

  • 234 Corporation $75.00

  • Donald Steinberg $50.00

  • James Mallock $50.00

  • John F $50.00

  • Maureen S Kline $50.00

  • Andrew Martin $50.00

  • Brenda Sapino Jeffreys $25.00

  • Frederick N $25.00

  • John Lecce $25.00

  • Christina Binkley Hidden

    Go Team Bannon! You are beyond inspiring.

  • Juliet Krassenstein Hidden

    Keep up the good work and the good fight! XOXO

  • Ellen Byron Hidden

    Good luck and good work!

  • Julie Winokur Hidden

    I'm so proud of you!!!

  • Marie Wood Hidden

    Go Lisa & Nell! Go Crush! Stay cool! with love, Marie, Steve, Sofie & Emma

  • Ray Smith Hidden

  • Lynn Misset Hidden

    Lisa, We are so proud of you and your team! Good luck! Lynn