team Follow Me's Fundraising Page (2013)

Never Give Up

<h1>team Follow Me's Fundraising Page (2013)</h1>

For those of you here for the first time, this is not just a ride to raise money, it’s a fight for the families we have met along the way. It’s a show of support for the victims of this horrible disease…and to me personally it is a tribute to my dad that he is still an influence in our hearts. I consider ALSTDI and its supporters an extension of my family, and we will go this distance and further to help this cause.

Thank you for your support,
The Rubenstein Family & Team Follow Me




  • Mike Rubenstein $2,505.26

  • Ruth Rubenstein $2,000.00

    Words cannot express how proud and humbled I am by your commitment to the cause and to Dad's memory.

  • Ishwar Vaswani $1,000.00


  • Idx Corporation $1,000.00

  • Kenneth Rubenstein $1,000.00

    You do honor to our Dad.

  • Heather Barninger $1,000.00

    Andy - Capitol Light wishes you luck on the fundraising and the ride!

  • Ellen Johnson $1,000.00

    Andy, We support you! Your friends at Fusion Specialties, Inc.

  • John Schulte $1,000.00

    It's just a part of what we're required to give back for all we were given.

  • Paul Wolff $1,000.00

  • Vira Inc $500.00

  • Miriam Cutler $500.00

  • Howard Harris $500.00

    Good luck this year Andy! Loads of Love from Howard!

  • Omnova Solutions Foundation $500.00

  • Afzaal Akhtar $500.00

  • Nancy Robertson $500.00

    Kevin Gottlieb - KRG Enterprises, Inc. Good Luck!

  • Shawn Schulte $300.00

    Mat Spiers and family...

  • Paul Hase $300.00

    Keep up the good works. All the riders deserve Yellow Jerseys!

  • Rollin Deas $270.00

  • David Vogel $250.00

    Go Ruby

  • John Light $250.00

  • Patrick Young Young $250.00

    Best Wishes to Team Follow Me from the Young Family

  • Thomas Milantoni $250.00

    You are an inspiration big fella! Tom, Erik and Bill

  • Ronald Bern $250.00

  • Sajo $250.00

  • Gary Rudoren $200.00

    Go Andy! Go Andy!

  • Edward Penczek $200.00

    For Sandy. Ride strong my friend.

  • Atlantic Installations $200.00

  • Stephanie Cutler $200.00

    Stan was such a great guy -- we miss him and are so glad you continue to participate in this amazing event! Way to go Cuz! Love, Steph/Mark

  • Sue Spencer $200.00

    In memory of Sandy Schulte

  • Doris Gordon $200.00

    have a great ride we send lots of hugs & kisses Doris & Jack

  • Kenneth Gorfinkle $180.00

    I hope to join you next year.

  • Donald Esslinger $150.00

  • Shawn Schulte $150.00

    Tea Around Town Special May Donations

  • Architectural Inc $150.00

  • Erika Cosentino $150.00

  • Alice Borowsky $150.00

    You go Andy! Have a safe and easy ride. Joe, Alice, Zack, Jake and Rachel

  • Simon Atlas $100.00

    Andy you honor your father in a meaningful way. Stan was an usher in our wedding almost 60 years ago and we all miss him.

  • Anonymous $100.00

    wishing you all the best!!!

  • Audrey Whittington $100.00

    Love you Team Andy!

  • Dana Miller $100.00

    Great work, Andy! Let's wipe out this horrifying disease.

  • Sharon Spina $100.00

    Enjoy the ride Andy and Lauren. All our best. The Spinas

  • Daniel Hulkower $100.00

  • Mindy Alpert $100.00

    best of luck are doing an amazing job and making a positive difference :)

  • Christopher Hodnik $100.00

    Andy - a great cause and Sandy and I are glad to make a contribution. Chris and Sandy Hodnik

  • Michael Smolens $100.00

    Go Ruby!!! Kate, Diana, Patti, Mike

  • Shawn Schulte $100.00

    Donation from the Groveport Ladies Spring Tea Fling

  • Susan Flatt $100.00

  • Kenneth Sysyn $100.00

  • Daniel Mills $100.00

  • Sidney Freedman $100.00

    Have a great ride Andy

  • Vincent DiMattia $100.00

    Ride on!

  • Marianne Morrison $100.00

    Good Luck Andy. Have a safe ride.

  • Leo Clavel $100.00

  • Amy Schaeffer $100.00

    Safe travels Andy, such a beautiful tribute! Amy and Mark

  • Kate Kuykendall $100.00

    Thinking of everyone in the fight for ALS

  • Kara Cutino $100.00


  • Howard Buss $100.00

    Safe Ride Andy. The Buss Family

  • Joann M Peters $100.00

  • Michael Ho $75.00

    In the Army, when we hear "Follow Me", we always respond "Lead the Way"! Lead the way Andy, lead the way!

  • Myra Lesser $75.00

  • Lori Gilliar $75.00

    Keep on keepin' on, Ruby. The world is a better place because you are in it.

  • Audra Slocum $50.00

    Keep up the great work!

  • Elmann Cabotage $50.00

    Have fun in your ride an don't hurt yourself.

  • Ryan Per $50.00

    Andy, You are riding for such a worthwile cause. The entire Per family wishes you luck on your ride!

  • Robert Perilstein $50.00

    Have a great ride!

  • Dean Gordon $50.00

  • Scott Gould $50.00

    Good Luck Andy.

  • David Sher $50.00

    Andy, Thanks for all of your help changing my tire yesterday. Good luck on the ride and in raising money for this very worthy cause!

  • Devorah A Aroesty-Cohen $50.00

  • Beth Friedberg $50.00

    Good luck, Andy! We'll be thinking about! So happy to support such a worthwhile cause! The Friedberg Family

  • Debra McCann $50.00

  • Arlene Lurie $50.00

    Go Andy!!! The whole pack will be following you.

  • Michael Cuneo $50.00

    Good Luck, Mike

  • Melissa Cassorla $50.00

    Best of luck on your ride! We are more than happy to contribute to this great cause. BIKE BIKE BIKE. -The Cassorlas

  • Devdutt Kulkarni $50.00

    I wish you and the program all the best. It's only throgh these collective efforts that we can find a cure to this pernicious disease.

  • Jeffrey Hartke $50.00

    Good Luck Rich, Andy, Shawn and the rest of Team Follow Me. Gonna be careful.

  • Debby Watson $50.00

    Best wishes for a safe and fun ride.

  • Kelly Austin-Rolo $50.00

  • Ruth Rubenstein $50.00

    I admire your hard work and dedication to a cause so close to our hearts. You're very special!

  • Maria Justice $40.00

  • Deborah Walder $36.00

    Go Andy go!

  • Lesle Williams $30.00

  • Stephen Wolfson $25.00

    You're fight against ALS inspires me. Ride Hard!

  • Jeff Ralph $25.00

  • Anonymous $25.00

    Your dedication year after year is inspiring!

  • Jessica Lordet $25.00

  • Mike Samuelson $25.00

  • Daniel Hakim $25.00

    Good Luck Andy!

  • David Goggin $25.00

  • Stephen Young $25.00

    Andy - Best of luck on your ride. Anne and Steve Young

  • Sarah Atlas $25.00

    Andy, Best of luck on your ride. Be safe. ~Sarah

  • Sveta Desai $25.00

    Good luck and stay hydrated!!!

  • Shawn Schulte $20.00

    Mike Berkemer's donation and a big 173rd reminder: All gave some, some gave all!

  • Tiffany Stewart $20.00

    Ride on Bro, ride on.

  • Kayla Forcey $10.00

  • Michaela Ranft $10.00

  • Bryce B Barker $10.00

    roooooomies next year! good luck with this

  • Meredith Kinch $10.00

    Good luck baby! <3 Meredith

  • Evelyn Kratz $10.00

    Good luck Lauren!!

  • Mitchell Bernstein Hidden

    We're happy to support such a great cause and cyclist!

  • Joseph Hurwitz Hidden

    Thank you for you efforts for a wondeful cause!!!

  • Brett Bern Hidden

    Uncle Kranky all the best on a great cause and a great ride. You make all of us proud. Brett, Pam, Jake and Dylan

  • Sean Lijoi Hidden

    Emco Plastics

  • Catherine Messick Hidden

    Keep fighting the good fight, Shawn!

  • Calvin Talmage Jr Hidden

    Andy - good luck to you and all the teams on this valiant and noble excursion.

  • FranElissa Sipress Hidden

    Andy, you're a hero. Ride like the wind, my friend. xo

  • David Paseltiner Hidden

    Remembering our days on Colgate Road.