Dave Congdon's Fundraising Page (2013)

Ride for ALS

<h1>Dave Congdon's Fundraising Page (2013)</h1>

Hi Everyone,

On July 19, I will hop on my bike for a three day, 270-mile ride from Boston to Greenwich, CT as part of the Tri-State Trek, a major fundraiser for ALS Therapy Development Institute, a 30 scientist group devoted to finding an effective treatment and cure for ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).

Both my brother and the mother of my closest childhood friends perished due to ALS and I hope, with inspiration from them, to raise awareness of and critical resourcesto fund ALS TDI's research. The picture below is of my brother Chris, his wife Carolyn and me after one of the 20 or so member guest golf tournaments we played together annually in New Hampshire.

I hope you will join me in making a contribution by clicking on the button below or by check: please make it payable to Tri-State Trek/Crush ALS and mail it to me at: 85 Pembroke Road, Darien,CT 06820. I can't THANK YOU enough for your generosity and support.

With much appreciation,





  • Jeffrey Hines $1,000.00

  • Graham Foster $500.00

    Thanks for your support!

  • Steven Kohn $500.00

    Good luck with this impressive trek. Great cause!

  • David Genovese $500.00

    Dave, you are great to do this. I lost one of my mentors in business to ALS....Julie and I are really happy to support you. Good luck!

  • Mark Gibson $500.00

  • Edward A $500.00

  • Brian K $250.00

  • Peter Drippe $250.00

  • Robert Inches $250.00

    Dave: This is a professional grade performance! In addition, this is an inspiring tribute to your brother. Congratulations, Rob and Jill

  • C Kevin $250.00

  • Alan Polley $250.00

  • Michael Murray $250.00

  • Greg Van Schaack $250.00

  • Daniel Bumgardner $250.00

    Great cause, happy to support. Dave, good luck with the ride.

  • Jonathan Dunlay $250.00

  • Michael Harrison $250.00

  • Carolyn Congdon $200.00

  • David G $200.00

  • Donna Nardone $200.00

  • Madcap Llc $180.00

  • John Tavlarios $150.00

    Drink lots of water :)

  • Peter Duncan $150.00

  • Robert Leonard $150.00

    Good luck Dave. Fabulous cause Lenny

  • Timothy J Sickinger $150.00

    Great cause Dave! Happy to support you on this ride!

  • Robert Weaver $150.00

    Have fun Dave. For a great cause. Don't let Gilbert and Macdonnell slow you down!

  • Prescott Romeyn $100.00

  • Andrew Gaillard $100.00

    Good work big boy.

  • Edward Henderson $100.00

    Great cause and thanks for asking Dave. Good luck! Ted

  • Arjun Krishnamachar $100.00

  • Lindsay Purcell $100.00

    Good luck!

  • Susan Bodine $100.00

  • Mark Cummings $100.00

    Good luck on the ride!

  • Douglas Metzler $100.00

  • Rebecca Sellet $100.00

    Safe ride Dave! Becky & David

  • Tracey Culliton $100.00

    Good Luck!

  • Elizabeth Scholle $100.00

    Good luck, Cogs. We'd be happy to send you off on your ride from Boston.

  • Mark McCarthy $100.00

  • Thomas Gaillard $100.00

    Go Dave Go

  • James Ballentine $100.00

    good luck Dave!

  • Paul Landen $100.00

  • Joshua Scoville $100.00

    Best wishes for a good ride Dave!

  • Lawrence Layman $100.00

    Ride on David!!

  • Jefferson Myers $100.00

  • Augustus Field $100.00

  • Charles Jerabek $100.00

    We miss our times with Chris Congdon

  • Jeanine Hutchens $100.00

    Good luck with your ride Dave!

  • Robert Meyjes $100.00

  • Thomas Glover $100.00

  • Anne Mullin $100.00

    Great cause have a great ride!

  • John Harrison $100.00

  • Julie Kinch $100.00

    Congratulations Dave! What a great accomplishment and a wonderful tribute. love, Julie and Stefan

  • Thomas Reiter $100.00

  • David Hodes $100.00

  • Robert Noonan $100.00

  • Maria Klutey $25.00

  • Wendy Long Hidden

    Dave, Thank you for what you are doing. Arthur and I and the children, and all the Longs and Stones, are cheering you on. Wendy

  • Carol Hurt Hidden

    Have a great ride!

  • Gary Holtzer Hidden

    Thanks, Dave, for the opportunity to donate to this cause.

  • Susan Vogel Hidden

  • John Cozzi Hidden

    Good luck! Thanks for making the effort for such a worthy cause.

  • Michael Sload Hidden

  • Christopher Mundy Hidden

    dave- good luck!

  • D Stone Hidden

    Dave thank you so much. We all hope you have a great ride.

  • Hutchin and Julie Stone Hidden

    Dave, thanks so much for doing this ride to help out ALS TDI. Means a lot.

  • Peter Linneman Hidden

  • Jeffrey Kelly Hidden

    I'm sure Chris would say you're a great brother Cogs.

  • Theresa Van de Graaf Hidden

    Good luck, Dave!

  • Lisa von Stuelpnagel Hidden

    What an honorable tribute to your brother in true Dave Congdon style ~ taking the high road ~ such a gentleman! Good luck!

  • Philip Martzolf Hidden

    Safe Ride!

  • Luara Grozier Hidden

  • Mark Cover Hidden

  • Andrew Drewatolitsch Hidden

    Good Luck Plake!

  • Daniel Moore Hidden

  • L Peter Lawrence Hidden

  • Daniel Rashin Hidden

  • Christopher Price Hidden

    Good luck Dave. I am glad to be able to pitch in to a cause so important to you.

  • Gordon Loh Hidden

  • John O'Connell Hidden

  • Mary Ryan McCarthy Hidden

  • Grant Murray Hidden

  • Joseph Upton Hidden

  • Richard Nelson Hidden

  • Herbert L Miller Jr Hidden

    Good Luck David!

  • Anne Redd Hidden

    Way to go Dave! Anne and Edmund Redd