Daniel Rides across MA, CT, and NY to help end ALS' Fundraising Page (2013)

Riding for those who no longer can.

<h1>Daniel Rides across MA, CT, and NY to help end ALS' Fundraising Page (2013)</h1>

Hi, I'm Daniel.

This summer ill be taking part in the 11th annual Tri State Trek: a 270 mile bike ride over three days - from boston to new york - to fund ongoing, innovative ALS research.

I participate in this ride because my grandpa had ALS, so its a cause thats close to my heart.

ALS is not an incurable disease, its an underfunded disease. So if you can help by donating or by spreading the word, we can make a difference. I hope you'll support me on this ride.

I created this video to promote the ride :)




  • John Atterbury $540.00

    $2/mile! go get 'em!

  • Malitz Construction, Inc. $500.00

  • Julian Gold $500.00

  • Kristine Ellis $250.00

    Go Daniel ! Kris and Jim

  • James Callaway $250.00

  • Sharon Stanush $250.00

    We're with you all the way, Daniel!

  • Barbara Martin $200.00

    Good luck Daniel, we'll be cheering from St. Louis Barbara and Bud Martin

  • Gary Burnett $150.00

  • Chris Stanush $150.00

    supporting you all the way Dan...see you at the finish line with a cold one...

  • Robin Howard $100.00

    Good for you Daniel. We are cheering you on here in San Antonio!

  • James Browning $100.00

    We are so happy to support you.

  • David Mills $100.00

    Keep those big wheels rolling & safe riding. Sun and Uncle David

  • Michael Stanush $100.00

    Go get 'em bro.

  • Rebecca Simmons $100.00

    We were very fond of your grandfather. What a great way to help others in need. Rebecca and Rick Clemons

  • Judy Presberg $100.00

    Good luck to you, Daniel! From the Presberg family in St. Louis and Portland

  • Anonymous $100.00

  • Craig Smith $100.00

  • David Vela $100.00

    Good luck Dan!

  • Richard Sedgwick $100.00

  • John T $100.00

  • Richard A $100.00

  • Lydia Kahler $100.00

    Hi Daniel, Great Job!!! Super, super happy for you. blessings, Lydia

  • Anonymous $50.00

    Good luck, Daniel! Love your video :)

  • Maria Dottori $50.00

    Good Luck!!

  • Aaron Ashworth $50.00

  • Patrick Gibbons $50.00

  • Jessica Wolff $50.00

    Good Luck Daniel!

  • Kristy Garza $50.00

    Good luck Daniel! Love, Kristy and Erik Prince

  • Kelly Capek $50.00

    Go Daniel! Ride like the wind ;)

  • Justin Mills $25.00

    Proud to help, go Daniel!

  • Anonymous $25.00

  • Sam Howe $25.00

    Good luck, Daniel!

  • Cristina Thompson $25.00

    Impressive. Much luck!

  • Holly Ulman $20.00

    Go Dan!

  • Anonymous $10.00

    Good Luck Daniel Love you...Be safe Tia Magda

  • Zachary Yurcheshen $10.00

    Go Dan Go!

  • Anonymous $10.00

    Good luck, Daniel! We'll be rooting for you.

  • Douglas Michelman Hidden

    What a great cause. Happy to support it!

  • Martha Boudreau Hidden

    Good Luck Daniel!

  • John Modzelewski Hidden

    Go Daniel! Ride like the wind for ALS. Jack

  • Julie Bingol Hidden

    Happy to be part of Team Stanush! Go Daniel! --Julie and Selim Bingol

  • Charlene Lake Hidden

    A wonderful way to honor your Grandpa, Daniel. Ride hard and stay upright! -- Charlene & Rod Lake

  • Wayne Collie Hidden

  • Kurt Wehrsten Hidden

    Good luck Daniel! Kurt and Dana

  • Linda Mills Hidden

    Go Daniel! We are very proud of you! Mike & Linda

  • Nancy Seliger Hidden

    Good luck! Have a great ride.

  • Mark Roche Hidden

    Go Daniel!

  • Cristi Barnett Hidden

    Way to go Daniel!

  • Agnes Gioconda Hidden

    For a great cause. Good luck.

  • Elizabeth Francsconi Hidden

    Daniel - Hope the weather gods are with you and the luck of the Irish too! The Ward Francesconi Family

  • William Anderson Hidden

  • Kendall Miller Hidden

  • Alyson Karoly Hidden

    Go Daniel!! Show the road and ALS who's boss!!!

  • Katherine Rumph Hidden

    in honor of my uncle Tom, who also had ALS.

  • Rosa Cahill Hidden

    Hola, mi Hijo, suerte y vuela como el aire!! Mama, Rosa