Breen Bannon's Fundraising Page (2013)

Riding for those who no longer can.

<h1>Breen Bannon's Fundraising Page (2013)</h1> It is with great pleasure that Team Bannon is expanding this year to include a total of eight people who are riding from Boston to New York in the Tri-State Trek. In recognition of this expansion, we are broadening our team name to Crush ALS/Team Bannon.

The 270-mile, three-day event benefits ALS-TDI, a Boston-based non-profit that is leading research into finding a treatment and cure for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. By supporting me you can bring hope and a future to not only the people with ALS today, but to the people who will be diagnosed next, and next,and next.......

ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, neurodegenerative disease that causes the motor neurons to die, resulting in total paralysis, usually in two to five years, while the brain stays lucid. Althoughit's been 70 years since Lou Gehrig quit the Yankees because ofALS,the medical community still has no idea what causes it. Even worse, there is no treatment and no cure.

Team Bannon began in 2009 after Lisa and Breen Bannon lost their brother, Chuck, to ALS after a three-year battle. We vowed to continue riding until we raise enough money to find a cure or treatment. Last year,Hugh Macdonnell, whose mother-in-law is afflicted with ALS, joined our team for the first time.This year we are expanding further as the word spreads about this challenging ride that has done so much to raise awareness and funding for ALS research.

Thank you all for your ongoing support of my efforts on behalf of ALS-TDI. I truly believe we are making a difference in the battle to end this cruel disease.

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  • Bonnie Rudzik $1,000.00

  • John Terrance $1,000.00

  • William Foundation $500.00

  • Boardman Rotary $500.00

  • Evelyn Moser $250.00

  • Kiwanis Youngstown $250.00

  • Elizabeth Bannon $250.00

    ......and the beat goes on....... With loving heart, Mom

  • Chuck and Joan Bannon $250.00

    Go Breen! We donate in memory of Chuckie. Love, Dad and Joan

  • Breen Bannon $200.00

    Let get this ride started!

  • Fred Moran $200.00

  • Joseph Santon $200.00

    Jenn Moore. Hope your ride went well!

  • Gary Inc $150.00

  • James Sisek $100.00

  • Thomas Davis $100.00

  • William Ogden Inc $100.00

  • Stephen Blasko $100.00

    Shred it up Shredder!!! Chuck was AWSOME!!! His legacy will always live on!!! Ride on my friend.

  • Carla Miller $100.00

  • Wilfred W $100.00

  • Taylor Kia Of Boardman $100.00

  • Charles Whitman $100.00

  • Edward Reese $100.00

  • Kathleen Mecak $100.00

  • Geri Castor $100.00

  • Deb Dalesio $100.00

  • Daniel Terreri $100.00

    Anything is possible!

  • Jim Hammond $100.00

    good luck team bannon!

  • David Blasko $100.00

  • Andrew Thomas $100.00

  • Timothy F Shaffer $75.00

    Ride hard Breeno..... Tim and Nikki

  • Mauro Jadue $50.00

  • Daniel Schiavone $50.00

    Ride like the wind, Breen.

  • Nancy Reali $50.00

    Good Luck Breen and the rest of the team...

  • Caroline Goldsboro $50.00

  • Jean McKenzie $50.00

  • Brian Blasko $50.00

  • Michael Lipke $50.00

  • James Boots $50.00

    Keep at it, Breen!

  • Vivian Gabriel $50.00

    Many blessings Breen! Be safe!

  • Rochelle Baer $50.00

  • Jennifer Lyn Nielson $50.00

    Crush ALS

  • Roseann Ehrhart $50.00

  • Peter J $50.00

  • Lenore Pershing $35.00

  • Frances Panagopoulos $25.00

  • Mary Jacobs $25.00

  • Rosalind Rau $25.00

  • George Snyder $25.00

  • Jerre Patterson $25.00

  • Lenore Pershing $25.00

    wishing you an easy ride !

  • Marc Mazzella $25.00

  • Joseph Gerzina $25.00

    Good luck and watch out for the bugs in the face!

  • Kurt Brugler $25.00

    Roll of luck Breen!

  • Patricia Freed $25.00

    Go Breen Team! Let's beat this terrible disease. Cuz, Patti

  • Allan and Mary DePiore Hlebovy $25.00

    Go team Crush ALS Bannon. You are heroes!

  • John Messenger $25.00

    Go get'em Breen!

  • Trudy Beadnell $25.00

  • Hilda Elash $25.00

    Hoping for a cure! Hilda

  • Dan Schiavone, Jr. $25.00

  • Racheal Solida $25.00

  • Jay Hall $20.00

    Good Luck!

  • E Eugene $20.00

  • Innersource Inc $10.00

  • Diana Danko $10.00

    Good job Team Bannon!

  • Dana Do $10.00

    Congrats on the ride

  • Michael Malone $10.00

  • Thomas W $10.00

  • Ryan Beil $10.00

  • Jesse Halko $10.00

    Best of luck.