Andy Rubenstein's Fundraising Page (2013)

Riding for those who no longer can.

<h1>Andy Rubenstein's Fundraising Page (2013)</h1>

Welcome to the Andy Rubenstein's fundraising page.

Many of you visiting this page are already familiar with the Tri State Trek, a 270 mile bicycle ride focused on ending ALS. ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis aka Lou Gehrig’s disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that leads to paralysis, due to the death of motor neurons in the spinal cord and brain. There is currently no known cause, cure, or effective treatment for the disease. This will be my eighth year riding the event since this horrible disease took my fathers life. For those of you here for the first time, this is not just a ride to raise money, it’s a fight for the families we have met along the way. It’s a show of support for the victims of this horrible disease…and to me personally it is a tribute to my dad that he is still an influence in our hearts. I consider ALSTDI and its supporters an extension of my family, and we will go this distance and further to help this cause.

Thank you for your support,
The Rubenstein Family & Team Follow Me

The team name, Follow Me on the surface is a private acknowledgment to my father. The nickname was humorously bestowed upon my dad by some very dear family friends just due to his nature of always wanting to lead the group…understandably so as the father of 5 children. The story is simple, and still brings a smile to my mother’s face.

However, it is more than just a tribute. It’s about the life philosophy of do as I do. Do, not because anybody is watching, but because you know it makes a difference. Set the example, be something others aspire too. It’s about the support and encouragement you can offer at the very moment it presents itself. It is about unselfish extension of you, to help others…follow me…




  • Mike Rubenstein $2,505.26

  • Ruth Rubenstein $2,000.00

    Words cannot express how proud and humbled I am by your commitment to the cause and to Dad's memory.

  • Ishwar Vaswani $1,000.00


  • Idx Corporation $1,000.00

  • Heather Barninger $1,000.00

    Andy - Capitol Light wishes you luck on the fundraising and the ride!

  • Kenneth Rubenstein $1,000.00

    You do honor to our Dad.

  • Ellen Johnson $1,000.00

    Andy, We support you! Your friends at Fusion Specialties, Inc.

  • Paul Wolff $1,000.00

  • Vira Inc $500.00

  • Miriam Cutler $500.00

  • Howard Harris $500.00

    Good luck this year Andy! Loads of Love from Howard!

  • Afzaal Akhtar $500.00

  • Omnova Solutions Foundation $500.00

  • Nancy Robertson $500.00

    Kevin Gottlieb - KRG Enterprises, Inc. Good Luck!

  • Paul Hase $300.00

    Keep up the good works. All the riders deserve Yellow Jerseys!

  • Sajo $250.00

  • Thomas Milantoni $250.00

    You are an inspiration big fella! Tom, Erik and Bill

  • Ronald Bern $250.00

  • Patrick Young Young $250.00

    Best Wishes to Team Follow Me from the Young Family

  • John Light $250.00

  • David Vogel $250.00

    Go Ruby

  • Gary Rudoren $200.00

    Go Andy! Go Andy!

  • Doris Gordon $200.00

    have a great ride we send lots of hugs & kisses Doris & Jack

  • Stephanie Cutler $200.00

    Stan was such a great guy -- we miss him and are so glad you continue to participate in this amazing event! Way to go Cuz! Love, Steph/Mark

  • Atlantic Installations $200.00

  • Architectural Inc $150.00

  • Erika Cosentino $150.00

  • Alice Borowsky $150.00

    You go Andy! Have a safe and easy ride. Joe, Alice, Zack, Jake and Rachel

  • Donald Esslinger $150.00

  • Mindy Alpert $100.00

    best of luck are doing an amazing job and making a positive difference :)

  • Christopher Hodnik $100.00

    Andy - a great cause and Sandy and I are glad to make a contribution. Chris and Sandy Hodnik

  • Michael Smolens $100.00

    Go Ruby!!! Kate, Diana, Patti, Mike

  • Daniel Hulkower $100.00

  • Dana Miller $100.00

    Great work, Andy! Let's wipe out this horrifying disease.

  • Sharon Spina $100.00

    Enjoy the ride Andy and Lauren. All our best. The Spinas

  • Simon Atlas $100.00

    Andy you honor your father in a meaningful way. Stan was an usher in our wedding almost 60 years ago and we all miss him.

  • Anonymous $100.00

    wishing you all the best!!!

  • Audrey Whittington $100.00

    Love you Team Andy!

  • Leo Clavel $100.00

  • Amy Schaeffer $100.00

    Safe travels Andy, such a beautiful tribute! Amy and Mark

  • Kate Kuykendall $100.00

    Thinking of everyone in the fight for ALS

  • Marianne Morrison $100.00

    Good Luck Andy. Have a safe ride.

  • Sidney Freedman $100.00

    Have a great ride Andy

  • Vincent DiMattia $100.00

    Ride on!

  • Kenneth Sysyn $100.00

  • Daniel Mills $100.00

  • Kara Cutino $100.00


  • Howard Buss $100.00

    Safe Ride Andy. The Buss Family

  • Joann M Peters $100.00

  • Myra Lesser $75.00

  • Lori Gilliar $75.00

    Keep on keepin' on, Ruby. The world is a better place because you are in it.

  • Michael Ho $75.00

    In the Army, when we hear "Follow Me", we always respond "Lead the Way"! Lead the way Andy, lead the way!

  • Dean Gordon $50.00

  • Ryan Per $50.00

    Andy, You are riding for such a worthwile cause. The entire Per family wishes you luck on your ride!

  • Debby Watson $50.00

    Best wishes for a safe and fun ride.

  • Melissa Cassorla $50.00

    Best of luck on your ride! We are more than happy to contribute to this great cause. BIKE BIKE BIKE. -The Cassorlas

  • Devdutt Kulkarni $50.00

    I wish you and the program all the best. It's only throgh these collective efforts that we can find a cure to this pernicious disease.

  • Debra McCann $50.00

  • Arlene Lurie $50.00

    Go Andy!!! The whole pack will be following you.

  • Michael Cuneo $50.00

    Good Luck, Mike

  • David Sher $50.00

    Andy, Thanks for all of your help changing my tire yesterday. Good luck on the ride and in raising money for this very worthy cause!

  • Devorah A Aroesty-Cohen $50.00

  • Scott Gould $50.00

    Good Luck Andy.

  • Beth Friedberg $50.00

    Good luck, Andy! We'll be thinking about! So happy to support such a worthwhile cause! The Friedberg Family

  • Kelly Austin-Rolo $50.00

  • Deborah Walder $36.00

    Go Andy go!

  • Lesle Williams $30.00

  • Jessica Lordet $25.00

  • Daniel Hakim $25.00

    Good Luck Andy!

  • David Goggin $25.00

  • Stephen Young $25.00

    Andy - Best of luck on your ride. Anne and Steve Young

  • Sarah Atlas $25.00

    Andy, Best of luck on your ride. Be safe. ~Sarah

  • Sveta Desai $25.00

    Good luck and stay hydrated!!!

  • Mitchell Bernstein Hidden

    We're happy to support such a great cause and cyclist!

  • Joseph Hurwitz Hidden

    Thank you for you efforts for a wondeful cause!!!

  • Brett Bern Hidden

    Uncle Kranky all the best on a great cause and a great ride. You make all of us proud. Brett, Pam, Jake and Dylan

  • Sean Lijoi Hidden

    Emco Plastics

  • Calvin Talmage Jr Hidden

    Andy - good luck to you and all the teams on this valiant and noble excursion.

  • FranElissa Sipress Hidden

    Andy, you're a hero. Ride like the wind, my friend. xo

  • David Paseltiner Hidden

    Remembering our days on Colgate Road.