Team 4ML's Fundraising Page (2013)

Riding for Mary Lou, Riding to Beat ALS

<h1>Team 4ML's Fundraising Page (2013)</h1> This summer, we are riding in honor and in memory of Mary Lou Watkins to find an effective treatment for ALS.

Mary Lou-- our mother, wife, and friend-- was diagnosed with ALS in August, 2009, and lost her battle with the disease on January 23, 2011.

ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that attacks motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord, first causing muscle weakness and ultimately affecting speech, swallowing, and respiratory function. ALS is usually fatal within 3-5 years-- or more quickly, as was the case for Mary Lou-- and there are NO effective treatments. Please RIDE, VOLUNTEER, or DONATE to the Tri-State Trek to support the work of the ALS Therapy Development Institute, the world's largest ALS research center.

Please check out this VIDEO to learn more about why we ride.

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ALS is not incurable; it is underfunded!




  • David Stuart $540.00

  • David Stuart $359.00

  • Robert Frank Huber $300.00

    Kell-- Have a safe ride in honor of ML-- she like your mom and I would be very proud of your efforts. Dad

  • Jon Gardner $250.00

    Given in memory of Mary Lou Watkins and in honor of her family by Jon and Sue Gardner.

  • Stephanie Risk $250.00

    KICK SOME ALS ARSE!! Go Team 4ML!! ~Stephanie and Pedro

  • Donna York $250.00

    From HARK, in memory of my dad, Charlie Dourney

  • Ruth MacNeill $250.00

    Happy Birthday! Looking forward to our ride next weekend.

  • Robert Watkins $250.00

  • William Donahue $250.00

  • Terence Faul $250.00

    In memory of Mary Lou

  • Gregory Gallerizzo $215.00

    Wish I could be there

  • Robert Cord $200.00

    Safe Travels!

  • Kathleen Mansure $200.00

    In honor of Bob and Tina's Big Day! Congratulations!

  • Tami Wagoner $200.00

    In Honor of Mary Lou Watkins, Bob and Tina, we know that Mary Lou and Paul are looking down with approval. Congratulations on your Big Day!

  • Lynn Glancy $200.00

  • Rebecca Feaster $200.00

    In honor of Mary Lou and in honor of the marriage of Bob and Tina! Jeff & Becky Feaster

  • Marylu Giver $150.00

    Congratulations to Tina and Bob.

  • New Incorporated $150.00

  • Hershey Club $150.00

  • Hairpin Communication $150.00

  • Lori Boyer $150.00

  • J Brattan Camille $125.00

    May cool tail breezes and warm memories of your Mom accompany you on the trek. Good luck to you and your wonderful team. Love, Jody

  • Milton Camille $125.00

    May the air be dry and all breezes in your favor.

  • Marci Hale $100.00

    Go Team Kelster for ALS/TDI Tri-State Trek!!!

  • Jeffrey Bergeron $100.00

  • Danielle Stephenson $100.00

    Way to go, Becca--good luck! Skylar, Danielle and Jim

  • Loretta Terranova $100.00

    Good Luck , Becca! What a great way to honor Matt's mom.

  • Mary Elizabeth Hamsher $100.00

  • Rebecca Grace Watkins $100.00

    Donation from Nicole Greco

  • Anonymous $100.00

    Happy Riding!

  • Louise Athaide $100.00

    Great cause! Exciting adventure! Uncle Bert Allain would be honored!

  • Kelly Lannan $100.00

    I LOVE MICHELLE!!! you are amazing.

  • Kathryn O Regan $100.00


  • Patrick Carney Foundation $100.00

  • Katlin Tom $100.00

    Good luck Shell! Love, Harry, Cindy, Kate, Russell, Kim and Lennie!

  • Joshua Howell $100.00

  • Marva Randa $100.00

    Have a great ride Michelle! Love you, Dan and Marva

  • Kathryn O Regan $100.00

  • Matthew Fleming $100.00

  • Nolan Musselman $100.00

    Good luck this year guys. Wish I could make it!

  • James Watkins $100.00

    Best wishes on your ride, we will be thinking about you all.

  • Christina Wolfe $100.00

    Thanks for riding and for being such a great son. You make me proud.

  • Paul Swartz $100.00

    With fond memories of Mary Lou ... and best wishes to all the riders for a safe trek! Paul and Pat Swartz

  • Tammy Houck $100.00

  • Hannah Weaver $100.00

    Good luck this year! Wish we were there with you guys!

  • Bart Callear $100.00

    Good luck to all the riders!!!

  • Debra L R McKee $100.00

    Good luck Mitch, hope it's not quite as hot as it is today!!

  • Debra L R McKee $100.00

    Hope it's not 90 degrees for your ride. Be safe.

  • Debra L R McKee $100.00

    In honor of you & Tina, & in memory of Mary Lou & my friend Mark French.

  • Beth Gonzalez $100.00

  • Carol Gallerizzo $100.00

    Congratulations Bob and Tina on a successful ride! The Gallerizzo's

  • Jon Gardner $100.00

    In honor of Bob and Tina on their special day, Augst 3, 2013

  • Meghan Mazick $100.00

  • Lynn Glancy $100.00

    The Glancy's drive for 270-4-ML!

  • Laura Macready $100.00

    Congratulations Bob & Tina! 8/3/2013

  • Andrew MacNeill $100.00

  • Michelle McGinnis $100.00

    Congratulations Tina and Bob. We hope your future is filled with happiness and joy. Michelle and Dan McGinnis

  • Pedro Roca $100.00

    Congratulations, Bob and Tina!

  • Laura Lynch $100.00

  • James Justin $100.00

  • Allen C Johnston and Linda F Johnston $100.00

  • Karen Pennington $100.00

  • Sandra Grimes $100.00

  • Ruth MacNeill $100.00

    This donation is honor of Bob and Tina's wedding. Wishing them all the best.

  • Colleen O'Regan $75.00

    Good luck on your ride for such an important cause.

  • Julie Groh $75.00

  • Joan Smith $67.50

    Good luck on your ride, Dave!

  • Anonymous Trek $55.00

  • Sandra Olney $50.00

    Have a great ride!

  • Lisa Zaleski $50.00

    Have an awesome ride! I'll be thinking of you and our loved ones lost.

  • Anonymous $50.00

    Love you Kelli for your loving support

  • Alan Lambert $50.00

    Have a great ride!

  • Genevieve Randa $50.00

    Good luck on your ride, and very cool you're doing this.

  • Allegra Marrone $50.00

  • Anne Allain $50.00

    So proud of you, thanks for doing this Michelle!!!

  • Laura Schiavo $50.00

    I wish I could have donated before this point. Have a great ride!

  • Christopher Cullari $50.00

  • Adam Kravetz $50.00

    Ride strong!

  • Anonymous $50.00

  • Cynthia Bauman $50.00

  • Chad Kershaw $50.00

    One of the wisest decisions you have ever made.....Good Luck!! -Chad & Lauren

  • Mary Minar $50.00

    Allan's company (from which he retired) will match our donation too. We are so proud of you for doing this!!!!!

  • Cynthia Detamore $50.00

    I love you for doing this, Shell! Well, actually, I love you period because you and all the Allains are so incredible.

  • Jane D Allain $50.00

    I will be there to cheer you on, Shell!

  • Meghan Bricker $50.00

    Happy to be able to donate to such a worthy cause so close to my heart! Good luck and have a great ride!!!

  • Julie Donaghey $50.00

    Go Shell! Good luck on the ride! Ju and Ry

  • Jennifer Gaffney $50.00

    A great tribute to a great man! We love you Michelly! Way to go girl!

  • Colleen O'Regan $50.00

    For a great cause.

  • Lindsay Watkins $50.00

    Donation from Sally Brassill

  • Meg Randa $50.00

    We're happy to help with your worthwhile cause Michelle!!! Have a great ride! Love Meg and Lewis

  • Lindsay Foley $50.00

    Good luck on your ride!

  • Marlena Kalm $50.00

  • Christopher Chagnon $50.00

    good luck!!

  • Mary Flannelly $50.00

    I love and miss you, Matt & Becca!

  • Patrick Allain $50.00

  • Anonymous $50.00

  • Waldemar Kostrzewa $50.00

    Kelli, best wishes for a successful ride in tribute of Mary Lou.

  • Anonymous $50.00

  • Christina Wolfe $50.00

    You are an inspiration to the whole team!

  • Christina Wolfe $50.00

    You are an inspiration. Thanks for welcoming us to the team.

  • Christina Wolfe $50.00

    You are an inspiration to the team! See you soon.

  • Barbara A Schaefer $50.00

    John & Barb Schaefer. Our prayers are with you all for a safe journey!

  • David Randa $50.00

    Good Luck! Proud of you!

  • Elizabeth Bridges $50.00

    Have a fantastic ride!

  • Lee Rader $50.00

  • Rachelle Kline $50.00

    We are more than happy to support your team and wish you all the best on your ride!!! -The Kline Family

  • Sandra Brown $50.00

    Good luck to you all!

  • Lauren Imes $50.00

    We'll be cheering you on from our air conditioned house in PA!! Good luck and have fun!

  • Michelle McGinnis $50.00

    Good Luck Mitch Dan and Michelle McGinnis

  • Jeanne Walsh $50.00

    Good Luck, Kelli! We will be thinking of you

  • Matthew Steven $50.00

    Good luck for the ride Linz

  • Jennifer O'Connell $50.00

    Good luck on the ride! Dad would definitely be very proud of you!! Be safe. Love you!! Jen, Paul & Troy

  • Patricia Peffley $50.00

  • Mary MacLean $50.00

    Better late than never! Best of luck to all of you! MB

  • Nancy Couzelis $50.00

    Way to go....what a wonderful way to show support for your family. See you at the finish!

  • James Pirtle $50.00

    Way to go Mitch!!

  • Eileen Macready $50.00

  • Ronald Yerger $50.00

  • William Morgret $50.00

  • Lynn Glancy $50.00

    From Shawn Glancy & Lisa Rosado

  • Jeffrey S $50.00

  • Gay M $50.00

  • Deford Davis $50.00

  • Sharon Barlet $50.00

  • Betty Schlupp $50.00

  • Karen Pennington $50.00

  • Laura Farmer $50.00

  • William Layden $50.00

    Great cause Dave. Best wishes.

  • David Wauerka $46.00

  • David Stuart $40.00

  • Stacie DeCock $40.00

    Dave, Bob, Lindsay and Matt, Riding in the annual trek is a very honorable way to memorialize Mary Lou and to raise funds 4 ALS. Good luck!

  • Heather Roberts $40.00

    Stay Safe Guys!

  • Greg Maund $40.00

    Sorry took so long to get on this, my wife lost her cousin to ALS 3 years ago so I am happy to donate. Enjoy your ride.

  • Anonymous $40.00

    Go Team 270-4-ML! Love watching you tackle this ride every year. What a great way to honor Mary Lou and support others affected by ALS!

  • Shawn Schulte $40.00

    Happy birthday ride sister

  • Susan Crawford $40.00

  • Erin Darr $40.00

  • Kelly Snow $30.00

    Best of luck on the race Becca! You're riding for a great cause!!

  • Ryan Sung $30.00

    Good luck! This is a pretty great cause for a very scary disease!

  • Gary Parsons $30.00

  • Saade Barbar $30.00

    Go get em team! Keep on riding!

  • Ruth Still $30.00

  • Kathleen Kennedy $30.00

  • Lisa Cherry $25.00


  • Robert Frank Huber $25.00

    Have a great and safe ride Lins. Bev and Bob

  • Anonymous $25.00

    Becca and Matt: Best of luck on the ride! Your friend, Tom Foley

  • Devin Shellhammer $25.00

  • Robert Frank Huber $25.00

    Have a great ride Matt. Bev and Bob

  • Robert Frank Huber $25.00

    Have a great ride Mitchell. Bob and Bev Huber

  • Robert Frank Huber $25.00

    Have a great ride Becca- thks for your dedication. Bev and Bob

  • Robert Frank Huber $25.00

    Have a wonder.ful and safe ride Bob. Bev and Bob

  • Robert Frank Huber Huber $25.00

    Have great ride Tina and thanks for honoring my hero! Bob(and Bev) Huber

  • Dana Wickrowski $25.00

    Good luck, Matt!

  • Dana Wickrowski $25.00

    Good luck, Becca!

  • Cade Flitter $25.00

  • Cade Flitter $25.00

  • Carly Matarazzo $25.00

  • Katlin Tom $25.00

  • Kevin Silva $25.00

    I know you can do this!!! Have a great time!

  • Jessica Caron $25.00

    Thanks for what you're doing. My grandmother also passed away from ALS 6 years ago.

  • Byron VanPatten $25.00

    Happy riding!

  • Katherine Salino $25.00

    Good luck and ride safe, Becca! :) Katie

  • Frances Martin $25.00

  • Ann Marie Marrone $25.00

    Best of luck!! :)

  • Patricia Taylor $25.00

    In loving memory of my mother Marguerite "Terry" Taylor who passed away this April 2013 from ALS. My mom fought a very courageous battle!!

  • Robert Frank Huber $25.00

    Thx for your dedication Ruth and have a great ride. Bev and Bob Huber

  • Robert Frank Huber $25.00

    Thx Collin for your effort to honor Marylou and to help find a cure. Bev and Bob

  • Heidi Wight $25.00

    Best of wishes, have a great ride. Heidi

  • Jason Miller $25.00

  • Catherine M Bell $25.00

    Have a great ride, Linds. I hope I'm able to ride it with you one of these years!

  • Phyllis Naegeli $25.00

  • Lindsay Shamoian $25.00

    Goodluck! My grandmother (Terry Taylor) passed from ALS this past April. I wish you all the best with your ride. This is such a great cause.

  • Emily Manning-Mingle $25.00

    Good luck, Michelle!

  • Christine Costello $25.00

    Happy Birthday Lindsay. Enjoy the ride!

  • Chester Clem $25.00

  • Amanda Saulino $25.00

    Wow, Shell. It's amazing that you're doing this — an incredible amount of miles. Best of luck on your ride!

  • Tessa Olson $25.00

    Good luck with the ride, and sorry to hear about your uncle. Great thing you're doing here!

  • Katrina McNamara $25.00

    Sending love and strength for the ride!

  • David Allain $25.00

    We are so very proud of you and love you very much!!!!

  • Aleksandra Strub $25.00

    good luck, cuties!

  • Todd Buchanan $25.00

  • Smitha Gudapakkam $25.00

    Go Michelle!

  • Andrew Marrone $25.00

    Good Luck with the ride!

  • Joseph Allain $25.00


  • Matthew Violette $25.00

    Go Shell! Good luck! Love, Matt & Kate

  • Brenda Hoerner $25.00

  • Julius Lee $25.00

    Good luck & have a great ride!

  • Heather Stickney $25.00

    I admire you so much for doing this ride!

  • Robert Bare $25.00

    Best wishes for a safe, happy, and healthy ride!

  • Julia Peck $25.00

    Wishing you all an awesome ride with minimal butt pain! You rock!

  • Cynthia Mory $25.00

    Good luck, Mitch! Have a safe journey! Charlie and Cindy Mory

  • Jennifer Warren $25.00

  • Mary Seiverling $25.00

  • Judy Marshall $25.00

    Hey Lindsay, keep spinning those wheels up those hills and stay hydrated. Best of luck to all of you.

  • Kathryn O Regan $25.00

    keep riding!

  • Paula Russell $25.00

    Great job Becca we love you.

  • Paula Russell $25.00

    Great job Ruthie we love you.

  • Paula Russell $25.00

    Great job Colin we love you.

  • Thomas Athaide $25.00

    hi its tommy!! have a GREAT trip!! what a rewarding experience this will be! lovelovelove

  • John Geiger $25.00

    Go girl, Paul would be proud of you!

  • John Geiger $25.00

    Mitch, you're still making dad proud!

  • Rachel Garwin $25.00

  • Megan Latour $25.00

    Way to go, Lindsay!

  • Karen Klock $25.00

    The Klock family is happy to support such a worthwhile cause. Let's win this battle against ALS!

  • Kevin Traylor $25.00

    Better late than never! KLZ.

  • David Brubaker $25.00

  • Jeannie Schiavo $25.00

  • Theresa Stapleton $25.00

  • Erica Leilous $25.00

    We are proud of you and your family for all your hardwork in helping to fight ALS! :) - Matthew, Erica, and Emilie Leilous

  • Stephen Crozier $25.00

  • Michael E $25.00

  • Amy Hauser $25.00

    We're proud of you, Ruth! God bless you. Nolan and Amy

  • James Williams $25.00

  • John Leilous $25.00

  • Anita Housman $25.00

  • Douglas Dohne $25.00

  • Karen Rolston $25.00

  • Kathleen Weber $25.00

  • Jim Wolfe $25.00

  • Constance Allwine $25.00

  • Donna Johnston $25.00

  • Gerald Donlan $25.00

  • Joan Sterling $25.00

  • Rebecca Grace Watkins $20.00

    Donation from Katie Smith

  • Ronald Jr $20.00

  • Kathleen Hartwell $20.00

  • Lori Miller $20.00

  • Joanne Arndt $20.00

  • Donna Wedig $20.00

  • Dara Donahue $10.00

    Go Michelle!!! This is awesome! I hope you do well and make it to the finish line safely!!! Good luck!

  • Gwendolyn Booth $10.00

  • Cynthia Hablinski Hidden

  • Debra Crum Hidden

  • Laura Passuello Hidden

    270-4-ML, rock those miles!!

  • Donna Truesdell Hidden

  • Jonathan Faul Hidden

  • Timothy Huff Hidden

    Good luck Shell!

  • Linda Eaton Hidden

    We're always inspired! Ride safely and have fun! Linda and Ron

  • Maureen ODonoghue Hidden

    Go Team ML. Heat what heat!?!

  • Katherine Meador Hidden

  • Jenna Gerhardt Hidden

    Good Luck Becca!

  • Michael Frick Hidden

    Good luck riding--safe journey

  • Tiffany Rymoff-Linta Hidden

  • Jeffrey Song Hidden

    Go Shell!

  • Saya Dempsey Hidden

  • Michele Dupree Hidden

    You're. Amazing!

  • Joanne Hadley Hidden

    What a wonderful tribute to your uncle. Have a great ride.

  • Amy Hauser Hidden

    Ride on, Colin! God bless you. You are blessing others. Nolan and Amy