Tony Scarfo's Fundraising Page for Murphy's Might's Fundraising Page (2012)

Riding for those who no longer can.

On December 8th, 2010 My Brother-in-law Tom Murphy was formally diagnosed with ALS and began his steady transition from the safe ”Paved Roadway” that he was so familiar with in his life to a more unstable and less friendly path where there are unpleasant surprises awaiting him as he undoubtedly faces what is the toughest journey and challenge of his life.

I have decided to try and bike the 270 miles from Boston to NY to help raise the funds desperately needed to fight ALS and spread awareness of the urgency to find both a cure for the disease and effective treatments for its symptoms.Thank you for your support!




  • William Weber $1,000.00

    Tony - It's great that you're doing this. Many of us have been impacted by ALS. - Bill & Lisa Weber

  • Maurice Castonguay $500.00

  • Scott Stevens $300.00

    Let me know if I can get a small engine outfit for that bike of yours!

  • Robert Clark $270.00

    Wow...good luck, God bless

  • Anthony Scarfo $270.00

    "It's not about the bike." (~ Lance Armstrong) You are my hero, Tony! Congratulations Murphy's Might! Love you all, Lori

  • Theresa Amaturo $250.00

    Good Luck From Rami Musallam and ThruPoint

  • Terrence Dugan $250.00

    Have a good ride! -- Terry and Peggy Dugan

  • Karl May $250.00

    Good luck and great job, Tony!

  • Charles Dooley $250.00

    Tony, from another 50+ year old, make us proud :-). Best wished Tony! Chuck

  • Anna Scarfo $250.00

    Love your Scarfo brothers and sisters. Watch the speed bumps and dont forget your preparation h. We love you :)

  • Kathleen Harris $150.00

    Have a great ride, Tony. - Kathy Harris

  • Andrew H Colby $118.00

    Boston to New York. Go Tony! Go!

  • Dianne Rider $100.00

    God bless you Tony, and prayers for your family. Tom and Dianne

  • Jerry Passione $100.00

    Go for all of the 270 miles. You can do it. Good luck! Jerry and Mary

  • John Dwyer $100.00

    Ride Tony Ride.........good luck

  • Brigid Cunningham $100.00

    Good Luck. We will be routing for you! Love to all - the Cunninghams!

  • John Calcio $100.00

    Good luck Tony!

  • Ram Rana $100.00

    All the best Tony -- have a great ride ! Ram Rana

  • Kevin and Therese Syberg $100.00

  • Ellen Dickson $100.00

    Good for you! Represent Summit well.

  • Matt Dillon $100.00

  • Gregory Stewart $100.00

  • Harry Webster $100.00

  • Charlie Van Alst $100.00

    Good luck Tony.

  • Peter Secor $75.00

    Good luck Tony! Our thoughts are with you and your brother in law.

  • Nancy Maluso $67.50

    Ride on brother, ride on!

  • Robert Logan $50.00

    Good luck, Tony!

  • Daniel MacDonald $50.00

    Good luck are riding for a great cause.

  • Mitchell Auster $50.00

    Good luck, Tony! Of course, we all know you're partially in it for the carbo loading :-) Mitch & Veronica

  • Wlliam Backus $50.00

    After riding with you today I have no doubt you will make it even with the hills.

  • Gary Greenberg $50.00

    Great cause, Tony! Pedal hard!!

  • Bart Tangredi $50.00

    Way to go Tony!

  • Thomas Langlois $50.00

    Have a great ride, Tony, and thank you for doing this. Thom Langlois Sonus Professional Services.

  • Patricia Sepe $50.00

    Best of luck this weekend Tony!

  • Carolyn Snider $50.00

  • Gary Fischer $50.00

  • Asit Nayak $50.00

    Hi Tony, Have a safe and a great ride! Thank you! -Asit Nayak

  • Mark Duffy $50.00

  • Patrick Statler $50.00

  • Mark Bales $50.00

    Don't know ya Anthony, but contributing your time/energy at great personal sacrifice to support another in need, makes you good in my book

  • Mary Beth Schaumberg $50.00

    Tony - Hope the ride went well. Very proud of you for your effort and commitment.

  • Melissa McQuarrie $50.00

    Thinking of you all! Love Missy (Tukey) McQuarrie and the Tukey family.

  • Ronald Flynn $45.00

    Go Tony!

  • Roger Barczak $25.00

    Good luck Tony!

  • Alan Benway $25.00

    Tony, Good luck to you and your brother. Alan

  • Lori Walters $25.00

    Riding for ALS in your brother-in-law's name is a wonderful act of love and support.

  • John Zur $25.00

    Good luck Tony - Great cause!

  • Paul Davis Hidden

    Good luck Tony.

  • David Tipping Hidden

    Good Luck Tony!

  • Aashu Virmani Hidden

    Great initiative, Tony! Our best wishes shall ride with you - all 270 miles! - Aashu/Sonia

  • William Scudder Hidden

    Good luck Tony!

  • George Faucher Hidden

    Have a great ride Tony !

  • William Candelaria Jr Hidden

    Go Tony go!!!