Team Nancy's Fundraising Page (2012)

Riding to to help find a cure...

<h1>Team Nancy's Fundraising Page (2012)</h1> Because of the great response from all my family and friends, I have upped by fundraising goal AGAIN to $7000!! Let's go kick some ALS booty!

After raising 5 children and having a full-time career, my mother Nancy Kuffel died on June 2, 2003 from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis(ALS). ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig´s disease, has no cure and no effective treatment. ALS is marked by a rapid loss of voluntary muscle contraction due to the death of motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord. The result is complete muscle paralysis, communication impairment, difficulty swallowing and breathing, and eventual death. Following diagnosis, the average ALS patient survives 2-5 years. My mother tried to figure out how she got ALS and participated in many clinical studies. That tenacity allowed her to live 10 years past when she was diagnosed with ALS.

This is my third chance to bring two important things in my life together - bicycling and finding a cure to ALS - in the name of a woman I so admired. When Jim and I rode the entire 3 days of the Tri State Trek in 2006, we found the ride to be awesome in all aspects - the route, the support, the cause and the emotion of knowing with every hill we climbed, it was nothing compared to the uphill battle that my mom experienced. I participated in Day 1 of the ride back in 2009. Now in 2012, from July 20-22, because I'm not pregnant nor have a baby under 1 year old, I will again ride all 3 days, completing 270 miles from Newton, MA to Greenwich, CT.

See the Tri-State Trek webpage ( for more information on this ride and the fight to find a cure for ALS.

Thank you so much for your contributions,




  • Brooke OConnor $500.00

  • Lori Moran $500.00

  • Edward OConnor $250.00

    Pedal away!!!!

  • Pat Custodio $205.00

    Seems you were at $4,795.00 of a $5K goal... so, $205 just made sense! :)

  • Andrew McDevitt $200.00

    Way to go Brooke!

  • Ruth Walsworth $150.00

    Thanks for participating in this great, mostly unrecognized cause. My grandmother died of ALS, in the 1970's, so it's close to my heart!

  • R D Gamble $100.00

    Go Brooke Go!

  • David Kingsland $100.00

  • Carren Panico $100.00

    Good luck Brooke - You can do it!

  • Jane F Beasley $100.00

    Good luck, Brooke!

  • Karina Chmielewski $100.00

    Good luck, Brooke!

  • Michael OConnor $100.00

    Happy to support. Good luck on every mile. Love - Mike, Judy and the girls

  • Anonymous $100.00

  • daniel alosco $100.00

    Good Luck! Great Job!

  • PAULA BEDARD $100.00

  • Barbara Zack $100.00

    Good luck in your ride and work!

  • Tami Buhr $100.00

    Have a great ride Brooke!

  • Marie Kuffel $100.00

  • Celeste Chandonnet $75.00

    Good Luck Brooke!!

  • Leo Kiefer $50.00

    Now go kick some arse!

  • Lenore Imhof $50.00

    Best of Luck, Brooke! Spread the message loud and clear! Be the VOICE of all who suffer from ALS! Your mom was an amazing woman as are you!

  • sally annis $50.00

  • Steven Bonadio $50.00

  • Daniel Hershey $50.00

  • Janet Ramos $50.00

    Thank you for participating in the ALS ride, Brooke. We think it's great that you are doing the full ride this year & Good Luck. :)

  • Anne Ricardelli $50.00

    Go Brooke! Anne & Joe Ricardelli

  • Cathy Rowell $50.00

    Good luck! Your mom would be proud.

  • Peter Colgan $50.00

    Thanks, Brooke!

  • Jen Cunningham Butler $50.00

    Important research - thanks for making a difference in ALS advances.

  • Jenny Marshall $50.00

    A relative in my family died of ALS. It is such a horrible disease. It's great you are riding for such a good cause, Brooke.

  • Danielle Ruane $50.00

    Patrick's mother also died from ALS. Thanks for making this trek for such a worthy cause. Its time to find a cure.

  • Gayle Wettach $50.00

  • Julie Chechik $25.00

  • Ruth Thornton $25.00

  • Kerry Quigley $25.00

  • Karin N Kuffel Hidden

  • Kenneth MacHarg Hidden

    Good Luck Brooke!

  • Jason Ellnor Hidden

  • J Sally Cassells Hidden

  • Michael McLaughlin Hidden

  • Aedin Culhane Hidden

  • Andrew Jennings Hidden

    Brooke - Thanks for the inspiration.

  • michael stiller Hidden

  • Elizabeth Scott Hidden

  • Kelly McQueeney Hidden

    Go Team Nancy!

  • Michele Smith Hidden

  • David Judelson Hidden

    Go Brooke!

  • Carl Vonnegut Hidden

  • Elizabeth Carroll Hidden

    3 cheers (each) for all o'connors on team nancy!

  • Susan J McLay Hidden

    In honor of your Mom & with hope for a cure.

  • Eric Brown Hidden

    Good luck Brooke!

  • Aaron Federman Hidden

  • Darren Composto Hidden

    Good luck Brooke!!

  • Alyce Chen Hidden

  • Daniel Cotter Hidden

    Best of rides Brooke, Dan Cotter

  • Katelyn Verrocchio Hidden

  • Dan Tully Hidden

  • susan baril Hidden

    Good luck Brooke!

  • Scott Kuffel Hidden

    Good Luck Sis, Mom AND Dad are very proud of you.

  • Helen Carroll Hidden

    I know your Mom is smiling down at you and your Beautiful Family!

  • James Blanchette Hidden

  • beth eggimann Hidden