Murphy's Might's Fundraising Page (2012)

Transitioning from the Paved Roadway ...

<h1>Murphy's Might's Fundraising Page (2012)</h1>

On December 8th, 2010 I was formally diagnosed with ALS and began the steady transition from the safe ”Paved Roadway” that I have been so familiar with in my life to a more unstable and less friendly path where there are unpleasant surprises awaiting me as I undoubtedly face what is the toughest journey and challenge of my life.

This summer Tom, along with his Murphy's Might Team- his son Tom Murphy, Jr. and brother-in-law Tony Scarfo - will attempt to ride 270 miles from Newton, MA to Greenwich, CT to help the ALS Treat Us Now and ALSTDI organizations to identify and quickly bring safe and effective treatments to ALS patients - there are NO effective treatments that exist today for ALS patients.

I truly hope that you can support the efforts of ALS Treat Us Now, ALSTDI and the Murphy's Might Team as we do our part to make a difference in the acceleration of safe and effective treatments into the ALS Community.

Given the cooperation between ALS Treat Us Now and ALSTDI - the Murphy's Might Team would like to have your generous donations split with 50% going to ALS Treat Us Now and 50% to the ALSTDI Tri-State Trek. Here are the links that provide the donation instructions for both organizations:


*** For ALS Treat Us NowDonations *** (Credit Card or Check)

ToPay By Credit Card Click Here

Check - checks should be written to “PCUT /ALSTUN” and sent to:

PCUT - Attn:ALSTUN - PO Box 4845 - San Jose, CA 95124.

If you send acheck … please send us an email at tmurphy58@gmail.comand let us know.

*** For ALSTDI Tri-StateTrek Donations ***(Credit Card or Check)

Please Click Here


Please also take some time to learn about and support the mission and objectives of ALS Treat Us Now at: compassionate-use-drugs-for-als-patients-now

Also - please feel free to visit my personal Blog related to this ALS journey at:




  • Robert Hytner $1,000.00

    May the wind be at your back. Go Murphy's Might!

  • William Weber $1,000.00

    Tony - It's great that you're doing this. Many of us have been impacted by ALS. - Bill & Lisa Weber

  • John Davis $500.00

  • Maurice Castonguay $500.00

  • Scott Stevens $300.00

    Let me know if I can get a small engine outfit for that bike of yours!

  • Robert Clark $270.00

    Wow...good luck, God bless

  • Anthony Scarfo $270.00

    "It's not about the bike." (~ Lance Armstrong) You are my hero, Tony! Congratulations Murphy's Might! Love you all, Lori

  • Thomas Jones $250.00

    Ride well you guys!!

  • Shane Ward $250.00

    Best of luck on this challenging endeavor!! Shane

  • Terrence Dugan $250.00

    Have a good ride! -- Terry and Peggy Dugan

  • Karl May $250.00

    Good luck and great job, Tony!

  • Charles Dooley $250.00

    Tony, from another 50+ year old, make us proud :-). Best wished Tony! Chuck

  • Karen Mellies $250.00

  • Theresa Amaturo $250.00

    Good Luck From Rami Musallam and ThruPoint

  • Nancy Keefe $250.00

    Go Murphy's Might-we'll be thinking of you & vicariously cheering you on!

  • Anna Scarfo $250.00

    Love your Scarfo brothers and sisters. Watch the speed bumps and dont forget your preparation h. We love you :)

  • Terrence Brotherton $225.00

    Tom & Tom - Great Idea! I think this takes you over the top -- Congrats. Good luck on the ride, Terry & Barbara

  • Daniel Todorowski $200.00

    Ride Hard!

  • Pamela Boettcher $200.00

    Go Tom!!

  • Robert C. Sepucha, Sr. and Mary Sepucha $200.00

  • Alan Egee $200.00

  • Paul FitzPatrick $150.00

  • Elvira Murphy Trayner $150.00

    Ride strong Tom, Tony, Tom and Joe. You are all AMAZING!! Love, Vera, Andy, Sean and Maggie

  • Kathleen Harris $150.00

    Have a great ride, Tony. - Kathy Harris

  • Michael Taylor $150.00

  • Amy Wolfe $150.00

    whoohoo! go tom! xoxo

  • Andrew H Colby $118.00

    Boston to New York. Go Tony! Go!

  • Mark Diezemann $100.00

    Go Tom. You can do it.

  • Richard Hawkins $100.00

    Have fun Murph, this is fantastic! Murphy's Might is making a difference in the fight against ALS!! Cheers, Marilou and Rick Hawkins

  • Thomas Murphy $100.00

    our thoughts are with you love mom and dad

  • Stacey Chaloux $100.00

    GO YOU!!!!! We will be in CT cheering you all on. Love, Rob, Stacey &Cody

  • Andrea Stenberg $100.00

    Good luck Tom! We will be praying for you!

  • Elizabeth Patten $100.00

    Cheers to the "Murphy's Might Team"! May you all have a safe and blessed ride. Love the Pattens

  • Yasushi Sugie $100.00

    Hi Tom I wonder everytime when I hear your great challenges from you! I hope you can have enjoy in this challenge.

  • Mark Mastrofrancesco $100.00

  • Kathryn Quigley $100.00

    Best Wishes to Murphy's Might for a very successful bike ride to benefit this worthy cause.

  • Brian Cunningham $100.00

  • Richard McLaughlin $100.00

    Ride On Murphy's Might. Ride On! Love, The Montclair McLaughlins

  • Dianne Rider $100.00

    God bless you Tony, and prayers for your family. Tom and Dianne

  • John Dwyer $100.00

    Ride Tony Ride.........good luck

  • Jerry Passione $100.00

    Go for all of the 270 miles. You can do it. Good luck! Jerry and Mary

  • Allen Kaberline $100.00

    Al and Jo Anne Kaberline

  • Ram Rana $100.00

    All the best Tony -- have a great ride ! Ram Rana

  • Laurence Westreich $100.00

  • William Schaefer $100.00

  • Torryn Brazell $100.00

  • Mary Lou Davall $100.00

    Best Wishes to Murphy's Might for a successful ride! Mary Lou Davall

  • Elizabeth Armstrong $100.00

    Good Luck!

  • Barbara Weiss $100.00

    Wish I could be there to cheer you on.

  • Brigid Cunningham $100.00

    Good Luck. We will be routing for you! Love to all - the Cunninghams!

  • Judith Wolfe $100.00

  • Arun Sood $100.00

    Good luck!!

  • Jeanne Sheridan $100.00

    Good luck!

  • Lester O Johnson Jr Lester O Johnson Jr $100.00

    Best of luck to Murphy's Might! I have cycled through CT and it is beautifully hilly!

  • John Calcio $100.00

    Good luck Tony!

  • Jamie Ruffing $100.00

    Way to go, Tom! Have fun and good luck. I'll have advil waiting at the meeting.

  • Kevin and Therese Syberg $100.00

  • M Reid Macfarlan $100.00

    Tom,Tom and Tony Our Best Nancy and Reid Macfarlan

  • Ellen Dickson $100.00

    Good for you! Represent Summit well.

  • Matt Dillon $100.00

  • Anna Kate Murphy $100.00

    We love you! AK, Harper, and Bogey

  • Charlie Van Alst $100.00

    Good luck Tony.

  • Harry Webster $100.00

  • Thomas Kenslea $100.00

    In honor of Tom Murphy and Peter Wise

  • Brian Bennett $100.00

    I hope Murphy's Might, and especially Tom, enjoyed a great weekend!

  • Gregory Stewart $100.00

  • Thomas Bacigalupo $75.00

    Go get 'em Tom.

  • Peter Secor $75.00

    Good luck Tony! Our thoughts are with you and your brother in law.

  • Nancy Maluso $67.50

    Ride on brother, ride on!

  • Bernadette Murphy $50.00

  • Jacqueline McLaughlin $50.00

  • Grace Francl $50.00

    God Bless

  • Cathy Tileston $50.00

  • Arthur Starr $50.00

    From Eddie, Zena, Peyton & Kol- We love you,Tom- Ride on....

  • Linda Thompson $50.00

    Best of Luck. Thinking of you all. Your CT Fans, Linda and Larry

  • Michael Dominik $50.00

    You can do it Tom and team!

  • Joseph Talmage $50.00

    Hope we read someday soon that a cure for ALS has been found.

  • Suzanne Hanger $50.00

    All the best, Tom! Fondly, Jeff and Suzanne

  • James Bortz $50.00

    Similar amount to ALS Treat Us Now in name of Murphy's Might

  • Tina Brough $50.00

    Good Luck on your Bike Ride!! Tina

  • Mark Willey $50.00

    Tom , I hope you come through your hometown of Milford Ct. so we can see you and cheer you on !

  • George Brew $50.00


  • Daniel MacDonald $50.00

    Good luck are riding for a great cause.

  • H. Thomas Moore $50.00

  • Kathleen Jones $50.00

  • David Jones $50.00

  • Robert Logan $50.00

    Good luck, Tony!

  • Marna Zok $50.00

    ALS has affected more of my friends than I could ever have imagined. Go Murphy's Might!! MZ (Amy's aunt)

  • Mitchell Auster $50.00

    Good luck, Tony! Of course, we all know you're partially in it for the carbo loading :-) Mitch & Veronica

  • Wlliam Backus $50.00

    After riding with you today I have no doubt you will make it even with the hills.

  • Denise Mann $50.00

  • Gary Greenberg $50.00

    Great cause, Tony! Pedal hard!!

  • Susan Viscovich $50.00

    Ride on Team!

  • Ian Boulton $50.00

    Good Luck Tom, keep fighting the good fight. Ian Boulton.

  • Bart Tangredi $50.00

    Way to go Tony!

  • Sean Kearns $50.00

  • Renate Neely $50.00

  • Shari DiMeo $50.00

  • John Boyce $50.00

  • Emily Garrahan $50.00

  • Matthew Welsh $50.00

    Best of luck on the ride!!

  • Brendan Raedy $50.00

    Have fun and stay safe! -Brendan and Sarah

  • Patricia Sepe $50.00

    Best of luck this weekend Tony!

  • Carolyn Snider $50.00

  • Wr Lohrmann $50.00

  • Thomas Langlois $50.00

    Have a great ride, Tony, and thank you for doing this. Thom Langlois Sonus Professional Services.

  • Gary Fischer $50.00

  • Mark Bales $50.00

    Don't know ya Anthony, but contributing your time/energy at great personal sacrifice to support another in need, makes you good in my book

  • Asit Nayak $50.00

    Hi Tony, Have a safe and a great ride! Thank you! -Asit Nayak

  • Mark Duffy $50.00

  • Mark Duffy $50.00

  • Shelley Miller $50.00

    Gook Luck. Safe Ride. Great Cause.

  • Eric Wincele $50.00

  • Patrick Statler $50.00

  • Alan Stein $50.00

  • Mary Beth Schaumberg $50.00

    Tony - Hope the ride went well. Very proud of you for your effort and commitment.

  • Melissa McQuarrie $50.00

    Thinking of you all! Love Missy (Tukey) McQuarrie and the Tukey family.

  • Debbie Buckham $50.00

    Thinking of you.

  • Ronald Flynn $45.00

    Go Tony!

  • Michael Sudol $35.00

  • Victoria Lavertu $30.00

  • Diane Hale $25.00

    What a team! Miracles do happen, Tom, so good luck on your ride towards your miracle. Best of luck to all of you.

  • Lori Walters $25.00

    Riding for ALS in your brother-in-law's name is a wonderful act of love and support.

  • Carol Patterson $25.00

    Tom, I wish you the best in this event! I am a friend of your parents. Carol

  • John Zur $25.00

    Good luck Tony - Great cause!

  • Alan Benway $25.00

    Tony, Good luck to you and your brother. Alan

  • Baron Asher $25.00

    For Tom Murphy and his team from your friend at General Atomics Aeronautical.

  • Ronald Ashton $25.00

    Go Tommy go!!!

  • James Kelly $25.00

  • Nancy Murphy $25.00

  • Roger Barczak $25.00

    Good luck Tony!

  • Nancy Wheeler $20.00

  • Emily Buday $15.00

    Thinking of the Murphy family. -Emily (Buckham) Buday

  • Mark Francl Hidden


  • Paul Davis Hidden

    Good luck Tony.

  • Teresa Cahill Hidden

    Good luck ! Teresa Cahill and Paul Costas

  • William Scudder Hidden

    Good luck Tony!

  • David Tipping Hidden

    Good Luck Tony!

  • Aashu Virmani Hidden

    Great initiative, Tony! Our best wishes shall ride with you - all 270 miles! - Aashu/Sonia

  • Kristen Keller Hidden

    Best wishes, and keep in touch.

  • Donald Singer Hidden

  • Michael Troxel Hidden

  • Julie Avery Hidden

    Sorry it took me so long to donate, Tom. All the best to all of you!

  • George Faucher Hidden

    Have a great ride Tony !

  • Makoto Yoshida Hidden

    Good luck!

  • Christine Kirkley Hidden

    I have no doubt you will make the 270 miles....As always, thinking about you and your family.

  • Jay Hayes Hidden

  • William Candelaria Jr Hidden

    Go Tony go!!!

  • Jamie Dunham Hidden

    God Bless You!!