Maureen/ Mimi O'Donoghue's Fundraising Page (2012)

Riding in Memory of Annie and Bob!

<h1>Maureen/ Mimi O'Donoghue's Fundraising Page (2012)</h1>

Hi Everyone, Once again I am getting ready to ride in the Tri-State Trek fundraiser to raise money to fund research in an effort to find a cure (or even a treatment) for ALS. This will be my fourth time riding. Last year I rode all three days for the first time but there was a heat wave and they pulled us off the course early one day so this year I am really hoping to do all 270 miles (as opposed to 240 last year)! I have been focusing on training for the ride so far but now it is time for me to knuckle down and and get to the work of fundraising! As many of you know, ALS is a very debilitating neuro muscular disease which currently has no cure. My sister Annie was diagnosed with ALS in late 2007 and passed away in 2008 after a very short yet devastating illness. My cousin Bob also passed away from ALS this past year after a five year progression of the disease, this was doubly difficult for our family as it brought back all the frustration and sadness of losing Annie, and now Bob too. ALS can progress quickly or slowly but either way it dramatically effects the course of one's life and at this point people with ALS have little hope in the way of viable treatments or cure options. Please join me in helping to give people with ALS a fighting chance.




  • Rachael Solem $500.00

    All power and guardian angels with you Mimi!

  • James O'Donoghue $150.00

    Meem, Thanks for doing the hard work for "Team Annie and Bob" We're with you in spirit. Love, James and Mary

  • Kevin Cotter $100.00

  • Patricia Simio $100.00

    Mimi, Good Luck and God Bless! Love, Pat NORTON Simio

  • Howard & Kristen Parnes $100.00

    Go Mimi! xo.

  • Kevin McKenna $100.00

    good luck! I donate in memory of my aunt's husband, Tom Fraher, who passed 12/24/11 from complications of ALS.

  • Elizabeth Elwell $100.00

    Go Mimi!!

  • Kathy Petersen $100.00

    Go Mimi!!!! So in awe of you riding this again. More Cowbell!!!!

  • Michael Sullivan $100.00

    Ride like wind!

  • Sarah Lamitie $100.00

    Have a great ride, Mimi.

  • Michael Kafer $100.00

  • Priscilla Howell $100.00

    You are such an inspiration Mimi! Annie would be so proud of your effort and blisters (the grapevine is a powerful thing)! Cheers to you!

  • John Howell $100.00

    great job mimi!!

  • Jennifer Lindstrom $75.00

    Go Mimi Go! With love, Jen

  • Kathleen McDonough $75.00

    Thanks Mimi for taking this ride on each year! Kathy

  • James Bouchard $50.00

  • Ray Madoff $50.00

  • Maria Ralston $50.00

    Happy Birthday Mimi! Best of luck on your ride! -Maria and Marc

  • Vicki Grodsky $50.00

    We hope you have a great ride!

  • Louise Marshall $50.00

    Mimi - Glad to support you in finding a cure for ALS. 270!!!! Wow Go Mimi- Louise and Mick

  • Karen Hinchen $50.00

    Happy Birthday Mimi! Hope you have a great ride.

  • Robin Grebe $50.00

    Go Girl!

  • Mary K McCarthy $50.00

    Go, Mimi! As the Irish say, May the wind be at your back.....

  • Steven Hertzog $50.00

    Ride On!

  • Sally Dennett $50.00

    You are truely awesome.

  • Ellen McCarthy $50.00

    Good Luck Mimi!

  • Lisa Bouchard $50.00

    From Lisa Bouchard/Peter Hollands and Family

  • Marybeth Kopec $50.00

    In memory of Annie O'Donoghue!

  • Anonymous $50.00

    Thank you for riding and raising support! ~ Kevin's cousin Donna

  • Deborah Hoyle $50.00

    great job Mo, you are a great example of what motivation, committment, and passion can accomplish!

  • Brian Morton $50.00

  • Janet O'Donoghue $50.00

    Good job on the ride, Mimi!

  • Maura Bonifant $50.00

    Good Luck Mimi! Brian & Maura

  • Barbara Shaw $50.00

    Mimi- Thanks for doing this and doing this again! -Nigel

  • Jason Bates $50.00

  • Janet Fishstein $50.00

    Good luck, Mimi!

  • Susie Watson $50.00

  • Charles Garfinkle $50.00

  • Rhonda Barner $50.00

    Best of Luck, Mimi! Walt and I wish you well and know that Annie is very proud of your efforts. She always remains in our thoughts!

  • clarea lehane $40.00

    Good Luck Mimi

  • Christine August $40.00

    Good luck Mo!!!!!!!!!

  • Peter Hicks $25.00

    Have a great ride Mimi!!!!!

  • Sharon Adelman $25.00

    Good luck Mimi! And thanks for riding.

  • Adriane Denneno $25.00

  • Paul O'Donoghue Hidden

    Good luck on the ride Meem and thanks for taking this on for "Team Annie" or I guess now it's "Team Annie & Bob"

  • Tracy Hopkins Hidden

  • Carole Carter Hidden

    Go, Mimi GO! Best of luck to you. Love, Carole, Chris, Nick and Robin

  • Denise O'Connor Hidden

    Go Team Annie and Bob!

  • Tina Ledoux Hidden

    Thanks for riding for ALS.

  • Christina Shea Hidden

    Go Mimi and thanks for riding!