Hugh Macdonnell's Fundraising Page (2012)

Riding for those who no longer can.

<h1>Hugh Macdonnell's Fundraising Page (2012)</h1> DearFriends,

As many of you know, I have been training for the ALS Trek this summer. This is a 270 mile bike ride from Boston to New York which takes place over three days starting July 20. The training has been hard but fun and my family has been supportive of me being AWOL for hours on the weekend.

ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. I have been close to Lou Gehrig's disease in a few sad ways: (1) my mother-in-law, Betty Anne (pictured above), was diagnosed in the mid-90s and lives with this disease today; and (2) Chuck Bannon, the brother of our good friends Lisa and George, died of this mysterious disease in 2009 after a sad three years of decline.

For those of you who have followed this cause over the years, we have some encouraging news: ALS-TDI, the Boston-based lab which is the leading research institute for ALS in the U.S., has been working on two new drugs that it considers promising as possible treatment for the disease. The two drugs are in various stages of clinical trials. This fundraising is needed to continue those trials to see whether the drugs will be effective.

This is very exciting news for an illness that remains one of the cruelest, most debilitating diseases in the world and, amazingly, still has no treatment or cure.

For this race, I am joining Team Bannon, Lisa and her brother Breen. This team has raised $65,000 over the past three years. This year our goal is to raise $18,000. The Trek is a major fund-raiser and contributes about $500,000 toward ALS-TDI's annual $10 million budget.

Everyone has demands on their charitable giving. Especially now. But this is a disease which has historically had limited funding and where there is now real progress to a solution. If you want to and can, please help in the fight against ALS by donating. You can donate online by clicking the button below or by check: please make it out to Tri-State Trek/Team Bannon and mail it to me at:171 Linden Ave., Glen Ridge, NJ 07028.

The race ends on the afternoon of Sunday July 22 when the Trek participants ride into Greenwich, CT. It might not be pretty, but if you would like to join Margot and Teddy at the finish line, please let me know; we'd love to have you! I will send a reminder around before we leave for the Trek.

Thank you in advance for your amazing generosity, for helping in this cause, and for giving hope to so many families that a cure is on its way.

Best wishes





  • John Killian $1,000.00

    Good luck, Hugh!

  • Stephen Furnary $1,000.00

  • R J Belford $500.00

    Remember to pace yourself and finish strong. Be safe out there - it's F-ing hot and you have to ride through crazy Connecticut.

  • Owen Thomas $500.00

    Go Hugh!

  • Stephen Latimer $500.00

  • Margot Macdonnell $500.00

    Margot and Hugh Macdonnell

  • Richard Pink $500.00

  • John Morris $500.00

    I had to wait to confirm you actually finished. Ha! Kidding - great job, good cause ... well done.

  • Suzanne Wait $300.00

    What a fantastic endeavour, good for you! xx Suzanne

  • Kathryn Curnow $250.00

    Way to go Uncle Hugh! We look forward to cheering you on with our cowbells next week. Maddie, Riley (Kate and Al too!)

  • Seth Weintrob $250.00

  • Romy Coquillette $250.00

  • Leslie Ann Hughes $250.00

    Good luck Hugh!

  • James Hendricks $250.00

  • S M Johnson $250.00

    Margot deserves a medal!!

  • C. S. Cordes $250.00

    Hugh - I'm happy to be able to support you and I remain belatedly yours, Steve Cordes

  • Christopher Odell $250.00

  • Patrick Tully $250.00

    Ride like the wind

  • Jeanne DesBrisay $250.00

    Thanks to Kate for letting me know about your ride and best of luck to you!

  • Sandra Forbes $200.00

    Way to go Hugh!

  • Jeffrey Granoff $200.00

    Go Get Em!!!!

  • John Sheedy $150.00

    Good on you Hugh. This won't be like your B&R days - hopefully you'll survive the ride without wine and cheese. Good luck!

  • Anonymous $150.00

    Good luck Hugh make all the training in the heat of Greece count. Well done for taking on the challenge. All our love the Balch family. XX

  • Peter Gordon $150.00

    Well done Hughie - get those spindly Canadian legs working for a great cause!

  • Gillian Stacey $150.00

    Huge - glad to see you are getting some exercise.

  • John Wilson $150.00

  • Claiborne Johnston $150.00

  • Eric Plesman $150.00

    Hope you trained hard for this one!

  • Mark Gerstein $150.00

  • Michele Aronson $150.00

    Congrats on a great ride! Very impressive!

  • Bank of America Matching Gifts $100.00

  • Richard Schaupp $100.00

  • Colin Connolly $100.00

  • Ava Somogyi $100.00

    Good Luck! Sasha, Lillian and Alex

  • Janese Kane $100.00

    Well done Hugh....

  • Sheilah Burnham $100.00

    Go Hugh!! With much love to Mrs. Chapman. Sheilah, Matt and Julia Burnham

  • Ian Grieve $100.00

  • Carol Chang $100.00

  • Thomas Rossant $100.00

    Go Hugh!

  • Julie Wong $50.00

    Good luck on the ride, Hugh!!

  • Wm Ruhl $50.00

    Good Luck, Hugh! - The Ruhls

  • Victoria Constantino $50.00

    As an old friend of Kate Curnow's, we wish you luck on your ride in the effort to help research for ALS!

  • Nelle Jennings $50.00

    Go, Hugh!

  • John McCarthy $50.00

    Good luck.

  • Jason Green $50.00

  • Suzanne Franks $50.00

  • Joshua Myerberg $50.00

  • Blaine Kneeshaw $25.00

  • Karamjit Kalsi Hidden

    Go Hugh!

  • William Milam Hidden

  • Joanne Vitale Hidden

  • Anthony Rothermel Hidden

    Have a safe and great ride.

  • Mark Hudspeth Hidden

  • Christie Park Hidden

  • Cindy Petlock Hidden

    Sorry for the delay - hope it went well!

  • Andrea Robbins Hidden

    In honor of Mrs. Chapman. Greg, Andrea, Catherine, Andrew & Caroline Robbins

  • Maryellen Brown Hidden

  • Audrey Lowry Hidden

    Good luck Hugh! Looking forward to hearing about your experience in Newcastle....

  • Ann S Bull Hidden

    Hugh, I hope it's easier than walking the perimeter of Manhattan Island.

  • Denise Rosenblum Hidden