Team Driven to a Cure 2011's Fundraising Page (2011)

A team of individuals with one common goal. End ALS.

<h1>Team Driven to a Cure 2011's Fundraising Page (2011)</h1> We ride for personal reasons with one common goal. End ALS. ASAP.

Please help us in this endeavor with a tax deductible donation and/or spreading the word about our efforts.


Team Driven to a Cure




  • Steven B Dodge $5,000.00

  • Courtesy of Toray Plastics (America), Inc. $2,000.00

  • Joseph Winn $1,000.00

  • Lee Dellicker $1,000.00

    Windover Construction is proud to support Team Driven to a Cure ’11!

  • J. Michael Gearon $1,000.00

    Good luck...what a great thing you are doing to help others!!!

  • Christopher Costello $1,000.00

    good luck guys ! All your freinds at Timberline are cheering for you.

  • cordell jeffrey $500.00

    Thank you and good luck.

  • Eugene Flanagan $500.00

    Hope, Best of luck on the ride. Your dad will be with you every mile.

  • Gene Boucher $500.00

    Ride on Marc!!

  • christine virden $500.00

    You are carrying the torch for Dad. He is smiling down on all of you!

  • Lisa Anderson $500.00

    In memory of our moms! Go Kinga go - ride for me! I just didn't have the time to properly train. But I will, someday! Good luck and be safe!

  • christine virden $500.00

  • Wes Bigler $500.00

    Pedal Fast Hope

  • Matthew Grossman $500.00

  • w c mcconnell III $500.00

  • Richard Houston $500.00

  • LISA ANDERSON $435.00

    WAY TO GO!

  • robert deery $325.00


  • Jeffrey Boyd $300.00

    Good Luck!

  • John Virden $300.00

    GOOOD LUCK from Lakeville! HYDRATE

  • John Patti $270.00

  • Tyler Virden $250.00

  • David Richardson $250.00

    Ride Baby Ride!

  • william dore jr. $250.00

    Best of luck to the team. Thinking of Big Dave.

  • Eugene Richards $250.00

    Brad - Have a great ride and thank you for caring so much about other people . I love you . uncle Gene :-)

  • William Hess $250.00

  • Burt Lonergan $250.00

    Have a great ride!

  • New Inc $250.00

  • Walmart Stores Inc $250.00

  • Susan Prudden $250.00

  • Hope Hill $215.00


  • Hope Hill $200.00

    In Memory of my dad Curtis Hill. I love you dad and miss you.

  • Hope Hill $200.00

    I Love You Dad and Miss You!

  • Dorothy R Hill $200.00

  • James Loos $200.00

    A&M Roofing Services LLC

  • Michael Somer $200.00

    Good Luck Marc & Happy Anniversary!

  • Kurt Schmid $200.00

    Give em hell!

  • Michael Linarez $200.00

    Thank You Mark Cale of NRHA 4 Your Generous Donation.

  • Lawrence Mahoney $200.00

    Good Luck Brad!

  • Kyle Ratliff $200.00

    Jenny Boyd: Kyle you are an extremely a good soul.. I am so blessed to have met you!

  • STUART R JOHNSON $200.00

    Ride that damn asphalt . . . ride good n' hard, brothers. Ride ALS right into the ground . . . deep and gone.

  • Michael Donnelly $200.00

    Good Luck from Tara Construction

  • Ulrike Schuster $200.00

    Love from the Schuster Family in Germany

  • Christopher Berger $200.00

    Good Luck from your new friends at Technology on Premises!

  • Stuart Meurer $200.00

    Good luck and drink a lot of fluids!

  • Dorothy R Hill $200.00

  • Kimberly Hall $150.00

    You can do it, Michelle! I'm so amazed by your dedication. You have a heart of gold (and buns/legs of steel by the time this is over!!!).

  • Laura Johnston $150.00

    I will be rooting for you~

  • Larry Schwartz $150.00

    Curtis Hill was a great guy. We all miss him. Larry Schwartz

  • Aimee Ensign $150.00

    I gotta fever...and the only cure is more COWBELL!!! I love you, baby!

  • John Barnoski $150.00

    Go get'em Dynamo.

  • Catherine Lyden $150.00

  • Liillian Howes $150.00

    I am very proud of you Michael for all you have accomplished and for what you are doing

  • Michael haggerty $150.00

  • Sam Welch $125.00

  • Thomas McVey $102.13

    Ride like the wind brother! (ride like the wind)

  • Thomas Ohlson $100.00

    Kick some ALS, Kyle!

  • John Demarest $100.00

    Way to go Kyle!!!

  • Suzanne Reardon $100.00

    Way to go Michelle! We are all so proud of you :)

  • Tricia Rosen $100.00

    Good luck Billy!!!! Have fun and be safe!!!

  • Keegan Macy $100.00

    We're all proud of you !

  • Laura Amerman $100.00

    Kick some ALS ass Marc!

  • Christina Grummer $100.00

    Ride Billy Ride

  • Holly Hunter $100.00

    Thank You Kyle for caring. I am so proud of you. I know Mom would be too. I love you! Your Cuz

  • Richard Millet Jr $100.00

    As much as I'd love to ride, I just don't think I'm up to it this year. You go Kinga, for all of us.

  • MaryEllen Woodman $100.00

    This is for all those living with ALS & those who have suffered and lost their battle w/ALS.

  • Cindy Ackerman $100.00

    good luck!! New York Hat Co Adam, Cindy, Laura & Jen

  • Edward Fuller $100.00

    What a wonderful way to honor your Dad. Blessings and all good things. Ed Fuller

  • Thomas Cartledge $100.00

    Good Luck Your dad was a great guy !! Thom Cartledge - Mobil

  • john deming $100.00

    Wish I could be with you on your ride of a lifetime. You will always be the Princess of the Pirates;)

  • Carol Warren $100.00

    With you all the way!!!!

  • John Langlois Sr $100.00

  • JoAnn Frick $100.00

    Good Luck Hope! We are pulling for you! The Frick Family

  • Michael Toohey $100.00

    Good luck Hope !! Keep up the good work.

  • Hope Hill $100.00

    To the best dad anyone would ever want to have! I love and miss you!

  • TODD HINZE $100.00

    Ride like the wind… and NO cigar smoking during the trip… Todd, Rebecca & Parker

  • Michael Cannon $100.00

  • Carla Manthe $100.00

    Mike - I am so proud of you! Keep up the training, you can DO it! Cj

  • gloria hale $100.00

    Go, Mike, Go!

  • Shirley Diquisto $100.00

    We wish you many blessings

  • Hope Hill $100.00

    Ready to ride in memory of my dad and all my ALS friends and their families! Love and miss you dad!

  • Hope Hill $100.00

    I Love and Miss You Dad!

  • ADP $100.00

  • Staci Rivas $100.00

    In memory of my mom, Carol Ann Cahill...and for all of those fighting the fight! Safe Ride!

  • Hope Hill $100.00

    Love you dad and miss you greatly!

  • Allegra Toback $100.00

    Marc, The Meizner team is with you 100 %! Have a great time. Allegra & crew

  • edward kilduff $100.00

    try to do the trip in only 1 day.. we all need you in front of a computer.

  • Evan Dash $100.00

    Great job for a VERY worthy cause!

  • Madelyn Shields $100.00

    Go Team Virden! Blessings Lyn and Tom

  • Christopher Taron $100.00

    Good luck Team Virden!!

  • Anonymous $100.00

  • Richard Millet Jr $100.00

    Thank you for all you do Michelle.

  • Anderson Insulation $100.00

    Anderson Insulation is proud to support such a worthy cause

  • Stephen Krenitsky $100.00

    Bill, Keep up the excellent work and ride like the wind - Steve

  • Richard Millet $100.00

  • Marilyn Hughes $100.00

    Go Kacey-best wishes on your ride!

  • Miriam Phalen $100.00

    Great cause, enjoy & Happy Anniversary!

  • Christopher Mergardt $100.00

  • kenneth burke $100.00

    Congrats on your efforts to beat ALS. Your dad would be very proud.

  • F. Wayne Hill $100.00

    Thanks for doing this.

  • Michael Linarez $100.00

    Thank You SCHEELS (Sparks, Nv.) for your Generous Donation & Support

  • Hope Hill $100.00

    I love you dad and miss you greatly!

  • Paul Reiss $100.00

    Slow and steady wins the race - congrats on your tough ride.

  • Anne Herzog $100.00

  • Lindsey Collins $100.00

    Ride strong, ride safe but most importantly - ride proud. What an amazing tribute to your Dad!

  • Anthony Cavanna $100.00

  • Liam Connolly $100.00

    Dave - Sorry it couldn't be more. Can't wait until the time when ALS gets its A*S kicked. F-ALS.

  • Michael Linarez $100.00

    Thank You Jenny Boyd 4 Your Generous Donation ~ You Inspire Us All With Your Courage ~ Love Ya

  • Hope Hill $100.00

  • Anonymous $100.00

    Good luck, Dave. Your dad would be so proud as are your old neighbors, Mike, Betsy, Tim and Will Brown.

  • Sean Riley $100.00

    Good Luck; Framingham Police Association

  • Michael Loiacano $100.00

    We are rooting for you! Enjoy the ride! -The Loiacanos

  • Cindy Pickersgill $100.00

    Thank you, Hope, for riding. I lost my husband to ALS 3/10/11. Together let's find a cure for this beast!

  • Cindy Pickersgill $100.00

    Thank you, Mike, for all your dedication and work to ride in the Trek. I lost my husband to ALS 3/10/11. Together we can find a cure!

  • Cindy Pickersgill $100.00

    Thank you, Sandra, for your dedication to ride in the Trek. Together, let's find a cure for this awful disease. I lost my husband to ALS.

  • Cindy Pickersgill $100.00

    Thank you, Kyle, for your dedication to finding a cure for ALS. I lost my husband to the beast 3/10/11. Have a great ride!

  • Dale Lyons $100.00

  • Patrice Demos $100.00

  • Roger Arndall $100.00

    Good luck

  • William O'Leary $100.00

    Watch out for pebbles!

  • David Umstead $100.00

    Have a great ride for a great cause. Your dad is proud.

  • David Umstead $100.00

  • David Umstead $100.00

  • Eric B Schultz $100.00

    Good stuff, Tom.

  • Amy Choi $100.00

    Thank you for telling me about this cause - your efforts are commendable :)

  • Josette Van Putten $100.00

    Good luck!

  • Brenda Cadieux $100.00

    Brad ~ I am so very proud of you!!! I love & miss you big big xo Mommo xo

  • Cindy Farkus $100.00

    Wishing you a safe and enjoyable ride!


  • Anonymous $100.00

  • Carolyn lee $100.00

  • raymond leightman $100.00

  • Karen Boyd $100.00

    This a great thing you are doing. Best of luck and ride a mile for me.

  • Joseph Sweeney $100.00

    way to go!

  • Michael Sarno $100.00

  • Joseph Gagliardi $100.00

  • Gary Kocsis $100.00

    Sounds like an exciting trip Kyle! Can I ride along on the handle bars? Good Luck!

  • Kristen Dodge $100.00

    Ride on!

  • Robert Coletti $100.00

  • morris twist $100.00

    good luck Kinga

  • Megan Donovan $100.00

    I hope you all have an awesome ride!

  • Henry Davis $100.00

    We're proud of you, Tyler, for continuing to fight this battle.

  • Janice Cummings $100.00

    Enjoy your ride through New England.

  • Michelle Honeycutt-Bishop $100.00

    Thank you for your passion in fighting for a cure. When my battle comes to an end, and I wake in Heaven, I'll be sharing laughs w/ your Dad!

  • Hope Hill $100.00

    I am riding this weekend for you dad! You will be with me every mile! Love and miss you!

  • Kyle Ratliff $100.00

    Jenny Boyd: Riding for a cure is the best gift in the whole world! You have such a beautiful heart!

  • Hannah Chung $100.00

    Good luck Kinga! Proud of you, keep doing what you're doing. Bike safely!

  • Michael Stella $100.00

    Good luck Kacey, David and Tyler!

  • david obst $100.00

    don't forget to bring your tight pants

  • Matthew Chin $100.00

    Ride 'em cowboy

  • Mary Colleen Bailey $100.00

  • Nina Cohen $100.00

    Your commitment is amazing and inspiring. Hope the ride goes well for Team Driven.

  • Sarah Virden $100.00

  • Rui Leal $100.00

    good luck, we hope you can reach your goal.

  • Matthew Donahue $100.00

    Go for it Kacey!!

  • Amy Carson $100.00

    Kinga said, "If we can bike in record breaking heat, you can donate $$$". You are so right! Thanks for all that you guys do. xoxo

  • Mark Miller $100.00

    Don't forget the Havoc, Mr. Filthy Animal.

  • Keith Hall $100.00

    Way to go Michelle!

  • Matthew J Endres $100.00

  • Ronald Cadieux $100.00

    Proud of you! Love, Dad.

  • Patricia Shaughnessy $100.00

  • ADP $100.00

  • Score Bergen $100.00

  • Vanessa Yip $100.00

    Better late than never?

  • Temple achim $100.00

  • Mary hedenquist $100.00

  • maggie cahill $100.00

    Sending good thoughts to a great guy on your dad's birthday. The Cahill Family

  • Marc Ensign $88.00

    This was the money Isabella raised at the Meadowlands Regional Chamber of Commerce Expo last night! I'm so proud of my little girl!!!!

  • Katy Morgan Davies $78.00

    You go bro :) You're inspirational!

  • Michael Cafarelli $75.00

    Ride for the cause! It's people like you who make a difference and and 'raise the bar' for the rest of uu. Have a great ride

  • Donna Ferebee $75.00

    Way to go, Hope!! You are an inspiration to us all. I truly admire your giving heart. (Padded pants are the key to success) Love, Donna

  • Seth Bartlett $75.00

  • Jane Ensign-Calka $75.00

    Have a Great Ride! I'll be looking for you at the finish line!

  • Andrew Jones $75.00

    Best of luck everyone!

  • alice miller $75.00

  • Kathleen Hennigan $75.00

  • Kirsten Nordstrom $75.00

    good luck and ride safe

  • Pyro/Bain Inc $70.00

  • Hope Hill $65.00

    Donation made by McKendree teachers buying candy bars to support me on my ALS bike ride!

  • Leanna Ennis $60.00

    In memory of my dad, Dan Upperman (3/15/44 - 9/29/06) So proud of you Mike for your dedication to this ride and this disease.

  • Lisa P York Schorr $60.00

    Hope the stache doesn't slow you down!

  • Paul and Susan Huling $51.00

    Congratulations John, this is a good cause.

  • Putnam Investments Matching Gifts Program $51.00

  • John Pink $50.00

    Have a great ride, Your frineds @ J. Pink Associates, Inc., Financial Advisors We're really proud of you!!

  • Kevin Sullivan $50.00

    Go Marc!..... Diggin' you!

  • Cristina Sottosanti $50.00

    You are an insperation to us all. Keep up the amazing work! Lets fight to to find a cure for this disease.

  • Kassi Figueroa $50.00

    We LOVE you, Kinga! We support you in everything you do in life, and just love you so much for all the work for ALS awareness that you do.

  • Lisa Cara $50.00

    We are happy to support you, Kyle Lisa and Jim

  • Susan Turner $50.00

    Go Michelle, we know you can make it!

  • Karen Slafter $50.00

    Spellbound Studio supports the fight against ALS!

  • Tawnya Evans $50.00

  • Blaine Sanborn $50.00

    Good luck buddy!

  • Kyle Ratliff $50.00

    Your dad would be so proud of you. xxoo

  • Scott Umberger $50.00

    Remember that we love and care.

  • rose lashomb $50.00

  • Brenda Ratliff $50.00

    Good luck Kyle!!! - Ian and Brenda

  • Emily Rose $50.00

    In memory of my mother, Gail V. Fisher, who passed away October 15, 2009, 5 months after diagnosis of Progressive Bulbar Palsy/ALS.

  • Michael Monea $50.00

    In honor of Curtis Hill, from Mike and Evelyn Monea

  • brian rowlette $50.00

    Hi Hope, your father was a great friend and mentor to me as he was to so many at Mobil. Thank you for including me.

  • Helen Robbins $50.00

    Good Luck

  • Kevin McRae $50.00

    God bless you Hope, best of luck on your quest!

  • Theresa Shields $50.00

  • Pamela Kunz $50.00

    Awesome tribute for your Dad!

  • Hope Hill $50.00

    Donation made by McKendree teachers! They bought candy bars to help me raise money for a cure to ALS!

  • Patricia Thompson $50.00

    Good luck Bill. Be safe and enjoy the ride!

  • Michael DiLeonardo $50.00

    Hope, Best of luck with the ride and donations. God Bless you.

  • Richard Franco $50.00

    Marc, go faster.

  • sharon stern $50.00

  • Jennifer Brooks $50.00

  • cynthia alvarez $50.00

    Good luck to you! If anyone can do it, you can!! Great tribute to your dad.

  • Carol Hurt $50.00

  • Sharon Rogge $50.00

    Enjoy the ride - thanks for raising awareness...and doing something about it!

  • Scott Durand $50.00

    Good luck Bill....happy to support a great cause and promote some healthy cycling! Scott

  • Melanie Evans $50.00

    Go Mike Go!

  • Sharon Lansdowne $50.00

  • Anonymous $50.00

  • tracy barclay $50.00

    good luck mike and the whole team,you should all be very proud of yourselves xxx



  • ADP $50.00

  • Robert Driscoll $50.00

    Go get em Dave!

  • Patrice Goldfarb $50.00

  • Scott Rosenberg $50.00

    No Rain.....Safe Ride

  • Michael Cooperman $50.00

  • William Faradie, III $50.00

    Good luck to a great cause. Make sure you get your practice runs in. You are going to need it. Billy Faradie

  • stewart rosen $50.00

  • Suzanne Rich $50.00

    Good luck!

  • tracy barclay $50.00

    good luck kyle and the rest of your team xxx don't get too saddle sore ;)

  • tracy barclay $50.00

    good luck kinga hope it goes well xxx

  • Mark Preston $50.00

    Let the cow bells ring bro. Good luck!

  • Mark Preston $50.00

    Kick ass & take names bud! Have a great ride!

  • Jason and Ricky Toledo $50.00

    We are so proud of you. Good luck and love you!

  • Lynn McVey $50.00

  • jon lawler $50.00

  • Charles Cain $50.00

    Good luck Dave!

  • Helen Del Bene $50.00

    Good luck! Hope to be there at the finish...

  • Emily Buell $50.00

    Kacey - So proud of you and everything you're standing for. Enjoy the ride!!

  • Owen Hall $50.00

    Have a great ride Dave! All the best!

  • Andrew Ryding $50.00

    Faye and Andrew

  • Andrew Ryding $50.00

    Faye and Andrew

  • Kelly DeLeonardis $50.00

    Good luck team Virden!!! kill it as always!



  • B J Schaefer $50.00

  • Monika Simpson $50.00

    Best of Luck John! Will buy you a beer to celebrate the win next time I'm in Boston!

  • Colin Quigley $50.00

  • John Rutledge $50.00

  • Michael Linarez $50.00

    Thank You Uncle George & Chris 4 Your Generous Donation & Your Continuous Support. Love You Guys

  • Alyssa Jones $50.00

    Good luck!

  • Nicole Richards $50.00

  • Nancy Jones $50.00

    Good Luck!

  • Janice Hogue $50.00

    Kacey, I can't tell you how very much I love you or how very proud I am of you !! Go Get'em Girl !!

  • Katherine Guida $50.00

    Have a great ride!

  • Mary Leal $50.00

    Good Luck Brad. We are proud of you! Anselmo & Mary Leal

  • Arleigh Hayes $50.00

    Good luck and have fun...such an amazing fundraising campaign and I am just so proud of you! Love you!!!

  • Britt Cronin $50.00

  • Gregg Bonheur $50.00

    Good luck! You'll do anything to get out of the house. Gregg

  • Denise Walker $50.00

  • Kristin McLeod $50.00

  • Ron Neal $50.00

    In support of Kyle Ratliff

  • Charlotte Amorello $50.00

    Tyler: Best of luck for a successful ride! Charlotte

  • R. Jason Burrell $50.00

    Good luck guys! Pat, I hope they gave you a better bike to ride this year.

  • Gayle A Grant $50.00

    Thank you Donovan for doing this ride every year to help raise funds for research in finding a cure for this horrible disease.

  • natasha daniels $50.00

    I admire your passion and dedication!! I hope this helps you reach your goal!! Tyler & Tasha Daniels

  • Kristen Poulin $50.00

    Good Luck Pat and Windover teammates-we'll be cheering you on from the office!

  • Kevin Hansen $50.00

  • James Gayle $50.00

    Kinga - Thank you for all you are doing for ALS. Jasmes

  • Brian Strubel $50.00

  • Michael Shannon $50.00

    One step closer......

  • Tammy Montgomery $50.00

    You are an inspiration!.. Love you girl!!!

  • Tammy Montgomery $50.00

    Your Daddy and my Mama are smiling down with pride... <3 forever babe <3

  • Laurel Deery $50.00

  • Joseph Pennell $50.00

    My family and I appreciate you for helping make a difference in the fight against ALS. Best of luck to you my friend!

  • Michael Haggerty $50.00

  • Shannon Yates $50.00

  • Tracey Hartford $50.00

  • Tracey Hartford $50.00

  • Tracey Hartford $50.00

  • John Welna $50.00

  • Scott Cadieux $50.00

    Go get'em "Thing 2" Proud of ya... "Thing 1"

  • shawn schulte $50.00

    To support your amazing heart and spirit and celebrate the life of you mother...together we will do more than hope for a cure!

  • Charles Mann $50.00

    Enjoy the ride

  • Matthew Smyka $50.00

  • Bibi Bacchus $50.00

  • Peter Dragone $50.00

  • Anthony Spadafore $50.00

  • Steven Gilson $50.00

    For Michelle, Kyle, Kinga & all the rest of my friends riding: WTG T.E.A.M!!

  • Patrick McCoy $50.00

  • Margaret McNany $50.00

    We are so proud of all you and the team are doing and will do this weekend. Can't wait to see you at the finish line!!

  • Suzana Beites $50.00

    Keep up the good work Kyle, your actions speak so much louder than your words.

  • Jane Egan $50.00

    How great that you are doing this for such a good cause.

  • Lauren Harrison $50.00

    Good Luck Team Virden!

  • Dennis Monaco $50.00

    Good luck Pat. Stay on the bike this year.

  • Dianne Meeker $50.00

  • Marina Novoa $50.00

    Great charities are only as good as the people who fight for them. Fantastic job guys!

  • Jeffrey MacNeil $50.00

    Brad Hydrate, Be safe and Kick ass

  • Deirdre Lang $50.00

    Very proud of you Uncle Billy! Love, Colin and Garrett

  • James Gayle $50.00

    Sandra Thanks for riding for ALS. James

  • Susan Gorman $50.00

    Donated in memory of my brother Bob, who died of ALS on May 4th of this year. THANK-YOU for all your efforts and hard work! HUGS !

  • Daniela Wonson $50.00

  • Wedding Expressions $50.00

  • Mark preston $50.00

  • Mark preston $50.00

  • Expedia Inc $50.00

  • Melissa Shin $40.00

    Go get 'em Kinga!

  • patrick paterson $40.00

    Ride like the wind!!!

  • Anonymous $40.00

  • Sarah Campbell $40.00

  • Rebecca Orth $40.00

  • Gail Moore $30.00

    This donation is in honor of all my Facebook friends with ALS.

  • Amanda Weiler $30.00

    Good luck Kacey! So proud of you!

  • Amanda Weiler $30.00

  • Antonino Chiola $30.00

    Good Luck Brad! An incredible effort for a great cause.

  • Lara Schwarz $30.00

    Good Luck Patrick!!!

  • kenneth krilla $27.00

    hope you have a cool bike with a banana seat! Best to you!

  • Lisa Jones $25.00

    Better you than me lady haha, ride your @ss off!!! =D

  • Lisa Jones $25.00

    Better you than me lady haha, ride your @ss off!!! =D

  • Michael Linarez $25.00

    Thank you for inspiring me....Can't wait to ride with you in July <3

  • Suzanne Vel $25.00

    Suzanne Vel

  • Jessica Georgia $25.00

    Go Marc!!! From Jessica Georgia Beachbody

  • Sybil Govostes $25.00


  • Roland Ferreras $25.00

    Good luck!

  • Lindsay Disbrowe $25.00

    Good luck Kinga!

  • Kim Holdeman $25.00

    I hope every little bit will help.

  • Karen Duffy $25.00

    I'm so proud of you for doing the Tri State Trek, Kinga! Train smart, train hard, and enjoy the ride. Your mom will be riding along with you

  • John Brookhouse $25.00

    Good luck, bro.

  • Peggy Laush $25.00

    Go Billy!

  • Kristin Lopez-York $25.00

    Go Mike Go! T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Accomplishes More!

  • Kristy Sprague $25.00

  • Thomas Ohlson $25.00

  • Julie Graves $25.00

    Mike, Good Luck with the ride!

  • Camille Guida $25.00

    Good luck Marc. It is an awesome feat. We are proud of you at the Y.

  • Susan McFadden $25.00

    NCAA basketball winnings from COCE pool! Go Bill!

  • Tracey Osborne $25.00

    Good luck on the ride, Bill!

  • Mary Gay $25.00

    in memory of my sister Sandra Morgan.

  • Matthew Peaslee $25.00

    Nice work Kacey!

  • Ruth Seitelman $25.00

  • Rebecca Dorr $25.00

    Good luck and great work Billy!

  • Robert Gagauf $25.00

    Make sure you have good padding!

  • Amy Gendron $25.00

    good luck with the ride!

  • Sally Harding $25.00

    Best of luck Kacey!

  • Kimberly Tucker $25.00

  • Elizabeth Anthony $25.00

    Go Luck Kacey! So Proud of you!

  • Daniel Ferrell $25.00

    Billy, good luck in your ride! I wish we could afford to give more, but we're happy to give you any supprt we can!

  • Olivia Blechschmidt $25.00

  • Cynthia Migliori $25.00

    Good Luck Bill.. what a great cause. This donation is also in memory of Paul Carr, a friend who also had ALS

  • Melissa Schrenker $25.00

    Good luck with the ride, Dave! I hope it goes great!

  • Stephanie Uzomah $25.00

  • Jose Vicente Jr $25.00

  • Katherine Larrabee $25.00

    Wish it could be more! GOOD LUCK!

  • Sheri Grau $25.00

    Thanks for ALL you do Kinga!!!! You are Awesome!!! Your Mom is very proud of you!!! xoxoxoxo

  • Pamela Sinclair $25.00

  • Tracy Callanan $25.00

    Ride Kacey Ride! This is such a great cause. Keep on cycling! So proud! xo

  • Tamra Goolsby $25.00

  • Michelle Sullivan $25.00

  • Donna Charpentier $25.00

  • Timothy Davis $25.00

    Watch out for those pot holes!

  • Pushkar Neupane $25.00

    We are proud of you Kacey!

  • Nathan Yang $25.00

  • Daniel Husmer $25.00

    Good luck!

  • Brian Duchesneau $25.00

    Good luck Brad !

  • Kristen Sauer $25.00

    Thanks for riding for me and all the other PALS who can't!!

  • Kristen Sauer $25.00

    Thanks for riding for me and all the other PALS who can't!!

  • Kristen Sauer $25.00

    Thanks for riding for me and all the other PALS who can't!!

  • Amy Jackson $25.00

    Best of Luck Kacey! x

  • Kristen Sauer $25.00

    Thanks for riding for me and all the other PALS who can't!!

  • Kristen Sauer $25.00

    Thanks for riding for me and all the other PALS who can't!!

  • mary bouffard $25.00

    Good Luck, Tom.

  • Jordan Rich $25.00

  • Shannon Hale $25.00

    Good Luck Guys!

  • Kate Carr $25.00

    Good luck Kinga!

  • Kate Carr $25.00

    Good Luck Kyle!!

  • Natasha Dutton $25.00

    Go Kyle :)

  • Natasha Dutton $25.00

    Go Mike :)

  • Alex Murphy $25.00

    Good Luck!

  • Sophia Campbell $25.00

    Good luck! Wish we were there to cheer you on. XOXO Joel and Soph

  • john tobin $25.00

    Good Luck Brad...hope all the training you had a chance to do this spring/summer pays off!

  • Darlene McSorley $25.00

    Brad, Such an incredible ride, and a wonderful thing you are doing only wish I could do more. Good Luck. Love, Darlene, Jeremy & Olivia

  • Melissa Dion $25.00

  • Cynthia Leidenfrost $25.00

    This is a great thing you are doing Hope. Enjoy the ride. Cindy Shipley Leidenfrost

  • Nelson Lourenco $25.00

    Good luck Brad! That is quite a ride.

  • Jennifer Allison $25.00

    You can do it Hope!

  • Krista Grady $25.00

    We're behind you in spirit Brad! May a cool breeze be always on your back. Krista

  • heather childress $25.00

    Your determination and commitment to this worthy cause is inspiring! Good Luck! :):)

  • Jennifer Boyd $25.00

    I would of donated more... I wanted to try and help as many people as I could...

  • Kelly Ragan $25.00

    Thanks for all of your help raising money for ALS research! Can't wait to meet you! Make sure you carbo load..and stay hydrated. Kelly Ragan

  • Ginnette Powell $25.00

    Have a great ride and I hope we meet in Toronto next year!

  • Kaitlyn MacEachern $25.00

    Yayy Kacey!! So proud of you!! I know your gonna ROCK IT! xox

  • Raymond Joyner $25.00

    Good luck Hope! I think of your dad often. He had a very positive influence on me. Raymond

  • Mary Gay $25.00

    In loving memory of Sandra Morgan. Good luck to all you riders, try to stay cool in the heat. Thank you for riding!!!!

  • Natasha Dutton $25.00

    Go Kinga :0)

  • Debra C. Bullis $25.00

    I love you Kinga, fly high and God Bless You! XO

  • Kristine Reichert $25.00

    Kinga, you are amazingly strong. I admire what you are doing. ALS sucks, and I'm so glad you are fighting back for your mom & mine. xoxo

  • samilys rodriguez $25.00

    Your effort is resounding, keep it up!

  • Rebecca Scalera $25.00

    Good luck, Bill! Ride like the wind! Sincerely, Rebecca

  • Darlene Ouellette $25.00

    Good Luck Brad, that's a long ride. Be safe. Best wishes for you and the other bikers.

  • Rhonda Wallace $25.00

    Tyler, Wishing you and your team the best during your ride. Rhonda

  • Brenda Delacruz $25.00

    Thank you Kinga for trekking 270 miles to help end ALS!

  • Gretchen Parrack $25.00

    Love the 'stache! Have a great ride!

  • owen mustin $25.00

    Have fun, best, Owen

  • Jacqueline Brunner $25.00

  • Conrad Labrecque $25.00

    Good luck Bill! Michelle

  • Erica Taylor $25.00

    Good Luck Dave!!!! This year's mustache is epic.

  • Stephanie Byrnes $25.00

    Good Luck!

  • Nicole Cadieux $25.00

    Dogger!! I love you! I'm so proud of you. Ride safe and kick ass! xoxo

  • Julie Graves $25.00

    "Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it." So proud of you!

  • Samuel Cabot $25.00

    To the loving memory of David Virden

  • Christopher Doktor $25.00

    Thank you for your commitment to a cure!

  • Laura T McWhorter Laura T McWhorter $25.00

  • Karen Slafter $25.00

    Ride on!

  • Michael Perham $25.00

  • Jessica Leal $25.00

    Proud of you!! Love, Jessica, Jamie, & Reese

  • Peter Wehran $25.00

  • Alvaro Mendes AND Quelminda Mendes $25.00

  • Daniel mccurley $25.00

  • Lana Williams $20.00

    Have the ride of your life!

  • Julie Smida $20.00

    You go have been working so hard for this big day.

  • Brian Talon $20.00

    Best of Luck Bill!

  • Deborah Hughes $20.00

    Way to go Kacey!

  • Ian MacLean $20.00

    Good luck on your ride Bill ! !

  • Stephen Flood $20.00

    Good luck



  • Michael Linarez $20.00

    Thank You Lisa Dayton from NRHA 4 your Generous Donation

  • david zeitlin $20.00

    good luck on the ride!

  • Karen Leal $20.00

    Good Luck Brad! Love, Auntie Karen and Uncle Manuel

  • Amy Paternite $20.00

    Good luck! Have a great trip and congrats on your milestone anniversary. Regards, Amy & Ryan Paternite

  • Helen LeBlanc $20.00

    Good Luck!

  • Debra Bullis $20.00

    Thank You Sandra for going the distance in fighting ALS! God Bless you:) XO

  • DIANE BENNETT $15.00

    Good luck! Quite a ride :O)

  • Kyle Ratliff $15.00

    From Sally and Darren Johnston - Good Luck, Mike x

  • Danielle Mullins $15.00

    Goodluck Bill! Defeat the Disease!!

  • Anonymous $10.00

  • Natasha Searle $10.00

    With you all the way, Kinga! xo

  • Antoinette Rumping $10.00

    Thank you for all you do in raising awareness for ALS!

  • Laura Young $10.00

  • Robin Preisler $10.00

  • Anonymous $10.00

  • Katie Allen $10.00

    Good Luck!

  • Brenda Burnham $10.00

    I have a brother with ALS. Thanks for all that you do to continue to raise awareness!

  • Michael Linarez $6.00

    Thank You David Craig from NRHA for your Donation

  • Michael Linarez $6.00

    Thank You Mike Hynick from NRHA for your Donation

  • James Lacerenza $5.00

    Does this mean your "world tour" might come to see me? Greenwich is right next door to me!

  • Toney Linarez $5.00

    I do not have much Mike, but I bet every dime counts! Good Luck on your crusade!



  • Martini Family Foundation Hidden

    Way to go, Donovan! WooHoo! Sam, Erica, Isabelle, and Chloe Martini

  • Gerard Riedel Hidden

    Good luck with the ride, John!

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    Good luck and don't melt!

  • Frederick Hesser Hidden

    Hi Hope - Best of luck on your trek! Fred & Page Hesser

  • Kathleen Brooks Aker Hidden

    Good luck Dave. You say your dad was your hero. I know that when Charlie looks back on this as an adult, you will be his hero too. xo

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    Thinking of Big Dave- Chip

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  • Bradley Corrigan Hidden

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    I will be rooting for you all the way. Angels will be with you So is my love

  • joanne rich Hidden

    good luck, hope. we still miss your dad. love, jim and joanne rich

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    have a great ride!

  • Blaine Sanborn Hidden

    Good luck John. Congrats on meeting your goal!

  • john mucciarone Hidden

    best of luck!

  • Jody Shaw Hidden

    Good Luck and I will be thinking of you over the weekend. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! and have a safe ride.

  • Matthew Paine Hidden

    Good luck Pat. I hear it is quite warm out there... better to be on a bike than working on a Friday though. Again good luck Matt

  • Sally Ruttger Hidden

    May all your travels be down hill!

  • Elfriede Hall Hidden

    Better late than never, right? I wish you good luck in reaching your goal. You all did such a good job with your ride. Shalom Omi

  • Ranjeet Koirala Hidden

    Wish you all the best.

  • Heather Ransom Hidden

    Nice Job Billy!

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    Be encouraged

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    Go Marc Go!!!!!!!! Rick - Sirius Orchestra


    Good luck, KV!

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    Have a great ride!!

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    Good luck Dave - ride on!

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    In memory of the Myers/Bellaire family. We have lost 8 to familial ALS.

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    Wish I could do more. Thanks for all you do, Kinga

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    Go Bill! Stay safe and have a good ride!