TEAM AMERICA 2011's Fundraising Page (2011)

Inspired by Steve Saling and working together to cure ALS.

<h1>TEAM AMERICA 2011's Fundraising Page (2011)</h1>

This summer, TEAM AMERICA will be participating in the 2011 Tri-State Trek, a three-day, 270 mile bike ride from Boston to New York benefiting the ALS Therapy Development Institute, the world's leading ALS research center.

This will be TEAM AMERICA's 5th consecutive year participating in the ride and to date, the team has raised over $85,000 to help cure ALS.

ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease, is a neuro-degenerative disease that paralyzes the entire body and disables the speech of the individual while leaving the mind intact. ALS can strike anyone and roughly 30,000 Americans are currently living with the disease, our friend Steve Saling among them. Steve was diagnosed with ALS in the fall of 2006. Since then, the more we have learned about ALS the more eager we've become to support the efforts to combat it.

Steve's ongoing goal since he was diagnosed has been to enjoy every single day to the fullest and to help those in the ALS community and beyond to do the same. Steve is a retired architect and is a co-founder of America's only ALS Residence and the first fully automated, vent-ready ALS Residence in the world. As he often says, "Until medicine proves otherwise, technology IS the cure." The Grand Opening of the Steve Saling ALS Residence was on August 13, 2010 and included a ribbon cutting by Governor Deval Patrick and a personal address by Professor Stephen Hawking. He made the front pages of The Boston Globe and his local paper the next day.

Fighting ALS, one gadget at a time

Grand Opening, Governor Patrick tours the Leonard Florence Center for Living

Steve's new home is part of the ALS Residence Initiative (ALSRI), an organization he founded dedicated to providing patients with ALS the previously impossible opportunity to live in relative independence and remain a productive member of society with state-of-the-art technology and a dedicated staff.

Steve's positive attitude and commitment to redefining what it means to live with ALS has been a true inspiration for each of us and has helped people within the ALS community to maintain a positive outlook on what is possible in life. In May 2010, Steve visited Hingham High School and the classroom of Team America rider Dana McNamee to speak with students about ALS and to remind them that "life is good." His visit was covered by The Boston Globe in the following article that highlights another example of Steve giving back to the community.

Life is good, ALS patient tells Hingham High students

The Tri-State Trek is about overcoming challenges and obstacles. It is about inspiring ourselves and inspiring others. It is about pushing beyond our own comfort zone physically, mentally, emotionally, and above all to raise money and awareness for ALS and the ALS TDI. Please click on the link below for more information about the event.

Tri-State Trek Info

For this event, we have challenged ourselves to surpass last year's total of $20,000 and raise a minimum of $39,940 as a team. Donations of any size can be made by clicking on the link below, where you will have the option to donate anonymously if you would prefer.

With your support, we can reach and exceed this goal and get one step closer to a cure for ALS. THANK YOU in advance for helping us reach our goal and THANK YOU for joining us in the battle against ALS.

Contacting Team America

We'd like to invite you to be a part of TEAM AMERICA by staying informed and in touch with our growing community of supporters. Please email us directly at if you'd like to learn more and be sure to join our fan page on Facebookand follow us on Twitter @teamamericatstto be a part of our success.





  • Anonymous $2,390.00

    Thank you to everyone who made the John Harvard's fundraiser a big success!

  • Benjamin Cohen-Leadholm $1,500.00

  • Reebok Human Rights Foundation $1,500.00

  • Anonymous $1,135.00

  • Edward Sellers and Suzan Boyd $1,000.00

  • Eugene Gorab $1,000.00

    Ride Safely! Love, the Gorabs

  • Charles Schwab Foundation $1,000.00

  • Charles Schwab Foundation $975.00

  • Anonymous $880.00

  • Howard Kirkpatrick $800.00

    You were too young to go. I remember. Howie.

  • Lisa Schmidt $750.00

    Great fundraising event at John Harvards! So excited for my parents to get their new treadmill!!

  • John Henry $550.00

    Go Shannon!

  • Shelley Kuhn $500.00

  • Philip Kislak $500.00

    Go Cohen-Leadholms !!!

  • Jay Poswolsky $500.00

    Have a great ride Judylynn! Thanks for doing this for those who can't.

  • evangelos gikos $500.00

    best of luck and thank you!!

  • Deborah Kenny $500.00

    As a nurse, one of my earlyy patients had ALS. The lesson learned there was, I DIDN'T know how she felt, I could only imagine. GO CHRIS!!

  • Trinity Inc $500.00

  • Copley Wolff Design Group $500.00

  • Chuck Webberly $340.00

    Here's to a better tomorrow - Stay cool out there!

  • Mary Bechle $300.00

    This is awesome David! Good luck with the fundraising. Be safe and enjoy your ride!!! May the wind be always at your back . xo Mom & Dad

  • Barbara Leadholm Abrams $300.00

    Awesome Team! Train hard!

  • Deborah Coons $250.00

    From Deb and Phil Coons -- GO TEAM AMERICA!

  • Ronald Thorne $250.00

    Good Luck Judylynn

  • Richard Ruberts $250.00

    Good Luck on your ride and be safe. The ProExpo Boys

  • Kevin Gillespie $250.00

    Good luck Judylynn.

  • Andrew Mearns $250.00

  • Anonymous $250.00

  • Lesley Varghese $250.00

    You're a total inspiration! Congrats!

  • Don Beurman $250.00

  • Carolyn Jodka $250.00

  • Anonymous $250.00

  • Abby jordan $250.00

  • David Schmidt $225.00

    This is for our Silent Auction winnings. See you all in 3 weeks!!!!!

  • Dr Cohen $200.00

  • Jeffrey Carlisle $200.00

  • Cecelia Madden $200.00

  • Mary Tinebra $200.00

    Go Christen!! Quite an achievement!!!

  • Lombard Gasbarro $200.00

  • Kevin Barry $200.00

  • Boyd Finch $200.00

  • M cremens $200.00

  • Sarah janicki $200.00

  • Noel Zahler $175.00

    We fully support your work for this cause! Love, Mom and Dad

  • Karin Joyce $175.00

    glad you're doing this, proud of you!! Sinead

  • Grace Decker $170.00

    Rock the Ride, Team America! $#$& Yeah!

  • Christen McInnis $165.00

    Bake Sale

  • Carol Powers $150.00

    Life is about enjoying the ride, Ben! We're cheering you on! Mom & Dad

  • Eric Brennan $150.00

  • Edwin Boswell $150.00

    Kate and Mike: Here's to a wonderful ride this year and a very successful fundraiser. Yours - Ed & Lynne

  • Pamela Lewis $150.00

    Thanks for all you and Team America are doing, Matt. "May the wind be always at your back" on this trek. Pam

  • Keri Hughes $150.00

    Go Lauren!

  • Julia Ridge $150.00


  • Donna Spinelli $150.00

    You go girl!!

  • Robert Jesch $150.00

    Touching story. Ride like the wind Shannon!

  • Timothy Sullivan $150.00

  • Clare Irwin $150.00

  • John Kayser $150.00

  • Maura Leary $150.00

    You guys are awesome! GO TEAM AMERICA!!

  • Anonymous $150.00

  • C L Bechle Pascarella $150.00

    Good Luck David! We'll be thinking of you while we make our wine! Love, Tina & Dave

  • Kathleen Murray $150.00

  • Patricia Gulkin $150.00

    Good Luck! :)

  • Anonymous $150.00

  • Beverly Snodgrass $150.00

    We are so glad all went well with the ride inspite of the record heat. Mom & Dad

  • Boston inc $150.00

  • Andrew Boyd $133.00


  • Jillian Worley $125.00

    Go Team!!

  • Pamela Burton $123.00

    is it August already? Pamela Burton

  • Gavin Parrish $111.00

  • Michael Bohne $100.00

    good luck and enjoy the ride!

  • Hank Galligan $100.00

    We want pictures of you crossing the finish line.... Have fun !!

  • Michael Bohne $100.00

    Enjoy the ride - great cause. Meg, Mike and Evan

  • Monica Herman $100.00

    My son, Dylan Herman-Dunphy was really impressed with Steve when he came to their class at HHS and he asked us to donate to your ride.

  • Marcia Ross $100.00

    Megan Ross lost her grandmother to ALS. We understand the importantance of research. Thank you for making a difference.

  • Jennifer Kelly $100.00

    Good luck, Ben!

  • Nicolas Powers $100.00

    Wish we could ride with you! ~Nic & Liz

  • Anthony Bialorucki $100.00

    From Tony and Peterik, I'll register a company match as well. Good luck!

  • Jeffrey White $100.00

    Victory beer on me when you make it to New York.

  • Patrick Gallagher $100.00

    Good luck buddy

  • Robert Hamm $100.00

  • Jason Roswig $100.00

    Good luck Kate!

  • akshay yeshokumar $100.00

  • Jennifer Kimball $100.00

    Good luck and ride safe

  • James Bisignano $100.00

    Chuck and Dana, may the wind be at your back! Thanks for doing the ride, and best wishes from Team Thunder. Jim B.

  • Paul Price $100.00

  • paul j iantosca $100.00

    Good luck and great cause Matt. Our best to u.

  • Donald Vaughn $100.00

  • Gabriel Grossman $100.00

  • Christen McInnis $100.00

  • Brian Duncan $100.00

    Happy to help a fellow Sloanie on a great ride for a great cause!

  • Nancy Ludwig $100.00

    Go Matt! ICON's behind you!

  • Angelique Mercurio $100.00

    Happy to help my fellow Sloanies! Go TEAMAMERICA2011!

  • Liz OConnor $100.00

  • benjamin bulkley $100.00

    Good luck Ben! B

  • Daniel Taylor $100.00

  • Timothy Houlihan $100.00

    Go for it!

  • Anne Todd $100.00

  • Matthew Feiner $100.00

  • Michael Sullivan $100.00

    I'm stepping up my donation this year. In return will you guys ride a little faster?

  • Amanda Ficken-Davis $100.00

    Good luck Rinaldo! Glemanda

  • Erin Donovan $100.00

    Great job pretty lady!

  • Kathleen Folger $100.00

    Best of luck Mooch!!! <3

  • Brett van Beever $100.00

    Judylynn, Good luck and ride safe I will be thinking of you Think of my friend who suffers from this when you are pushing those miles.

  • Phillip Bainter $100.00

    Thanks for what you folks are doing

  • Scott Hurley $100.00

  • Stephanie Jacobson $100.00

    Susan: Best wishes for a great ride and a future cure! Stephanie

  • Dan Tuttle $100.00

  • Walker Modic $100.00

  • Lee Eisenberg $100.00

  • Jason Re $100.00

    Hey buddy- Miss you. Good luck on your ride.- Ray Jay

  • Kathleen Kennedy $100.00

    Good luck David. Go Team America!

  • Margaret Shaheen $100.00

    In loving memory of Fran Muccio and Mary Schank

  • Matthew T. Levy $100.00

    Good luck and may the wind be at your backs.

  • Thomas Venier $100.00

    Mike, Good Luck from Matt, Paula and Me. Great cause!!!!

  • Guy Labrecque $100.00

  • Ray Pantalena $100.00

  • Jeffrey Shute $100.00

  • Jeffrey Shute $100.00

  • MAUREEN MURPHY $100.00


  • Gerald R Nardone $100.00

  • Benjamin Powers $100.00

    From Carol McShea

  • Donald R Torrant $100.00

    Way to go, Chris from Don & MariLouise!

  • Luigi Anzalone $100.00

    Joe!! It is Great!! Luigi

  • Eileen Michaels $100.00

  • Jeffrey Morgan $100.00

    LW ...good luck on the ride...TB

  • Ted Walters $100.00

    God Speed!

  • Victoria Ford $100.00

  • Ronald Savage $100.00

    Hope you guys have a great ride!!!

  • andrew Summers $100.00

    best of luck buddy

  • Jennifer Quinlan $100.00

  • Marc Margulies $100.00

    Best of luck to you Judylynn!!!

  • David Nadig $100.00

    Go Joe!!

  • Sarah Rice $100.00

    In memory of Mr. Sree, from Emily and Sarah. Good luck and have fun!

  • John Keenan $100.00

    Shannon Great job as usual. You are making us and your parents proud. Keep up the good work. The Keenans

  • Anonymous $100.00

  • Michael Pallares $100.00

    All the best of luck on your efforts! Michael Pallares

  • Michael Murray $100.00

  • Lauren Hewitt $100.00

  • Brian MacPhee $100.00

    Good luck Jay! Make us proud! The MacPhee's

  • Jason Corn $100.00

  • Jacob Mnookin $100.00

    Good luck Chuck!

  • Brenda Duggan $100.00

    Have a great ride! You will be in our thoughts and prayers during this heat wave. Good luck! Cutting Edge Installations - Brenda/Skip

  • Gwynn Crowther $100.00

    Go Mooch...

  • Alain Watts $100.00

    Stay hydrated. You are doing such a wonderful thing!

  • Richard LeLacheur $100.00

  • Michael Timony $100.00

    Looking at map it's all downhill from Boston! ;)

  • John Capece $100.00

  • Denise Enxing $100.00

    Good Luck Christina!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Enxing Family

  • Katherine Holland $100.00

    You certainly earned your donations this year! We hope you hydrated well and didn't find the ride too bad. Best wishes, Kath & Lance

  • Daniel Moody $100.00

  • John Mcardle $100.00

  • John Shields $100.00

  • Ben Kuruvilla $100.00

  • Akbar Olia $100.00

    Good Luck JL. great cause. Aki Olia

  • Bruce falby $100.00

  • Paul Flynn $100.00

    Better late than never! Congratulations on another great effort!

  • Kathleen Gray $100.00

  • Diane Rallis $100.00

  • Alfred Reitano AND Mary Ann Reitano $100.00

  • John Hancock Financial Services Inc. $100.00

  • David Mullen $100.00

  • Charleen bizokas $100.00

  • Mary Venier $100.00

  • David johnston $100.00

  • Eduardo Torres $100.00

  • Michael florio $100.00

  • Thomas Temple $100.00

    Awesome accomplishment Mike and more importantly for a great cause. Keep up the good work. Love, Jeff & Rita

  • Linc cornell $100.00

  • Christopher Marshall $100.00

  • Ge Foundation $100.00

  • Ge Foundation $100.00

  • Susan Siggelakis $100.00

  • Eric Brass $90.00

    Ride on down to the Big Easy!

  • Lauren pond $80.00

    go team go!

  • Ashlee Earl $80.00

  • Danielle Press $80.00

  • alison norris $75.00

    Enjoy the spandex! And kudos to you for doing something so great.

  • Catherine More $75.00

    Good luck Jonathan!! Have a safe ride!

  • Vicki peterson $75.00

  • Scott Mays $75.00

    Go Team America!

  • alfred trifone $75.00

  • Nancy Solomon $75.00

    sorry this is late, but hopefully you survived the ride in all this heat!

  • Irene Muccio $75.00

  • Anne Glickman $75.00

  • Ronald reisz $75.00

  • Anonymous $70.00

  • Elizabeth Tyminski $60.00

    Good luck with the ride! This is in memory of my friend Kris who just passed away last Friday from ALS.

  • Robert pond $60.00

  • Jeana Bonacci $55.00

    Shfifty five! Pedal like the wind David!

  • Rian Amiton $55.00

  • Matthew Rosenberg $50.00

    Come home with the gold!!!

  • Charles Kellam $50.00

    If you get tired, pull over. If you get hungry eat something. Have a great time!

  • Louis Maiolica $50.00

    A beautiful charity, a beautiful journey, a beautiful person. safe riding! big hugs!

  • Evan Cohick $50.00

    Ride like there are zombies after you.

  • James Coyle $50.00

    Good luck David!

  • Matthew Wicker $50.00

    Good luck Jonathan- This is a great cause, my uncle passed away four years ago after having ALS. Thanks for doing this!

  • Sue Maddock $50.00

    From Mom and Dale

  • kevin sweeney $50.00

    shut up powers.

  • keith wales $50.00

    Good luck dude!

  • Michael McDonald $50.00

    You should ride AGAINST ALS, not FOR it!

  • Elizabeth Kidde $50.00

    Hope your bike seat is comfortable! :-)

  • Elizabeth Millette $50.00

  • Sharmila Patel $50.00

    Thank you for riding, Jonathan!

  • Sharmila Patel $50.00

    Get a nice seat, Ben!

  • Abigail Powers $50.00

    Pedal hard! Love Ab and John

  • Steven Abramson $50.00

    I don't even like driving this far....good luck sir.

  • Jean Hickey $50.00

    Go, Jonathan!!!! Post your pics crossing the finish line!! Brian & Jean

  • John Doroghazi $50.00

  • Elizabeth Marley $50.00

    You are crazy but at least it's for a good cause.

  • Aaron Beals $50.00

    Awesome stuff -- you're a good man, Danger.

  • Thomas Kielich $50.00

    If you don't finish, I want a refund! ...Otherwise, good luck!!

  • Lauren von Bereghy $50.00

  • David Powers $50.00

    Hope you have a GOOD seat that's a lot of riding

  • Robert North $50.00

    Have a blast on the ride and good luck with the fundraising!

  • Liza Stewart $50.00

    All the best Baldy!

  • Mark Yorra $50.00

    Safe riding, the Yorra's

  • Mary Grossman $50.00

    We are proud of you.

  • Jaclyn Jones $50.00

  • Jessica Lingel $50.00

    Cycle on, buddy!

  • Jill Addy $50.00

    I'm blown away by your selfless gesture. Be safe on your ride.

  • Stephen Houlihan $50.00

  • Matthew Audette $50.00

  • Amy Kriete $50.00

    Good luck and ride safe!

  • Marc Pelletier $50.00

    You are an inspiration. Thank you.

  • Peter Mazareas $50.00

    Hi Christen, Very nice of you to do this. My cousin, george Maz has ALS. I'm a friend of Paul Price's

  • Lydia Petri $50.00

    Best of luck Matt! The Petri Family

  • Mark Minnerly $50.00

    Go Matt!

  • Nathan Umbriac $50.00

    Good luck!

  • Glen Magpiong $50.00

    Good Luck Lauren!

  • Lynn Chi $50.00

    Good luck with your fundraising efforts!!! Go Team America! :)

  • Bette Slovin $50.00

    Good luck, Lauren!

  • Jason Lilley $50.00

    what you're doing is gold

  • Andrew Audette $50.00

  • Matthew Iverson $50.00

    Have fun Lauren!

  • JR Kraus $50.00

    Have a great, safe ride for an amazing cause - Noelle & JR

  • Matthew Hickey $50.00

    Ride HARD!

  • Roberta Fleming $50.00

    Go Matt!

  • David Williams $50.00

    GO MATT GO!!


  • Anonymous $50.00

    From Mike McComb

  • Suzanne Barr $50.00

  • Joel Conkling $50.00

    Good luck, Ben!

  • Patrick Keefe $50.00

    Good luck Matt!

  • james erwin $50.00

    Go Rinaldo! Happy Biking! -jamesnames

  • Anonymous $50.00

  • Jason Peters $50.00

  • Kelley Kugel $50.00

  • Ned Friend $50.00

  • Jeff Cooper $50.00

    Good luck, guys!

  • Gerald Friedland $50.00

  • Anonymous $50.00

    you inspire me everyday at practice. hope the ride goes well!

  • Shane Guess $50.00

    That's a pretty awesome goal....good luck Rinaldo!

  • Ana Gannon $50.00

    Hi Judylynn, I am so proud of you and the energy you bring to everything you do! Thank you! Ana

  • Melisa Holzman $50.00

    Good Luck! I am sure you will be fantabulous!!! -Melisa & James

  • Jennifer Bettencourt $50.00

    Good Luck Judylynn!!!!

  • Diana Hornock $50.00

    You're awesome!

  • Keith Murphy $50.00

  • Sharon Bizokas $50.00

    You are the best!! Love, The Bizokas Family

  • Kornelia Polyak $50.00

    Enjoy the ride! Nelly

  • Jessica Flatt $50.00

    Good Luck Judylynn!

  • Kathryn Thibeault $50.00

    Go Judylynn!!!!

  • p david hennelly $50.00

    great dave

  • Joanne O'Connell Foster $50.00

    Good Luck Judylynn

  • Anonymous $50.00

    Good luck Moochie!! Your going to kill it, I know it. My family and I will be thinking of you and sending good luck your way!

  • Andrew Memmelaar $50.00

    Good luck, Broseph!

  • Sally Ravitz $50.00

    Go Judilynn! Do it for my mom.

  • James O'Brien $50.00

  • Marise Fallon $50.00

    Good Luck JL- ride hard and be safe!!!! Marise:)

  • Anna DeMare $50.00

    Go JL!

  • Linda Sullivan $50.00

    Good luck Judy.....thanks for your involvement with this very important organization.

  • Brian Van Etten $50.00

    Good luck friend, you're the best!

  • Michael Trull $50.00

    Good Luck on the ride!

  • Jocelyn Townshend $50.00

    Best of luck Dana!

  • Kathryn Dickey $50.00

  • Monica Hebert $50.00

    Go Dana go!! Best of luck to you and your teammates.

  • Emily Abel $50.00

    Way to go, Christen! I'm so glad you have chosen to support this cause. One of my very best friend's father passed away from ALS. Good luck!

  • Maxwell De Long $50.00

    Ride like the wind Rinaldo! -Max and Katey

  • Echo Blum $50.00

    Good Luck, Bechle!

  • Mary Ann Murray $50.00

    I'll be ringing my cowbell up here in NH, Chris. Ride safe! Love, Mary Ann

  • Graeme Irwin $50.00

  • Betty Jane Williams $50.00

    Best wishes for a great ride!! BJ ad Earle Williams

  • Gary Taggart $50.00

    oh you'll learn, you'll learn

  • William Drewnowski $50.00

  • Roger Shepley $50.00

    Good luck!

  • Zachary Verhoff $50.00

    Ride like the wind. The goddamn wind.

  • Jason Serino $50.00

    Go Ben!

  • Daniel Drazen $50.00

  • ricky rodriguez $50.00

    Sorry, Judy just plain forgot. Hope the soreness has gone away. Peas and carrots. Lots of love from Houston.

  • Abigail Taube $50.00

    Go Naldo! Huzzah!

  • Sharon McCarrell $50.00

    Have a great ride, Rinaldo! You're doing a great thing. Sharon and Bob

  • Anonymous $50.00

    Good luck with the ride.

  • Marshall Einhorn $50.00

  • David Nazzaro $50.00

    Good Luck Ben!

  • Louise Warren $50.00

    Have a great ride! Louise and Lewis

  • Judith McLernon $50.00

    You will have a great ride!! And, don't worry about what gear you are in!!! Judith McLernon

  • Matthew VanderMay $50.00

  • Patricia Rowland $50.00

    Keep those legs pumping for a good cause and have fun Pat & Craig

  • Patricia Rowland $50.00

    Have a great ride for a good cause Pat & Craig

  • Liam Whyte $50.00

    Shanno; You are truly inspiring. Liam.

  • Kristen Hoffman $50.00

    Good luck Christina!

  • Shannon McLaughlin $50.00

    Looking forward to riding the Trek with you and Team America! Thank you for your expert help with the bike!

  • Carolyn Bankowski $50.00

  • john canedy $50.00

    good luck Lauren!

  • Philip J Leonard III $50.00

  • Daniel Austin $50.00

  • Katie Kelly $50.00

    Good luck. Wear padded pants!

  • Bayla Metzger $50.00

    Go spandex!!!!

  • Dawn Diedricksen $50.00

    Go Dana, Chuck, Steve, and Team America!

  • Chandana Ravindranath $50.00

    Good luck Lauren!

  • Lindsay Mahoney $50.00

    Ride like Booey!

  • Jean Carlson $50.00

  • max testing limited $50.00

    Good Luck Dana x

  • Andrew Goldman $50.00

    For Steve!

  • Craig Arms $50.00

    Good luck Christen!!

  • Lori Lawrence $50.00

    Enjoy the ride!

  • Darlene Hall $50.00

  • Laura Cleminson $50.00

    Don't think about all the 270 will go faster than you know ;-) Electrolytes are your friend. Great effort and cause.

  • Ashlee Earl $50.00

    I'll be thinking about you this weekend and looking forward to joining you and the rest of the crew next year! XOXO

  • Ashlee Earl $50.00

    Have a great ride, Lori! I'll be sending cool thoughts your way and looking forward to next year when I'll ride with the crew again!

  • Ashlee Earl $50.00

    JL! Ride like the wind, keep the team happy and safe and see you on the road next year! XOXO

  • Junko Kato $50.00

    Looks like another hot weekend for riding! Have a great time!

  • Samantha H Starkey $50.00

    Atta girl Mooch! Your endurance and bravery is admirable. Kill it tomorrow! Much love xoxoxox

  • Jessamine Wigfall $50.00

    Good luck to all, especially the IFMA Ladies!

  • David Warren $50.00

    Good Luck Eric! From: Loie, David and Suzanne

  • Ave Rongone $50.00

    Great job! Joe

  • Anne McCormack $50.00

  • Claudia Liberman $50.00

  • Brian Lilley $50.00

  • Eben Burnham-Snyder $50.00

  • Meyer Potashman $50.00

  • Marie Bagley $50.00


  • marc eagles $50.00

  • Harry jenkins $50.00

  • Reebok Human Rights Foundation $50.00

  • Barry Samuels AND Charelle Samuels $50.00

  • joan lane $50.00

  • Catherine mcnamee $50.00

  • Patricia Burke $50.00

    Sorry this is late .... but Matt is forever in my thoughts . I applaud your dedication to this cause Pat Burke

  • Mark rabbe $50.00

  • Thomas Lieth $50.00

  • Richard morgan $50.00

  • Dick Bauer $50.00

    Thanks for doing this!

  • Young Jung $50.00

    Hi Joe, Sorry for my late action for your awesome volunteer. Go Joe!!!

  • Donald miller $50.00

  • Amgen Foundation $50.00

  • Nathan umbriac $50.00

  • Jeffrey Connors $40.00

    Good luck with the ride, may the wind be at your back.

  • Jean Saling $40.00

  • Jean Saling $40.00

  • Jean Saling $40.00

  • Anne McKinnon $40.00

  • Nicholas Lunger $40.00

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  • Amy Lammers $40.00

    Go Team America! Good Luck!

  • Celia Raia $40.00

  • Theodore Shopov $40.00

  • frank braun $40.00

  • Meagan Coons $40.00

  • Kathryn diperna $40.00

  • Andrea P. Leal Montemayor $40.00

    Hope it's not too late... xo

  • Cara valeri $40.00

  • Deanne Moore $35.00

    I'm so glad that you're involved with this initiative! Good luck!

  • Brooke Harrow $35.00

    For the ALS auction, payment for the "life is good" gift certificate

  • William Boykan $35.00

  • Robert McInnis $35.00

    Good luck Krystin!!!

  • Henry Farnham $33.00

    Get your mother to ride and donations increase....

  • Katie Hofman $30.00

    Good for you, Rinaldo! It's a great thing you are doing and wishing you the best of luck over here on the West Coast!

  • Christina caruso $30.00

    You go girllll!!

  • Joy Gustat $30.00

    Have a great ride, JLM!!

  • John Vaccaro $30.00

    "Eric has two speeds..."

  • Erinn Ridge $30.00

    You are an inspiration! Love you!

  • Jackie Simmermacher $30.00

    Good luck!!! Can't wait to see you back at school! xoxo

  • Rebecca Clar $30.00

    Good luck, David! XOXO, Becky, Paul and Jack

  • Tsun Au Yeung $30.00

    Go Joe! I hope this paid for my beer taps ;)

  • Janelle Shoup $30.00

    Christen! I'm so proud of you and all the wonderful things you do! Be safe my darling and bike hard!<3

  • Meredith Carney $30.00


  • Christopher Osborn $30.00

    Best of luck!

  • Daniel Dacey $30.00

  • Srinivasan rajan $30.00

  • melissa murray $30.00

    love ya moooooch!!

  • Christopher Renda $29.00

    Great work Team America, enjoy the ride Kate!

  • Laura Fidler $25.00

    Good luck buddy! Ride down to BK if you're not too tired after, k?

  • Shawn Finn $25.00

    Ride on brotha!

  • Janel Carver $25.00

    Way to go Kate!!! Make us proud!!!

  • Natasha Schmidt $25.00

    Be sure to carry a few power bars!! Stay strong! :)

  • R Alex Shortt $25.00

    I'm so excited to finally be purchasing a case of Crystal Pepsi! What? This isn't E-Bay?

  • Sabre Maddock-Bracy $25.00

  • Michelle Brown $25.00

  • Bridie Johnson $25.00


  • Kathleen Shortt $25.00

    Have a great ride, Jonathan!

  • Brittain Ashford Trotter $25.00

  • Lorelei Azarian $25.00

    Go Kate Go! Great cause.

  • Jamie Stanton $25.00

    Good luck!!!

  • brett powers $25.00

    ride hard Ben

  • Mary Slominski $25.00

    Our heart is with you...ugreg&amary

  • Elizabeth Berberich $25.00

    Good luck. We are proud of you.

  • Kelly Parker $25.00

    We are so proud of you! Best of luck! Kelly, Steve, Suki and Zoey

  • Kristian Jeffrey $25.00

    Good luck on the ride!!!!

  • Stephen Kirsche Jr $25.00

  • Jeremy Harrington $25.00

  • Trevor Laverriere $25.00

    goodluck Rinaldo! safe riding

  • Elizabeth Coppi $25.00

    Good luck!!

  • Jessica Atcheson $25.00

    Rock on, Rinaldo! This is totally awesome. Ride like the wind :)

  • Catherine Sorenson $25.00

    Good luck Jonathan! You can do it!

  • Benjamin Morse $25.00

    Good luck with the ride.

  • Benjamin Morse $25.00

  • Robert Fulton $25.00

    Good luck! -- Robert & Lindsay

  • Sara Marx $25.00

    Way to go Rinaldo!

  • Amy Borne $25.00

    Go Jonathan!

  • Christine Shrum $25.00

    Good Luck!! -Christine

  • Timothy Stewart $25.00

    Remember, it's exactly like riding a bike.

  • Sarah Jaxheimer $25.00

    Amazing what you're doing!

  • Stephen Audette $25.00

    Good luck!

  • Alexander Audette $25.00

    Good luck! (from me and Jess)

  • Jennifer Saphier $25.00

    Good luck! Sounds like a great time for a good cause!

  • Paul Pasko $25.00

    Good luck Dana and Chuck. Have a great ride.

  • Paul Tanklefsky $25.00

    Go Christen --

  • kevin bowersox $25.00

  • Cory Loder $25.00

  • Richard A Staples $25.00

  • Meghan Garrard $25.00

  • Jesse Roy $25.00

    Go get 'em, Zahler.

  • Lynn Carlton $25.00

    ride like the wind...

  • Jessica Sawyer $25.00

  • Susan Scannell $25.00

    Go Lauren! I think it's wonderful that you're doing this.

  • Allyson Kelley $25.00

  • Jake McCoy $25.00

    good luck!

  • Sughosh Dhakal $25.00

    Good luck buddy!

  • Timothy Richmond $25.00

    Good luck Matt!!! The Richmond Family

  • Colleen Pentland $25.00

    Good luck, Matt!

  • Michaela Audette $25.00

    Good Luck!

  • Amber Wagner $25.00

    Good Luck!

  • Paul Ham $25.00

  • Jerald Hess $25.00

  • Michael Keaney $25.00

  • Rachel Skerritt $25.00

  • Laura Fidler $25.00

    this is awesome! safe ride, buddy xo

  • Bethany Bartlett $25.00

    Best of luck Chuck and Dana!

  • Bethany Bartlett $25.00

    Best of luck Dana and Chuck! Spin circles!

  • John Flagg $25.00

  • Machel Charles $25.00

    Go Naldo Go!

  • Lynnea Thody $25.00

    Have a great time!

  • Christopher Burke $25.00

    Good luck, Dana, on a great cause!!!

  • Dennis Ramsier $25.00


    Way to go Ben!!! Ride like the wind blows!

  • Michael McLaughlin $25.00

    Hi Rinaldo, I met Nancy Hwang this weekend and she told me about your ride. I did the TST last year so i thought i would donate.

  • Nicholas Swieder $25.00

    Good luck buddy!

  • Cindy Lepore $25.00

  • Kathy Bader $25.00

  • Kenneth McKeown $25.00

    Good luck!!!

  • Monica Cobb $25.00

    Good Luck, Judylynn!

  • Lauren Berenson $25.00

    Good Luck, Lauren!!

  • Sharon Bizokas $25.00

    Good Luck Jason. From Fran DiBenedetto

  • Nancy Barker $25.00

    Good luck Judylynn!!

  • Lauren Cox $25.00

    Good luck!

  • Ilana Shulman $25.00

    Is this timed? Will you be wearing a diaper to cut back on break times? (I've heard about this. Really.)

  • Christopher Finn $25.00

  • Karen Damphousse $25.00

    Good Luck and Best Wishes!!!!

  • Susan Fitzgerald $25.00

    Best wishes from the Fitzgerald family!

  • Rinaldo Dorman $25.00

    From Elaine Juszczyk

  • Thomas Bovis $25.00

    Great cause, I have chaired a number of fundraisers in RI for ALS

  • Amy Busey $25.00

    Good luck!

  • David Kelts $25.00

    Spin classes should have trained you well to get through this! Have fun!

  • Andrea Zakofsky-Vink $25.00

    Goodluck :)

  • Richard Christiano $25.00

    Here's hoping for cool weather and the wind at your back.

  • Richard Fraser $25.00

    The world is a better place because of you Judy!

  • Michael Byrnes $25.00

    Shannon have a wonderful time. Great job raising donations! - Mike, Erika and Catherine

  • Chase Middaugh $25.00

    best of luck- wish I could do more (money & miles!)

  • Qihong Xu $25.00

    Go, Joe! Thanks for doing that great thing. Qihong

  • Geraldine Sprague $25.00

    Joe and Sally, I hope the wind is at your back for those 270 miles. Geri and John

  • John De Noyelles $25.00

  • Elise Gorab $25.00

    So proud to be your friend Mooch!! I love you, good luck with the trek!!!! xoxox

  • Louise Downs $25.00

    As always, a beautiful and touching story of Matt. Good luck & Ride, Shannon, Ride! Love, The Downs Family

  • Judith Paradis $25.00

  • Elizabeth Callen $25.00

  • Carolyn Hern $25.00

  • Constance McKenna $25.00

    Good Luck my dear!

  • Ruth Swanson $25.00

    JL, Have fun, I know you'll keep your team entertained for the long ride. Cheers! - Ruth

  • Catherine Tylka $25.00

    Go Joe!, don't forget it's Cathy with a "C"

  • Sagar Gandhi $25.00

    All the best Chuck

  • Sarah Suchoff $25.00

    Good luck Mooch! Can't wait to cheer you through CT! Love, The Suchoff Family

  • Joseph Clar $25.00

    ride like the wind my man!

  • Emily LaCroix $25.00

    GO POND GO! --Emily & JW

  • maggie glaser $25.00

  • Ryan James $25.00

    Rinaldo, Enjoy the ride and looking forward to many bike rides with you soon! -Ryan and Dayle

  • Isaac Gertman $25.00

    Go get 'em, tiger!

  • Timothy Howard $25.00

  • Kendra LeSar $25.00

  • Danny Shortino $25.00

    Good luck Dave. Danny, Jenny, Andrew, and Teddy

  • Romina Kim $25.00

    Good luck and happy riding!

  • Sandra Hoffman $25.00

    You are amazing!! Good Luck! Sandy Hoffman

  • Daniel Manteuffel $25.00

  • Kevin Price $25.00

    Good luck Christen. Go Team America!

  • Joseph Aylward $25.00

    Good luck lady.

  • Geoffrey McCarthy $25.00

    Ride it down and keep the rubber to the road!!!

  • Catherine DeBassio $25.00

    Good luck!

  • Steve Schnapp $25.00

    Glad you are riding for this worthy cause. My best wishes for a tailwind.

  • Kristen Esposito $25.00

    YAY! So proud of you!

  • John Philomena $25.00

    Bless you Judy,

  • J P Journey $25.00

    Woohoo! So proud of you David! Good luck!

  • Stephen Goan $25.00

    Peace and Prayers for you and your team.

  • Dawn Borden $25.00

    Ride Judylynn Ride! We will be looking for you!

  • Kate Diamond $25.00

  • Helen Krikorian $25.00

    Joe, I'm so proud of what you are doing - and have done.

  • Anonymous $25.00

  • Elizabeth Foley $25.00

    Good luck Joe!

  • Dylan Burke $25.00

    DOOOOOOGGGGGZZZZ.. Wish I could ride with you. Crush it tomorrow. Love you girlll

  • Jordan Burko $25.00

    Go MingY!!!!!!!!!! I'm so proud of you doing this. Have fun & be safe & no bloody toes! Love you girl xox

  • Jeffrey Levine $25.00

    Good luck, ride safe!

  • Lauren Colby $25.00

    Good luck Christina! You are an inspiration to us all. You're going to do amazing! COLMOOCH! Love, The Colby Family

  • Carrie Slife $25.00

    Have been meaning to donate for a couple weeks; just in time! Best of luck this weekend, Jay; you'll do amazing!! Carrie

  • debbie warren $25.00

    Good Luck, Eric, and treat Bailey like the princess she is!

  • Michael Ramus $25.00

    Good Luck!

  • Sara Haserlat $25.00

    Go Lauren!!!!!

  • Lisa Robichaud $25.00

    Good Luck Rinaldo!

  • Katherine Shields $25.00

    Bet you're kicking butt right now!! You truly never quit you!

  • Peter Rose $25.00

    Good luck, Joe!

  • Laura Gugliandro Harradine $25.00

    Good luck Dave!

  • Maura Hanning $25.00

  • Meryl Sousa $25.00

    I love you Christina! You are the kindest, most loving girl I know. How lucky all these beautiful people are to have you as an advocate.

  • William Stephen $25.00

  • Douglas prior-crofoot $25.00

  • Winniefred Hutchins $25.00

  • Richard Florio $25.00

    Well doe Joe keep it up. Pam & Richard

  • John bass $25.00

  • Elizabeth Hinchliffe $20.00

    Go Team Go!! Hope to see you kids soon :-) Mike I assume you are driving the team car?

  • Joyce Lee $20.00

  • Christina Bellomy $20.00

  • Jessica DeRoche $20.00

    Good Luck Rinaldo! I think what you're doing is great!

  • Anonymous $20.00

  • Erin Fagan $20.00

  • Jessica Ridlen $20.00

    So proud of all the things you do!

  • Colby Wheeler $20.00

    Have a great ride.

  • david wilcox $20.00

    Good luck on the ride DUDE!

  • erinn danos $20.00

  • Alison Reeder $20.00

    Christina, you're amazing! Good luck on this journey! I'll be cheering for you :) lots of love!

  • Jamie Maltz $20.00

    I wish I could afford to give you more! So proud of you for everything you do to keep fighting against ALS. Ride safely and enjoy! xoxo

  • Elizabeth Anderson $20.00

    Good luck and ride SAFE :)

  • Aleksandar Rajlic $20.00

    Good luck!!!

  • Rinaldo Dorman $20.00

    From Josh Berzok

  • howard coates $20.00

    Fantastic,wish I riding right beside you.

  • Kelley Garrard $20.00

    Chris you are always an inspiration to me! lovelovelove my biker babe xx

  • Richard Crosby $20.00

  • Sara Fiore $20.00

    Lauren!!! You are amazing, and I'm so proud!

  • Kayla Dufton $20.00

  • Marian Dalton $20.00

  • Susan Grossberg $20.00

  • Brittany sauser $20.00

  • Billy gassett $20.00

  • Kenneth trecartin $20.00

  • Natalee Kiesling $15.00

    I wish I could give more, but alas, I am an unemployed loser! Still, I request that my donation go to fund new man-shorties for the ride!

  • Bridie Johnson $15.00

    Go Bechle!!

  • jack schwitz $15.00

    i don't have a lot of fancy money.

  • jack schwitz $15.00


  • Kara Roth $15.00

  • Anne Borremans $15.00

    Enjoy the ride!

  • David Babrak $15.00

    Hope this helps.

  • mary zanchi $15.00

  • Anonymous $10.00

  • Andrew Kingman $10.00

    Good luck!

  • Herman Heyn $10.00

    Great cause, Joe. Good luck with both your ride and fund raising.

  • Donald Shortino $10.00

  • Catherine Wade $10.00

  • George Welch $10.00

    fuck yea mearns!

  • Emma O'Leary $10.00

  • Neal Connolly $10.00

  • Neal Connolly $10.00

  • Keith Lyons $10.00

    Good luck!

  • eleanor rowell $10.00

  • Robin Reese $8.00

  • Anonymous $6.00

    proud a ya

  • lauren rodrigue $5.00

  • Eleanor sudol $5.00

  • Jill Walker Hidden

  • olivia dorman Hidden

    Ride to defeat this disease! Love, Mom & Dad

  • Janet McCloskey Hidden

    Good Luck Matt!!!

  • Christopher Koontz Hidden

    Moochhharrmmmmmaaa Moochhharrriinnooo Moochariiiffffiiicccc. We're all so proud of you xoxo The Funk and Koontz Family <3

  • Barry Davis Hidden

  • Jack Johnson Hidden

    Have a great ride, Joe!

  • Julie Lemire Hidden

    Great job friends. So proud of the commitment you've all made! Go: Ben! Gabe! Chuck! Matt! Mike and Kate!

  • Nancy Hwang Hidden

  • Brendan Sheehan Hidden

    Best of Luck Kate!! From A, B and a...

  • Giovanni Bradley Campbell Hidden

    I am proud of you, Rinaldo, and I am proud of the people living ALS and still fighting. You Rock! Gio and Randy

  • Lindsey Higgins Hidden

    Ride like the wind Z! Lindsey & Sean

  • Robert Hummel Hidden

    In memory of Brian Bruce

  • Susie Gronseth Hidden

    Ride strong and we hope to see you in November!

  • Michael Branton Hidden

    Good luck Matt. Ride on.

  • Mary Dunphy Hidden

    Thank you for raising funds and awareness of ALS!

  • John Vaccaro Hidden

    Best to you!

  • Evan Cohick Hidden

  • Michael Nowlan Hidden

    I hope the weather cooperates for the ride!

  • Laura Graff Hidden

    So proud of you Mooch, it's great that I get to brag about you! xoxo

  • Thomsen Hansen Hidden

  • Patrick Viera Hidden

    you'll need a beer after this ride!

  • ayesha habib Hidden

    i'll be at the finish to throw a grandma pie in your face!

  • Stephen Agusta Hidden

    This is awesome. My cousin's husband was diagnosed a few years back. Have a great ride!

  • Nathan Tabor Hidden

    Have fun on your ride.

  • Robert Fawls Hidden

    Good Luck Matt...have a great ride!!!

  • Andrew Cloutier Hidden

    Ride on, brother.

  • Carol Goldfarb Hidden

    Congratulations to you and Gabe for making this trip and supporting this cause.

  • Ashley Prisant Lesko Hidden

    Ben - good luck! You're going to do great!

  • Virginia Karwowski Hidden

    Glad to see you have exceeded your goal! Good luck with the ride!

  • Heather Glazer Hidden

    Go Kate!

  • Rachel Weidman Hidden

    If only I had the smallest fraction of your amount of heart in dollars..You're truly amazing, I love you <3 Good Luck!

  • Brent Turner Hidden

  • Dylan Emrys Hidden

    For Kim Davis, of Pender Island, B.C. He was loved by so many. I will always think of him as he swung from the trees....

  • Risa Edelstein Hidden

    Good luck!

  • Kara Pine Hidden

    Mooch, what you're doing is amazing! You have such a big heart. Best of luck!

  • Christopher Ligatti Hidden

  • Susan G Barbarossa Hidden

    I'm thinking of you in all of this heat! Take care, Susi

  • Aaron Scott Hidden


  • Steven Anderson Hidden

    You make me proud - ride like the wind!

  • Kristina Peters Hidden

    Good luck, JD!!

  • Adam Cappel Hidden

    Good luck and have fun LAHP!!

  • Joel Samataro Hidden


  • Casey Chandler Hidden

    Good luck!! xox

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    good luck!

  • Trisha Koizumi Hidden

    9 pennies for every mile you ride

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