Mike's Ride for PALS' Fundraising Page (2011)

Where Are the Drugs, Man?

<h1>Mike's Ride for PALS' Fundraising Page (2011)</h1> This summer I am riding 270 miles to find an effective treatment for ALS. Please support my efforts. Like I said, where are the drugs, man? TDI is going to find them soon.

This is my second sojourn to the sultry New England area for the 270 mile ride from Boston to NY (with the finish in Greenwich CT). Just a note; last year I went off course twice adding approximately 30 miles onto my ride. So I did an even 300.

I'm asking you all again, my friends, family, enemies and escorts to sponsor my ride for ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI). Our lab receives 83% of every dollar raised for this ride. Compare that against any other fundraising effort, and you will find that is very high. This is why Charity Navigator again gave ALS TDI the highest rating (4 stars).

Please give at any level you think is within your ability. When doing so, remember that each minute of research in our drug development program is $100. the more minutes funded, the more research performed. If you wish to fund a quarter of a minute, or one-half of a minute that would be wonderful. If you are capable of funding more minutes, please do so. My request would be that start at $50-$100 and move in the direction you are comfortable with.

Thanks for your friendship and support, and thanks for supporting ALS research.



P.S. Heading out tomorrow and I still have a bunch of donations yet to come. I'm hoping to top $4,000 when its all said and done. thanks to all of my friends and family for their support.




  • Suzy Vogler $2,500.00

    Go MIKE!!! On behalf of my siblings, Kent, Jenny, Sara and myself... thanks for your tireless effort in all the work you do for ALSTDI!

  • John kirkwood $1,000.00

  • Theoodre Reich $250.00

    Mike, thanks for all that you do for us.

  • Suzanne Bellis $250.00

  • Anonymous $150.00

    Keep up the good fight! Thanks for alll you do for your PALS.

  • Christa Hammond $150.00

  • Howard Giller $150.00

    Good luck on the ride, Mike!


    get on it, mike!

  • peter lewandowski $100.00

    keep the rubber on the road DrLew

  • Gregory A Merfeld $100.00

    Good Luck Mike!

  • marc paschke $100.00

    i would have gone higher but i didnt want to be classified as a superfriend since i never liked fighting bad guys in colorful underwear.

  • Jan Medusky $100.00

  • Pete Zucker $100.00

    Go Mike Go!

  • Steven and Sheri $100.00

  • greg ostroff $50.00

  • Kelly Halligan $50.00

    Go get 'em stud!

  • Daniel Hoerner $50.00

    Go Mike! Have a safe ride. We love you!

  • Gregory Hoerner $50.00

  • Bridget Dagg $50.00

    Wishing you a great ride Mike. Wish I was riding with you.

  • Gabrielle Becker $50.00

    In memory of a very nice man, Greg Timm, who fought so hard but left us last week. God rest your kind soul Greg.

  • Will Weinstein Hidden

  • Jennifer Dwyer Hidden

    GO Mike GO!! Thanks for all you do!