Follow Me's Fundraising Page (2011)

Riding for those who no longer can.

<h1>Follow Me's Fundraising Page (2011)</h1>

Welcome to the Team Follow Me fundraising page.

Many of you visiting this page are already familiar with the Tri State Trek, a 270 mile bicycle ride focused on ending ALS. ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis aka Lou Gehrig’s disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that leads to paralysis, due to the death of motor neurons in the spinal cord and brain. There is currently no known cause, cure, or effective treatment for the disease. This is the sixth year participating in the event since this horrible disease took my father. This year a close friend of mine, Pat Young has accepted the challenge to train and ride with team Follow Me from Boston to New York, and Rich Unis will be joining me again for the full 500 miles up and back. For those of you here for the first time, this is not just a ride to raise money, it’s a fight for the families we have met along the way. It’s a show of support for the victims of this horrible disease…and to me personally it is a tribute to my dad that he is still an influence in our hearts. I consider ALSTDI and its supporters an extension of my family, and we will go this distance and further to help this cause.

Thank you for your support.

The Rubenstein Family & Team Follow Me

The team name, Follow Me on the surface is a private acknowledgment to my father. The nickname was humorously bestowed upon my dad by some very dear family friends just due to his nature of always wanting to lead the group…understandably so as the father of 5 children. The story is simple, and still brings a smile to my mother’s face.

However, it is more than just a tribute. It’s about the life philosophy of do as I do. Do, not because anybody is watching, but because you know it makes a difference. Set the example, be something others aspire too. It’s about the support and encouragement you can offer at the very moment it presents itself. It is about unselfish extension of you, to help others…follow me…




  • Ruth Rubenstein $2,000.00

    Dad would be humbled and proud of your dedication

  • Thomas Milantoni $1,000.00

    In recognition of Tri State Trek Team "Follow Me"

  • Kenneth Rubenstein $1,000.00

    We are proud of what you are doing to assist ALS research.

  • Mike Rubenstein $891.38

  • American Foundation $891.00

  • Howard Harris $500.00

  • Anonymous $500.00

  • Patrick Boyle $500.00

    Good luck with your ride and keep up the good work raising money for such a great cause!!!!

  • Mitchell Bernstein $500.00

    Andy, good luck on the ride and helping in the race to the cure. Your father would be proud!

  • Melissa Rubenstein $375.00

  • Paul Hase $300.00

    Good luck! Hope to see you around town soon.

  • Jennifer Krasnor $250.00

  • stephanie cutler $250.00

    Go team Andy!!!! We are so proud of you and the example you set in honor of your wonderful Dad, our Uncle Stan.

  • lewis weston $250.00

    In memory of my close friend

  • Randall Huffman $250.00

    Great cause Patrick - wishing you a "smooth" ride!!

  • John Tatar $250.00

    Go Pat! Team HighSchoogle is cheering you on!

  • Ronald and Elaine Bern $250.00

  • Amir Khalfan $200.00

    Our support for the good cause.

  • Steven Rubenstein $200.00

    Go Tho!

  • David shoemaker $200.00

  • Maureen young $200.00

  • Donald Esslinger $150.00

    See you in MA.

  • sidney freedman $150.00

    have a great ride in memory of a great guy

  • Miriam Cutler $150.00

  • Joan Hulkower $150.00

    Andy, Great work. Your Dad would be very proud. Congratulations With Love Joanand Bernie

  • Alice Borowsky $150.00

    Go Andy, Pat and Lauren. Put in a few miles for my good friend Bob Larson, who died way too young from ALS. Alice and Joe

  • Ishwar Vaswani $150.00

    Andy- Good luck on the ride. This seems like a fantastic cause and it's a pleasure to support you -Vinay

  • Alfred Lyons $150.00

  • John Shehadi $150.00

  • MINDY ALPERT $100.00

    best of luck are AMAZING and an INSPIRATION!!!

  • Gary Rudoren $100.00

    Go Andy! Go Andy! In honor of a great dad - and a great son.

  • Daniel Mills $100.00

  • Scott Demouth $100.00

  • Marianne Morrison $100.00

    Go get 'em Andy! Your dad's memory lives on. Love, Marianne, Peppy, and Alex.

  • Ramit Luthra $100.00

  • Melissa Leonesio $100.00

    It is a privilege to support you Andy. Safe travels. Missy Steier (aka Melissa Leonesio)

  • Michael Buonocore $100.00

    Good luck & have a safe ride. Mike Buonocore

  • Sheri Robertson $100.00

    Andy - Best of luck from Joe Hurwitz

  • Beth Caesar $100.00

    Good luck,Andy! We know your dad would be so proud of you! Beth and John

  • Leo Clavel $100.00

  • Matthew Henebry $100.00

    Good Luck Pat!

  • Patrick DeSimone $100.00

    Good luck, from Atlantic Maintenance Corporation.

  • Robert Plotkin $100.00

    Sorry for the delay and good luck! Plotkin

  • Todd Rubenstein $100.00

  • Sharon M Spina $100.00

    Andy - good luck - hope you have a great ride....sorry it took us so long - the Spinas

  • Martha guarino $100.00

  • Myra Lesser $100.00

  • Joe hurley $100.00

  • Jeffrey london $100.00

  • Daniel Hakim $75.00

    Good Luck Andy!

  • brett bern $75.00

    Go Andy!!

  • Jeffrey Banks $50.00

    Andy, Wish you a safe trip and a great ride! Best Wishes, Jeff & Gina Banks

  • paul wolff $50.00

    Andy, love you. Ride well. Best Regards, Paul

  • Joseph Fernandes $50.00

  • Kelley Hoff $50.00

    Best of Luck Andy. What an inspiration!

  • Scott Gould $50.00

  • lesle williams $50.00

    sending love and support, lesle

  • Barbara Bittner $50.00

    Good Luck Andy! Barbara and Jay Bittner

  • Cheryl Walder $50.00

    You are amazing - a very special person!

  • Melissa Yun $50.00

    Go Bean!!

  • Arlene Lurie $50.00

    Keep up the good work --- we are following you. Luv Arlene and David

  • Ellen R. Westreich $50.00

    Wishing you a safe ride. Your Dad would be very proud of all you do . Ellen Westreich

  • Anne Korsen $50.00

    Good Luck! The Korsen Family

  • Joy L Mossholder $50.00

    A powerful story of honor and cause. It's a pleasure to support you!

  • Michael Mele $50.00

    Good luck Andy, ride like the wind!

  • Pamela Fabian $50.00

    Good luck Rich!

  • Steven Rosini $50.00

    Best of luck in fighting a great cause Andy

  • Wayne bokat $50.00

  • Stephen Young $36.00

    Good luck Andy! We are cheering for you. Anne and Steve Young

  • Michael Unis $25.00

    I'm proud of you dad and all you're doing to find help out the cause.

  • Deborah Walder $18.00

  • James Lacerenza $5.00

    Does this mean your "world tour" might come to see me? Greenwich is right next door to me!

  • Jack R Gordon Hidden

    Dear Andy have a safe trip Love Doris & Jack

  • E C Weems Hidden

    It's a great thing you are doing for a great cause and a great example for your friends and family.

  • Steve Hebda Hidden

  • Lori Lefkowitz Hidden

    ...hope it was a great ride...better late than not a all, ya, cuz! Lori & Kenny

  • lori gilliar Hidden

    spokes of hope!

  • Helen Herrick Hidden

    Go Andy Go