Team Friends of Claire / MAC Angels 's Fundraising Page (2011)

FoCers who “Don’t Give UP” for PALS!

<h1>Team Friends of Claire / MAC Angels   's Fundraising Page (2011)</h1>

This summer July 22nd to July 24th, 2011, Team Friends of Claire / MAC Angels will again be participating in a 280 mile charity bicycle ride called the Tri-State Trek again. This incredible event, now in its eighth year, is designed to raise money and awareness for ALS TDF, an organization that is committed to ending amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) through funding cutting edge scientific research.

Commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a neuromuscular disorder that attacks and destroys the body's motor neurons. As these are destroyed, the brain becomes unable to send messages to the muscles which then weaken and lose their ability to move. In time the muscles atrophy and the person becomes unable to walk, talk, eat, and eventually breathe.

In support of ALS TDF and the important work they do the Team has committed to raise at least $25,000, and to train our bodies to cycle 280 miles in three days. The course is difficult and our training is intensive and time consuming, but ALS demands our attention and I will do all I can to help. Here's how you can help:




  • Alexander Seaver $1,000.00

    Great cause, great effort, John...

  • Richard Galgano $500.00

    Nice job FOCer's!

  • Schwab Charitable Fund $500.00

  • Elaine Daubner $313.00

    Viel Gluck und Viel Spaß lieber Bruder, Brian!!!

  • william collier $300.00

    Good luck Chris!! Much love, Bill and all the Collier's

  • Steven Tomasini $300.00

    Good luck and be safe!!! Wish I was there with fellow Focer's!!

  • Anonymous $300.00

  • Joan Noone $300.00

  • John bendokas $300.00

  • Linda Ltd $300.00

  • Andrew Karp $270.00

    $1 a mile, big guy.....good luck with the ride!

  • Stephan Jaeger $270.00

    Good luck

  • Ellen Smoller $250.00

  • Kelly Corwen $250.00

    Good luck to the MAC Angels team! See you in South Salem! The Corwens

  • Robert Glanville $250.00

    Go Marshall!!!

  • Charles Smith $250.00

    Go Marshall!

  • John Davis $250.00

    Good luck guys!

  • robert santangelo $250.00

  • Anthony Ribeiro $250.00

    Gorms is the Man!

  • Linda Gardner $250.00

  • John Maggiacomo $250.00

    I look forward to riding with you next year. (just kidding) Good luck!

  • Mark Saltzgaber $250.00

    Great stuff John - good luck!

  • Eric Coppola $250.00

    Go Money, go!!! Your Pal's Eric & June

  • Max Nair $250.00

  • Lisa Whitt $200.00

    We will be thinking about you Marshall - Hope you have a great ride! Lots of love, Lisa and Walt

  • Janet Robinson $200.00

    Good luck on the ride! Can't wait to hear all about it. Janet and John

  • Raymond Kelly $200.00

    Well done Phil. Love you Claire.


    Your dedication never ceases to inspire us! You're a good brother (and cousin). Love, Daria, Mike, Steve and Liz

  • Suzanne halloran $200.00

  • Elizabeth Curtis $150.00

    Liz and Jude Curtis

  • mimi magarelli $150.00

    Have a great ride chris, xo, lou and mimi

  • Karen Laico $150.00

    Good Luck Doug

  • Anthony N Troiano $150.00

    Good luck!

  • alan davidson $150.00

  • Timothy Palmer $150.00

    Ride on BruBech!

  • Peter Spiegel $150.00

  • Kathleen Gutekunst $150.00

    Good luck Phil and all the Friends of Claire team!! So proud of all of you!! Love, Kate and Gary Gutekunst

  • john cokinos $150.00

    good luck on the ride!

  • Richard Hans $150.00

    John, Wish I could be out there with you. Stay cool and thanks for your efforts to fight ALS! Rich

  • Joel Banes $150.00

  • kenneth Harris $150.00

    Phil and Bruce Congratulations on another wonderful ride for a wonderful cause. GO FOCERS Ken Harris

  • Anne Klein $150.00

  • Mary pilkington $150.00

  • Brooke Brodsky $138.00

    Good Luck Brian! Can't wait to see you at the finish line!

  • Douglas Schwartz $108.00


  • Catherine Carney $100.00

    Good luck, Chris!

  • Margaret Osselaer $100.00

  • Margaret M Benson $100.00

    Good luck

  • Susan Romagnoli $100.00

  • Annica van Starrenburg $100.00


  • Marc Gallagher $100.00

  • Timothy Schwarz $100.00

  • Mark McCooey $100.00

    Well done Brian and Marshall!

  • John Vanneck $100.00

    Good luck Brian and Marshall!!

  • janet poillon $100.00

    Happy trails, Brian and Marshall..

  • Ted Davis $100.00

    Way to go Emmy and Marshal

  • Sheri Danehy $100.00

    Good Luck Chris! The Danehys

  • marlene razzetti $100.00

    get thee to a spinning class, Douglas

  • Ellen McKey $100.00

  • John Roberts $100.00

    Good luck on the ride!

  • Anne Bavier $100.00

  • Keith Schutz $100.00

    Thanks Bruce! I appreciate your efforts.

  • Karen Wisell $100.00

  • Maricela Salas $100.00

  • Geert C Kortlandt $100.00

    Good man. Enjoy

  • Cooper Noone $100.00

    To my friend, Bruce, peddle hard!

  • Ms. L. Salandar $100.00

    You're a champion BBP

  • Lynne Kerr $100.00

  • William Tinsman $100.00


  • Brad Martin $100.00

    Great Job! Love that Huffy, Bro!

  • Lynn Carter $100.00

  • John P. Gardner $100.00

    Please keep the seat on for the whole ride this year. Claire didn't go for any of that funky stuff!!! Good luck! John, Karen & the kids

  • Audrey Palmer $100.00

  • Joseph McMahon $100.00

    Have a safe ride.

  • Sharon Lilly $100.00

    Good luck! Sharon and John Lily

  • Bernard Allen $100.00

    Try to stay cool

  • Henry P Palmer Jr $100.00

    Go Becky

  • Thomas Gilligan $100.00

  • Daniel Gabrich $100.00

    Good Luck.......from NRI!

  • ursula salandra $100.00

    Good luck ..........Stay Cool

  • Linda Delgado $100.00

    Go Emme, and good luck Team Claire. You guys rock! xo Linda and Joe

  • Anonymous $100.00

  • Daniel Harris $100.00

    Way to go, John. You're a good man. Dan.

  • jeffrey fortgang $100.00

    Ride hard brother!!!

  • chris scotti $100.00

    Good luck buddy, say hi to all the boys

  • Jason Bond $100.00

  • Christine Norton $100.00

    Hey Darlin! Stay hydrated!! Gonna b a hot ride!!! Will get PepsiCo match for you too!!! Have fun!!

  • J Kevin McCarthy $100.00

    John - good luck and have fun!!

  • Chester Morton $100.00

    I heard you burned up the roads on the weekend... and visa versa. Great effort, great cause!

  • Fred Chapey $100.00

  • paul rote $100.00

    Happy to help a great cause....and hope your body has recovered!

  • Bidyut Goswami $100.00

  • Arthur v Schwarz $100.00

  • Keith &Michele Bouchard $50.00

    Go Chris!

  • Maureen Knowles $50.00

    Good Luck Chris! The Knowles Family

  • nancy rieger $50.00

    dear chris, so proud of you. you are amazing! keep us posted on your ride. xoo nancy

  • Andrew J Cordova $50.00

    Good luck Marshall. Do it up

  • Anne Asada $50.00

  • Christopher Flood $50.00

    Dougy, who is "abs by Tommy Boy" on the far right of the group photo? Best of Luck!

  • Anne Daly $50.00

    Go Claire's Team!!!

  • Peter Jensen $50.00

    god speed, Bruce

  • James Donegan $50.00

    Glad to help Phil; Good Luck for a good cause Sue and Jim Donegan

  • Dale Lanks $50.00

  • michael isaacson $50.00

  • Susan Gilbert $50.00

    Rubby Dubs rule!

  • Ellen Zuppani $50.00

  • Nancy Howie $50.00

    GO "son of Audie"

  • Joseph Maiullo $50.00

  • Linds D. Hurst $50.00

    Love you Marshall!

  • Brooke Maury $50.00

    Stay cool in the saddle. Allie, Erin, Dana, Stephen & Brooke

  • Anonymous $50.00

  • Ian Garland $50.00

    Only the time trial to go, and I am sure you can gain the extra 58 seconds you need to beat Andy Schleck ...

  • Holly Schulz $50.00

    I hope it was a great ride.

  • James Tinsman $50.00

    Better late than never, good jov man!!!!!!!

  • Matthew Lewis $25.00

  • FRANCIS COX $25.00

    GO CHRIS!!

  • Mary Gormley $25.00

    Know you can do it! Love Dad up there and Mom down here

  • Lauren Johnson $25.00

    You never cease to amaze me Phil!

  • Joe Lengeling $25.00

  • Pasquale Avallone $25.00

  • Richard Petrocelli $25.00

  • Greg Gormley $25.00

    Have funn and toast one for me to Claire and Shane!!

  • david ong $25.00

    Good luck Marshall D! This donation is dedicated to my aunt, Mae Hom.

  • Albert Fusaro $25.00

  • Tanya Ames Hidden

    Good luck on the ride! :-)

  • Maria Nadolski Hidden

    Thanks for doing this, Phil. Take care!

  • Patricia Wolff Hidden

    Good Luck chris

  • eva borlak Hidden

    Go Bruce! You're a good bean.

  • peter claxton Hidden

    Good luck Bruce

  • matthew mccloskey Hidden

    Good luck John and no stopping in Foxwoods!! McCloskey family

  • arthur henderson Hidden

    Enjoy the ride. Please be careful. Arthur and Lynn

  • David Wallance Hidden

  • Hope Horton Hidden

    Turn em' over for a great cause!

  • Marjorie Stein Hidden

  • Graziella Aiosa Hidden

  • M A Hilterhaus Hidden

  • Audrey Palmer Hidden

    MRS says "HYDRATE"