David Virden Jr. Rides to Defeat ALS' Fundraising Page (2011)

We ride until we defeat ALS. Then we'll ride for something else.

I Ride for my Dad and for all those Unjustly Affected by ALS
In June 2006 my son Charlie was born. It was one of the best days of my life. 3 months later I learned that my Dad had ALS. It was one of the worst days of my life. People with ALS generally live only 2-5 years. There is no cure or effective treatment. Dad went in 22 months. Gone were the possibilities of camping and canoeing with his grand kids. Gone was my hero - capable of doing anything, solving any problem.

This will be the 5th year I ride The Tri-State Trek, 270 miles from Boston to New York, benefiting the ALS Therapy Development Institute (www.als.net). Your tax deductible donation can help ALSTDI finally beat this evil disease. Thank you for any support you may be able to give.

PS: we have a kick ass team forming for this year. let me know if you'd like to ride with us!




  • christine virden $500.00

    You are carrying the torch for Dad. He is smiling down on all of you!

  • w c mcconnell III $500.00

  • robert deery $325.00


  • John Patti $270.00

  • David Richardson $250.00

    Ride Baby Ride!

  • Susan Prudden $250.00

  • STUART R JOHNSON $200.00

    Ride that damn asphalt . . . ride good n' hard, brothers. Ride ALS right into the ground . . . deep and gone.

  • Kurt Schmid $200.00

    Give em hell!

  • John Barnoski $150.00

    Go get'em Dynamo.

  • Sam Welch $125.00

  • Madelyn Shields $100.00

    Go Team Virden! Blessings Lyn and Tom

  • Christopher Mergardt $100.00

  • Christopher Taron $100.00

    Good luck Team Virden!!

  • Anne Herzog $100.00

  • Anonymous $100.00

    Good luck, Dave. Your dad would be so proud as are your old neighbors, Mike, Betsy, Tim and Will Brown.

  • Lindsey Collins $100.00

    Ride strong, ride safe but most importantly - ride proud. What an amazing tribute to your Dad!

  • Liam Connolly $100.00

    Dave - Sorry it couldn't be more. Can't wait until the time when ALS gets its A*S kicked. F-ALS.

  • David Umstead $100.00

    Have a great ride for a great cause. Your dad is proud.

  • Mary Colleen Bailey $100.00

  • Vanessa Yip $100.00

    Better late than never?

  • Temple achim $100.00

  • maggie cahill $100.00

    Sending good thoughts to a great guy on your dad's birthday. The Cahill Family

  • Seth Bartlett $75.00

  • alice miller $75.00

  • Lisa P York Schorr $60.00

    Hope the stache doesn't slow you down!

  • Patrick McCoy $50.00

  • Margaret McNany $50.00

    We are so proud of all you and the team are doing and will do this weekend. Can't wait to see you at the finish line!!

  • Lauren Harrison $50.00

    Good Luck Team Virden!

  • Britt Cronin $50.00

  • Peter Dragone $50.00

  • Shannon Yates $50.00

  • Kelly DeLeonardis $50.00

    Good luck team Virden!!! kill it as always!

  • Owen Hall $50.00

    Have a great ride Dave! All the best!

  • Andrew Ryding $50.00

    Faye and Andrew

  • jon lawler $50.00

  • Charles Cain $50.00

    Good luck Dave!

  • Helen Del Bene $50.00

    Good luck! Hope to be there at the finish...

  • Robert Driscoll $50.00

    Go get em Dave!

  • Anonymous $40.00

  • Sarah Campbell $40.00

  • Gretchen Parrack $25.00

    Love the 'stache! Have a great ride!

  • owen mustin $25.00

    Have fun, best, Owen

  • Erica Taylor $25.00

    Good Luck Dave!!!! This year's mustache is epic.

  • Jordan Rich $25.00

  • Melissa Schrenker $25.00

    Good luck with the ride, Dave! I hope it goes great!

  • Donna Charpentier $25.00

  • Pamela Sinclair $25.00

  • Richard Corcoran Hidden

    Good luck and don't melt!

  • Kathleen Brooks Aker Hidden

    Good luck Dave. You say your dad was your hero. I know that when Charlie looks back on this as an adult, you will be his hero too. xo

  • Margaret Belanger Hidden

  • William McConnell Hidden

    Thinking of Big Dave- Chip

  • Stephanie Hutchison Hidden

  • Michele Ahouse Hidden

    Good luck Dave - ride on!