Daniel rides against ALS...to New York!'s Fundraising Page (2011)

Help support the fight against ALS

<h1>Daniel rides against ALS...to New York!'s Fundraising Page (2011)</h1>

You can watch this video to find out more:


My name is Daniel Stanush

I live in Boston but was born in San Antonio, Texas and I

commute to work by bike every day.

On July 21 i will be riding to NY as part of TriState Trek to

raise money to fight ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease.

It's a 270 mile ride…. in 3 days…. from Boston to New


I chose this particular ride because my Grandpa had ALS so

it's a cause that is close to my heart.

The Trek began in 2003, when 16 cyclists pedaled from

Boston to New York. The event has since grown to 240

riders, raising over 2.1 million dollars.

In 2009, Stan Appel, M.D. spoke before a Congressional

Committee, stating: ALS is not an incurable disease. It is an

underfunded disease." So if you can help by donating or by

spreading the word, we can make a difference.

I hope you will support me on this ride.




  • Roger Simpson $500.00

    Way to go Daniel

  • Douglas Michelman $250.00

    Way to go, Daniel.

  • Fleishman Inc $250.00

  • Sharon Stanush $250.00


  • Kurt Wehrsten $200.00

    Daniel, St. Louis has your back! All the best, Kurt and Dana

  • Anonymous $150.00

  • David Graham $150.00

    Daniel, We support you all the way. Good-luck and Dig Deep!!! The Graham Family (Dave, Kim,Jacob, Spencer and Kyle)

  • Mark Roche $100.00

    Way to go!

  • David Mills $100.00

    Good riding. Lee and I are very proud of you.

  • James Aycock $100.00

    Congratualations Daniel.

  • Anonymous $100.00

    Hope the heat wave dissipates and you have a great ride! Good luck, Daniel.


  • Dave Senay $100.00

    Think "tailwind." Go Daniel, go!

  • Phyllis Browning $100.00

    Great cause. Good luck from Phyllis and Jamie

  • LINDA J. MILLS $100.00

    Daniel, we are so proud of you! Mike & Linda

  • Charlene Lake $100.00

    Allez! Allez!

  • Nick Childs $100.00

  • Michael Stanush $100.00

    Make it happen, big bro. Very proud.

  • Anne Cassidy $100.00

  • james d ellis $100.00

  • Janise Murphy $100.00

    Daniel, What a wonderful way to honor your grandfather! Thanks for letting me "ride along."

  • Barbara Goletz $100.00

    Go Daniel!!

  • barbara martin $100.00

    Daniel, Good luck. Bud and I will be cheering you on. The Martins

  • Jaclynne Vettorino $100.00

    Daniel, Best of luck to you!

  • Shawn Ramsey $75.00

    Way to go Daniel! Shawn

  • Laura Yates $50.00

    Good luck on your ride! The Yates family

  • Elizabeth Francesconi $50.00

    In the spirit of our beloved Irish "ride like a champion" Daniel. The Francesconi Family

  • Orla Burke $50.00

    Best of luck with the cycle .......stay on the bike and off the road!

  • Seth Bloom $50.00

    Congrats, Daniel - what an impressive accomplishment. After this weekend, taking the Acela to NYC will seem really lame.

  • Katelyn OBrien $50.00

    Rock on Daniel!

  • Lauren Price $50.00

    Good luck, Daniel!

  • Andrew tenBrink $50.00

    go d

  • kristy garza $50.00

    Work it!

  • Alyson Cavalere $50.00

    You rock!!! Go tear up New England with those Texas tires!!! -CK & AC :)

  • Maria Dottori $50.00

    Good Luck, Daniel!! Don't forget to wear your sunblock; the camera will be waiting for you!

  • Erik Prince $50.00

  • Eric Schauer $25.00

    Go Daniel!

  • Jillian Rountree $25.00

    What a wonderful way to honor your grandfather. Hope to see you again soon. You'll definitely need some ATX breakfast tacos after that ride!

  • Trevor Scott $25.00

    Go Daniel!

  • Bruce Buehler $25.00

    Congratulations Daniel - great way to honor your grandfather. Best regards, Janet and Bruce

  • Brittany Mohr $25.00

    Hi Daniel! Katie O just passed your ALS video around to the SF office and I loved it! What you're doing is truly inspiring - good luck!

  • Geoffrey Mordock $25.00

    Best of luck Daniel. In honor of the Iron Horse...

  • Brenna Fitzgerald $25.00

    Good luck Daniel!

  • Anonymous $25.00

    Go, Daniel, Go!

  • Alicia Smith $25.00

    Best of luck Daniel! I'll be cheering for you!

  • Rolf Gatlin $25.00

    Good for you, Daniel. Here's hoping for decent weather. Let me know next time you are in Dallas, so we can get a drink.

  • Jessica G Wolff $25.00

    Good Luck Daniel!!

  • JoseClemente Rodriguez $10.00


  • Julie Bingol Hidden

    Way to go, Daniel! Your friends in Motown are with you all the way! Julie and Selim Bingol

  • linda graham Hidden

    Go Daniel. We all ride with you.

  • linda mills graham Hidden

    I'm Proud of You, Daniel. Your Grandma

  • Saralee Boteler Hidden

    Riding for those who can't--your grandfather would like that. Way to go, Daniel. Saralee Boteler

  • William Anderson Hidden

    Good luck, Daniel!

  • Russell Grant Hidden

    Good luck Daniel, especially hope the weather gives you the break you deserve during this intense three-day ride! Russell

  • Brian Batchelder Hidden

    Good luck Daniel!

  • Jenifer Minard Hidden

  • Henrietta Aitken Hidden

    I hope you have a great ride and have fun raising money for such a worthy cause!

  • Laura Jakosky Hidden

    Top 5 tips for the ride! 1. hydrate 2. hydrate 3. hydrate 4. hydrate 5. hyrdate Good luck and rock on!